Best Swain Quotes 2021

Jericho Swain is the futurist ruler of Noxus in the popular ‘League Of Legends’ video game.

Swain battles his way to victory using his demonic hand, but his ruthless words do nothing less than killing the very soul of his enemies. Swain quotes always stand apart due to their powerful and dominant voice, the very reason people love this champion so much.

Battle Quotes By Swain

Swain battle quotes are a favorite with a lot of ‘League Of Legends’ fans. These Swain quotes bring out the champion’s villainous yet intelligent take on people and his world. Whether it is his words on calculated risk in battle or price of victory, Swain quotes never fail to blend wisdom with a tone of overpowering strength. It is as if the demon controlling Swain can read the future and help fulfill his vision for Noxus. Swain is a larger-than-life figure and his enigmatic quotes on battle and death do complete justice to his stature. In ‘League Of Legends’ Swain plotted for years to seize control of Noxus and his quotes portray what it means to him to sit on a throne in the most remarkable manner. Swain is ready to risk everything and see soldiers die in battle, as he is not afraid to redraw the map and claim victory. We’ve rounded up some of the fiercest and most interesting Swain quotes for you to read and enjoy here.

1. “Tell me again all the crimes I’ve committed, and I’ll tell you the price of victory.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

2. “A calculated risk is no risk at all.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

3. “One can read the future in battle lines, assuming one can read.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

4. “To redraw the map, the blood of soldiers must be the ink.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

5. “They are five steps from realizing: I am ten steps ahead.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

Demon Quotes By Swain

Swain quotes are not just limited to the battle lines and throne, but also demonstrate the ruler’s demonic powers. Everything about these Swain quotes is fascinating and will make you explore a unique side of the ‘League Of Legends’ champion. Swain quotes show that he means no mercy and is ready to risk all he’s got to fulfill his dream. The soul of Swain possesses a dark demonic side that foresees the future in battle lines and hears whispers in the shadows. The most amazing thing about these Swain quotes is the fact that these are nothing less than the most popular one-liners from game, it makes them all the more enjoyable. We bring you the most fun and interesting demon quotes by Swain that you’ll love to share with your friends and other ‘League Of Legends’ fans right here.

6. “Men are too weak to rule, ha ha ha, but I am no man.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

7. “I have killed more men with words than by my own hand. Not for lack of trying.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

8. “No quarter. That means no mercy you cretins.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

9. “Dispatch these worms.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

10. “People often ask for a hero, when a villain is what they truly need.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

Witty Quotes By Swain

Swain quotes stand out due to their rich wit and rhetoric

Whether it is the time of Swain’s transformation into a demon or his control of power in Noxus, Swain quotes never fail to amuse his fans. Swain quotes demonstrate the ruler’s ability to use wit and rhetoric to prove a point, be it a matter of battle or death. With his sharp wit, Swain could essentially kill his enemies with his words. Swain is always ten steps ahead of his enemies and believes that men are too weak to sit on a throne. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that his witty quotes pierce the soul of his conspirators. Swain quotes are extremely intriguing and always manage to leave you in awe. Through Swain’s quotes, one can read how his soul yearns for a power that could bring the death of his conspirators. But, despite that, Swain believes in playing fairly. Through his quotes, Swain also displays a sense of supremacy as you find him, in his own words, “explaining things to idiots”. The best thing about ‘LoL’ Swain quotes is that these quotes have universal appeal to them. These quotes can be used in the context of any phenomenon that has to do anything with power, strength, and determination. We hope you enjoy our exclusive list of Swain quotes that is specially created for you to glimpse into the world of the ‘League Of Legends’ champion. We bring you a list of the best Swain quotes to read and share with your friends.

11. “Destiny marches, like any man.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

12. “Caw caw caw caw caw. There, are you satisfied?”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

13. “They expect me to play fairly. We are not even playing the same game.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

14. “A voice whispers in the shadows, though few can hear it.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

15. “I could kill them all, but it would be far crueler to show them that I am right.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

16. “You can sit on a throne, that doesn’t make you a ruler.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

17. “Hmm… I do so enjoy explaining things to idiots.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.

18. “They are five steps from realizing: I am ten steps ahead.”

-Swain, ‘League Of Legends’.


#1. We see no reason why a sustainable world needs to leave anyone living in poverty. Quite the contrary, we think such a world would have to provide material security to all its people. – Author: Donella H. Meadows

Jericho Swain Quotes #76051

#2. I think it’s a great thing to have failed in life and then pulled yourself up by the boot straps and actually done something, because then you appreciate it more. – Author: Shirley Manson

Jericho Swain Quotes #518966

#3. There are more things in people that are rather worth of admiration than contempt. – Author: Albert Camus

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#4. If we were to just accept we’re not so different from each other, we wouldn’t feel so alone. – Author: Nicole Williams

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#5. Your choice of diet can influence your long term health prospects more than any other action you might take. – Author: C. Everett Koop

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#6. You can get really good reads on your dreams if you think of every character in them as actually being you. – Author: John Darnielle

Jericho Swain Quotes #1198296

#7. We do not need the forgiveness of God, but of each other and of ourselves. – Author: Robert Green Ingersoll

Jericho Swain Quotes #1246616

#8. Unfortunately, I’ll need to watch them again at some point, because my mind keeps straying back to reality. I envy Deo’s ability to lose himself in fantasy for a while. That type of break seems almost as useful as sleep for keeping stress at bay, and I’ve never really mastered it. – Author: Rysa Walker

Jericho Swain Quotes #1493095

#9. It’s frustrating in the sense that I still think I could be competing at some sport at a fairly high level, which nobody cares about. Nobody wants to hear me say that. – Author: Lance Armstrong

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#10. I make movies for me and posterity. I’m more scared of history than I am of the studio. – Author: Doug Liman

Jericho Swain Quotes #1565060

#11. You cannot do anything, except your will agrees with the will of the Lord – Author: Sunday Adelaja

Jericho Swain Quotes #1565456

#12. So … make room on the crazy train for one more. When’s our departure? – Author: M.A. George

Jericho Swain Quotes #1642228

#13. A new music is a new mind. – Author: William Carlos Williams

Jericho Swain Quotes #1834317

#14. Honey bees are amazing creatures. I mean, think about it, do earwigs make chutney? – Author: Eddie Izzard

Jericho Swain Quotes #1853991

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