Best Valentines Day Donuts

Valentines Day Donuts

Each year around February 14th, chocolate shops, florists (and Target) prepare for one of their busiest holidays: President’s Day! But, there’s more to this weekend than celebrating your love for William Taft. It’s also Valentine’s Day, and donut shops are packed with  Valentine’s Day donuts.

We love all types of donuts (except you, crullers) but around this time of the year, we can’t help but indulge in donuts decorated with pink or purple icing, heart-shaped sprinkles, and Cupid’s arrows. So pick up (or bake) one of these Valentine’s donuts this weekend. And, make sure to leave one out to honor Mr. Taft!

Valentine's Day Donuts

18 Pretty Valentine’s Day Donuts

1. Kissable Valentine’s Day Donuts

A retired nurse and grandma makes these donuts out of her bake shop in Canada and we’re ready to buy them by the dozens. They just need to let us into the country first!

Valentine's Day Donuts - Kissable Lips donuts
Photo Credit: @nanasprinklesbakeshop


2. Heart-Shaped Cream Filled Donuts

These heart-shaped donuts from Somethin’ Sweet Donuts in Chicago come filled with lemon, raspberry, blueberry or Bavarian cream. Our significant other said they’d fill our donuts with cream too, but then they used up all the CO2 making nitro cold brew. In other news, we’re single now.

Valentine's Day Donuts - heart-shaped cream-filled donuts
Photo Credit: @somethin_sweet_donuts


3. Strawberry Glazed Baked V-Day Donuts

This batch of baked donuts are baked using a donut pan and made with strawberry cake mix and real strawberries. The plastic ones just don’t taste as good.

Valentine's Day Donuts - baked strawberry glazed donuts
Photo Credit: @blackberrycooks


4. Love is Among Us Valentine’s Day Donuts

The perfect snack for your next Among Us sesh. You can get these custom made beauties from Date’s Donuts in Dinuba, California.

Valentine's Day Donuts - Love is Among Us donuts


5. Strawberries & Creme Baked Donuts

We are fully head-over-heels in love with these pastel Valentine’s Day donuts. So perfectly round, so gorgeously decorated… what more could you want? Oh, the sprinkles? Get similar ones here.

Valentine's Day Donuts - Strawberries and Creme donuts
Photo Credit: @fluffcups


6. Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Donut Bouquet

Forget the bouquet of red roses. All we want for Valentine’s Day is a bouquet of donuts. And roses. And a pony.

Valentine's Day Donuts - Heart shaped donut bouquet
Photo Credit: @thriskitchen


7. Conversation Heart Valentine’s Donuts

Who needs dry, flavorless conversation hearts when you can have a conversation heart donut? Call us, Station Donuts! Oh, we’re supposed to call you? Well, that explains a few things.

Valentine's Day Donuts - conversation heart donuts


8. Pink Valentine’s Day Donuts

Not only do these donuts look like a unicorn threw up (we mean that in a good way), but you can get them delivered to your sweetie (or yourself, we don’t judge) if you live in Sydney, Australia. Because, you know. Social distancing.

Valentine's Day Donuts - pink lips donuts
Photo Credit: @drdoughdonuts


9. Vanilla Cake Donuts with Rosewater Glaze

These baked beauties are gluten-free and topped with a special rosewater glaze. Rose petals not included.

Valentine's Day Donuts - vanilla rosewater glaze donuts
Photo Credit: @oceansoffood


10. Double Chocolate Donuts

You can’t go wrong with chocolate on chocolate. Topped off with pretty heart sprinkles, this donut is what love is made of.

Valentine's Day Donuts - double chocolate love
Photo Credit: @halasweetsmn


11. Red Velvet Donuts

If you’re as obsessed with red velvet as we are, you have to try our secret recipe for baked donuts. Secrets mean you tell everyone, right?

Red Velvet Donuts - Valentine Donuts


12. Strawberry Glaze Donuts with Valentine’s M&Ms

Plating Pixels baked up these donuts using strawberries, crunchy M&Ms, and a hint of lemon zest. We’re still not sure where their clues are leading us, but hopefully somewhere good!

Valentine's Day Donuts - M&M topped donuts


13. Air Fryer Valentine’s Day Donuts

This donut recipe is made using flaky biscuits baked in your air fryer. What can’t that contraption do? Math.

Valentine's Day Donuts - air fryer valentines donuts


14. Heart-Shaped Air Fryer Donuts

Follow this recipe to make heart-shaped donuts. Make sure to send one to Armie Hammer. He loves sweets!

Valentine's Day Donuts - heart shaped air fryer donuts


15. White Chocolate Dipped Valentine’s Day Donuts

These donuts are fully encased in white chocolate with crystallized sugar on top. Look, we know white chocolate isn’t chocolate, but we all can pretend just this once.

Valentine's Day Donuts - white chocolate dipped donuts
Photo Credit: @the_perfect_batch


16. Krispy Kreme Dough-Notes

This year, Krispy Kreme’s Valentine’s day donuts are inspired by love letters and are available in sugar-cookie, strawberry, caramel or cake batter flavors. They’re almost as romantic as all of us collectively rescuing the post office from the brink of collapse!



17. Raspberry Creme Kit Kat Valentine’s Donuts

These festive doughnuts are topped off with fresh whipped cream and a pink, raspberry-flavored Kit Kat and available at California Donuts in Los Angeles.



18. Punk Rock Donuts

Last, but not least, these spiky heart-shaped sweets from Mad Over Donuts come topped with a chocolate-dipped, heart-shaped palmiers cookie and framed with pretty pink icing.



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