Best Unexpected Quotes 2021

When unexpected moments happen in life, they bring us varied emotions.

Unexpected things in life may bring us happiness, excitement, fear, enjoyment, surprise, and much more. This is why, in life we should always embrace (and sometimes do) the unexpected.

The best way to deal with life is to acknowledge and accept that unexpected things can happen in life. Once you accept that surprises are a part of life, it will become easier for you to deal with them. As you do not have any control over the unexpected things, it is always better to prepare yourself to adapt to any life situation. To help you do this, we have gathered some inspirational unexpected moment quotes which are listed below. The list below consists of quotes about unexpected events, quotes about unexpected changes, quotes about unexpected things, quotes on unexpected happiness, the best things happen unexpectedly quotes, unexpected quotes about life, love unexpected quotes, life is unexpected quotes, quotes about the unexpected, sometimes unexpected things happen quotes, unexpected moments quotes and quotes about unexpected change. Phew, that’s a lot of quotes on the unexpected!

Expect The Unexpected Quotes

We have heard many quotes about “expect the unexpected”, for example Oscar Wilde said, “to expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect”, showing the importance of this world view. We have compiled a list of many more similar quotes on expecting the unexpected here. Which is your favorite expect the unexpected quote?

Unexpected quotes can inspire us to be ready for new opportunities every single day.

1. “Sometimes we let life guide us, and other times we take life by the horns. But one thing is for sure: no matter how organized we are, or how well we plan, we can always expect the unexpected.”

– Brandon Jenner.

2. “If you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail.”

– Heraclitus.

3. “For me it’s more fun to find an unexpected moment for a character to sing when you don’t expect them to.”

– Stephen Sondheim.

4. “When people are like, ‘Life is good,’ I go, ‘No, life is a series of disastrous moments, painful moments, unexpected moments, and things that will break your heart. And in between those moments, that’s when you savor, savor, savor.’”

– Sandra Bullock.

5. “Doesn’t expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected?”

– Bob Dylan.

6. “My best ideas come to me at unexpected moments, like when I’m reading children’s books to my kids (the pictures inspire me), shopping, driving somewhere, seeing different things.”

– Mary Engelbreit.

7. “Expect the unexpected, and whenever possible be the unexpected!”

– Lynda Barry.

8. “No one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected.”

– Julius Caesar.

9. “When you’re in the news business, you always expect the unexpected.”

– Helen Thomas.

10. “Life is a journey, and the road we travel has twists and turns which sometimes lead us to unexpected places and unexpected people. But in turn it always lead us to our destination.”

– Igwe Daniel Kelechi.

The Best Unexpected Quotes About Love

Love mostly comes on our door without knocking. We meet people unexpectedly and at times fall in love with them. It is one of the most beautiful feelings to have experienced in our lifetime. The love quotes below will help you understand your feelings in a better way and you may also share these with your partner to express your love and the beauty of finding unexpected love.

The best unexpected love quotes are heartwarming.

11. “The beauty of love is that, You can fall into it with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.”

– Ritu Ghatourey.

12. “I found the experience of falling in love or being in love was a death: a death of everything. You kind of watch yourself die in a wonderful way, and you experience for the briefest moment – if you see yourself for a moment through their eyes – everything you believed about yourself gone. In a death-and-rebirth sense.”

– Hozier.

13. “Love can happen when you least expect it and you can lose love like that too. That is why you should seize love and not wait for it.”

– Unknown*.

14. “Love comes to you just at the right time, the time you never thought it would have.”

– Anurag Prakash Ray.

15. “He was the kind of man everyone would fall in love with, even if they didn’t want to.”

– Nicholas Sparks.

16. “Sometimes we find we love things we never thought we wanted. And then we regret that we never wanted them at all. It’s the fear of change, I think, and dread of the unknown.”

– Courtney M. Privett, ‘Spellkeeper’.

17. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

– Lao Tzu.

18. “I think that one of the things that you do learn is that falling in love and being in love with someone is a rarity. That you don’t fall in love as many times as you think you’re going to. And then when you do, it’s really special; it’s really important.”

– Julianne Moore.

19. “When you feel a connection, a gut connection, a heart connection, it’s a very special thing. What’s familiar to everyone is watching people falling in love; it doesn’t happen on screen that often. People fall in lust, then they’re suddenly together.”

– Alfre Woodard.

20. “Falling in love, romance, matters of the heart – when you fall in love, on some biochemical level you know there is a chance it won’t work out. It’s ingrained in us that if you take such an enormous risk on someone with your heart that it might not pay off. I gamble all my chips and I might actually lose everything.”

– Rachael Taylor.

21. “There is another interesting paradox here: by immersing ourselves in what we love, we find ourselves. We do not lose ourselves. One does not lose one’s identity by falling in love.”

