Best Thanksgiving Word Search

Thanksgiving Word Search

Thanksgiving word search puzzles are a great way to reinforce vocabulary and spelling skills for children. Kids just won’t be able to resist these word searches with all the turkeys, pilgrims, and Thanksgiving food decorating them! They are a perfect addition to a kids’ table at the Thanksgiving meal or a good activity if you are traveling for the holiday.

The Thanksgiving word search puzzles are organized by skill level: Easy puzzles contain 15 hidden words or less, Medium includes 16-29 words, and Challenging puzzles have more than 30 hidden words.

Most of the word search puzzles below are printable but there are also a few online puzzles. For a fun game, create your own Thanksgiving word search puzzle. When you finish these, try out some fall word search puzzles or other holiday word search puzzles.

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    Easy Printable Thanksgiving Word Searches

    A girl wearing a Thanksgiving turkey headdress
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    These easy printable Thanksgiving word searches are just right for children in 1st through 3rd grades. All the Thanksgiving word search puzzles below have 15 hidden words or less, and some also include the answer key.

    1. Pumpkin Pie word search puzzle: Find 16 hidden words in the leftover pumpkin pie.
    2. First Thanksgiving word search: Find 9 Thanksgiving words to complete this puzzle, like pilgrims, corn, and harvest.
    3. Printable Thanksgiving word search puzzle: Find 11 hidden words, such as gobble and spoon, in this printable Thanksgiving word search puzzle.
    4. 4-Pack Thanksgiving word search: Here are 4 Thanksgiving word searches, each with 11 words to find. This is perfect for K-2nd graders.
    5. Free Thanksgiving word search activity: There are 11 hidden words in this free, printable Thanksgiving word search puzzle.
    6. Thanksgiving 2-4th grade vocabulary word search: This word search puzzle focuses on Thanksgiving food and has words such as turkey and cranberries.
    7. Thanksgiving word search: Find all 12 hidden words to solve this puzzle. It also doubles as a coloring sheet featuring a turkey.
    8. Thanksgiving word search freebie: There are 12 hidden words in this colorful Thanksgvinign word search puzzle that you can download and print for free.
    9. Thanksgiving activity free word search: 13 hidden words are in this puzzle. The download includes the word search and the answer key.
    10. Thanksgiving day word search placemat: Use this puzzle as a placemat to keep kids busy as they word search the 15 hidden words. It also includes a picture to color.
    11. Thanksgiving word search: This word search has 5 Thanksgiving words, and you can find them forward, backward, diagonally, up, and down.
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    Medium Level Thanksgiving Word Searches

    Girl (6-7) sitting on tree branch writing, side view
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    This list has Thanksgiving word search puzzles that have between 16 and 29 words. Kids in 4th and 5th grade will enjoy and be challenged by these puzzles.

    1. Thanksgiving: There are 17 Thanksgiving-themed words hiding in this puzzle, both short ones such as ham and family as well as long words such as cranberriesMayflower, and November.
    2. Thanksgiving Horn of Plenty word search: This puzzle has 8 Thanksgiving words to find and a cornucopia to color.
    3. Thanksgiving word search: Find 18 Thanksgiving-themed words and phrases in this word search. Download by submitting your email address.
    4. Fun Thanksgiving word search activity: You’ll need to find 21 hidden words to solve this colorful word search puzzle.
    5. Thanksgiving word search: There are 24 hidden words in this medium-level word search puzzle, perfect for grades 2-6.
    6. Thanksgiving day word search puzzle: This Thanksgiving word search puzzle has 27 words that describe the holiday.
    7. Pilgrims word search: Hidden in this Thanksgiving work search are 26 words, including Massachusetts, Squanto, and Plymouth.
    Learn the Easy Spelling Card Trick
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    Challenging Thanksgiving Word Searches

    Dining table filled with thanksgiving food
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    You have to be really good at word searches to successfully find all the hidden Thanksgiving terms in these word searches! They have 30 words or more and are just right for children in 6th grade or older.

    1. Thanksgiving word search: Find 30 hidden words in this puzzle stuffed inside a turkey-shaped outline.
    2. Secret message Thanksgiving word search: Reveal a hidden message after you find all 35 words.
    3. Thanksgiving Feast word search: Find all 23 classic Thanksgiving dishes in this puzzle.
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    Online Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzles for All Levels

    Mother with daughter on bench using tablet
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    These Thanksgiving word search puzzles can be completed online.

    1. PrimaryGames Thanksgiving word search: Find 17 Thanksgiving-related words to complete this timed online word search puzzle.
    2. TheWordSearch Thanksgiving puzzle: Can you find the 16 hidden words? Words suit all ages, including fallgravycelebrate, and harvest.
    3. Online Thanksgiving word search: Solve the 20-word game to hear silly turkey sounds and other noises.
    4. Ozzoom’s Thanksgiving word search: In this timed online game, players can choose hints as they compete to get the highest score.

    Thanksgiving Word Search Printable

    Grab our free printable Thanksgiving word search for a fun and challenging activity for the kids this year. These are great to use in the classroom, or to have on hand at your Thanksgiving gathering. Just download the free PDF and print as many as you need!

    Grab our free printable Thanksgiving word search puzzle for kids. Print as many as you need for the classroom or home! #thanksgiving #thanksgivingprintable #wordsearch #thanksgivingactivity #kidsactivities #thanksgivingfun #funlovingfamilies

    I am totally loving the cool days we’ve been having here, and I’m especially excited about Thanksgiving. We don’t do anything big, but the kids and I love just lounging around, watching the parade on TV, and staying in our jammies until Thanksgiving dinner is ready.

    Food and family are my two favorite things. So, even though Thanksgiving kind of gets sandwiched between two more exciting holidays, I always look forward to it.

    Whether you have a big gathering with all of your family and friends, or it just you and the kids, you’ll want to go ahead and print out this cute Thanksgiving word search puzzle.

    And, if you’re a teacher, feel free to print off as many as you like for your classroom!

    Thanksgiving Word Search Printable

    The puzzle itself is on the challenging side since I made it with the words going in all directions.  I will probably go ahead and make a less challenging version so the younger kids aren’t left out.  Be sure to check back and shoot me an email if I forget.

    Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzle - Thanksgiving day Wordsearch - English ESL  Worksheets for distance learning and physical classrooms

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