– Lukas Foss.

Funny Quotes For Unpredictable Days

Some days bring unpredictable events with them. We have brought a list of the best funny quotes to lighten up your mood on such days.

22. “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.”

– Yogi Berra.

23. “The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”

– Bertrand Russell.

24. “It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn’t give it up because by then I was too famous.”

– Robert Benchley.

25. “Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget tossing in the lifeboats.”

– Voltaire.

26. “The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs… one step at a time.”

– Joe Girard.

27. “Nobody says you must laugh, but a sense of humor can help you overlook the unattractive, tolerate the unpleasant, cope with the unexpected, and smile through the day.”

– Ann Landers.

28. “Would you like to know your future?… Not knowing is the greatest life motivator. So enjoy, endure, survive each moment as it comes to you in its proper sequence – a surprise.”

― Vera Nazarian, ‘The Perpetual Calendar Of Inspiration’.

29. “I didn’t fail the test. I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.”

– Benjamin Franklin.

30. “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!”

– Dr. Seuss.

31. “Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at someone else’s can shorten it.”

– Cullen Hightower.

32. “Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.”

– Voltaire.

The Best Unexpected Happiness Quotes

Happiness often comes unannounced just like most other things in life. We have got some when the unexpected happens quotes for you to share with your friends and family during moments of happiness, find them in the list below!

33. “Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don’t even remember leaving open.”

– Rose Lane.

34. “Success, like happiness, is the unexpected side effect of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself.”

– Viktor E. Frankl.

35. “The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.”

– Ashley Montagu.

36. “Objects we ardently pursue bring little happiness when gained; most of our pleasures come from unexpected sources.”

– Herbert Spencer.

37. “When you live with an open heart, unexpected, joyful things happen.”

– Oprah Winfrey.

38. “There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.”

– Epictetus.

39. “To be kind to all, to like many and love a few, to be needed and wanted by those we love, is certainly the nearest we can come to happiness.”

– Mary Stuart.

40. “When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”

– Helen Keller.

Cool Quotes For The Best Unpredictable Moments

Unpredictable happenings are a part of our life. Everyday something unpredictable might happen and fill us with intense emotions. Sometimes these moments bring joy, while the other times they bring sadness, but what do we know is that we will have to, and we always do, deal with them. We have put together a list of quotes for such unpredictable moments for you to share with your close ones.

41. “There’s always going to be the circumstances you can’t plan for. There’s always the unexpected relevance and the serendipity.”

– Jason Silva.

42. “We live in a world which in some respects is mysterious, things can be experienced which remain inexplicable, not everything which happens can be anticipated. The unexpected and the incredible belong in this world, only then is life whole. For me the world has from the beginning been infinite and ungraspable.”

– Carl Jung.

43. “God can cause opportunity to find you. He has unexpected blessings where you suddenly meet the right person, or suddenly your health improves, or suddenly you’re able to pay off your house. That’s God shifting things in your favor.”

– Joel Osteen.

44. “The winter solstice has always been special to me as a barren darkness that gives birth to a verdant future beyond imagination, a time of pain and withdrawal that produces something joyfully inconceivable, like a monarch butterfly masterfully extracting itself from the confines of its cocoon, bursting forth into unexpected glory.”

– Gary Zukav.

45. “I find that the more willing I am to be grateful for the small things in life, the bigger stuff just seems to show up from unexpected sources, and I am constantly looking forward to each day with all the surprises that keep coming my way!”

– Louise Hay.

46. “Never be so faithful to your plan that you are unwilling to consider the unexpected. Never be so faithful to your plan that you are unwilling to entertain the improbable opportunity that comes looking for you.”

– Elizabeth Warren.

47. “You travel with the hope that something unexpected will happen. It has to do with enjoying being lost and figuring it out and the satisfaction. I always get a little disappointed when I know too well where I’m going, or when I’ve lived in a place so long that there’s no chance I could possibly get lost.”

– Andrew Bird.

48. “I deeply believe that everything is relative. We need the bad to appreciate the good, and vice versa. We need something unexpected to happen in order for us to realize that everything was expected.”

– Shania Twain.

49. “Be grateful for the tiny details of your life and make room for unexpected and beautiful blessings.”

– Henry Van Dyke.

50. “The ear tends to be lazy, craves the familiar and is shocked by the unexpected; the eye, on the other hand, tends to be impatient, craves the novel and is bored by repetition.”

– W. H. Auden.

51. “If you so choose, even the unexpected setbacks can bring new and positive possibilities. If you so choose, you can find value and fulfillment in every circumstance.”

– Ralph Marston.

52. “The shortest period of time lies between the minute you put some money away for a rainy day and the unexpected arrival of rain.”

– Jane Bryant Quinn.

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