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Suicide Squad, the third installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), is a 2016 American superhero film based on the DC Comics supervillain team. The team is made up of The Joker (Jared Leto), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Deadshot (Will Smith), Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney), El Diablo (Jay Hernandez), Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), and Slipknot (Adam Beach). These Suicide Squad quotes include some of the most iconic lines from The Joker and Harley Quinn about their relationship, which is dysfunctional and toxic.

There are also Suicide Squad quotes from Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), the leader of a secret government agency tasked with combatting meta-human threats. She uses the squad to go after the Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) in exchange for reduced sentences and various requests.

David Ayer wrote and directed the Warner Bros film. The movie had a strong debut and set new box office records. It grossed over $746 million worldwide, and was the tenth-highest grossing film of 2016, despite not getting great reviews from critics. Keep reading these Suicide Squad quotes to find out why, and learn more about Jared Leto’s interpretation of The Joker.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and The Joker

1. “Dr. Quinzel. You know, I live for these moments with you. What do you got?” ― The Joker

2. The Joker: “What do we have here?”

Dr. Harleen Quinzel: “I did everything you said. I helped you.”

The Joker: “Ah. You helped me. By erasing my mind? What few faded memories I had! No. You left me in a black hole of rage and confusion. Is that the medicine you practice, Dr. Quinzel?”

3. Dr. Harleen Quinzel: “What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me, Mr. J?”

The Joker: “What? Oh, I’m not gonna kill ya. I’m just gonna hurt ya… really, really bad.”

Dr. Harleen Quinzel: “You think so? Well, I can take it.”

4. The Joker: “There is something you could do for me, Doctor.”

Harley Quinn: “Anything. I mean, yeah.”

5. “Oh, that she is. The fire in my loins. The itch in my crotch. The one, the only, the infamous Harley Quinn!” ― The Joker

6. The Joker: “Would you die for me?”

Harley Quinn: “Yes.”

The Joker: “That’s too easy. Would you live for me?”

7. Harley Quinn: “You got all dressed up for me?”

The Joker: “Oh, you know I’d do anything for you. By the way, I’ve got some grape soda on ice and a bearskin rug waiting.”

8. The Joker: “Ooh, come to Daddy.”

Harley Quinn: “Puddin’!”

9. The Joker: “Oh, you.”

Dr. Harleen Quinzel: “You’re not leaving me. You’re not leaving me!”

The Joker: “You, you, you’re a pain in the ass.”

10. “Stupid Bats, you’re ruining date night!” ― Harley Quinn

11. Harley Quinn: “Puddin’!”

The Joker: “Let’s go home.”

Suicide Squad quotes from Deadshot

12. “Stay evil, dollface.” ― Deadshot

13. [points to shot glass] “What am I, 12?” ― Deadshot

14. [toasting] “Here’s to honor… among thieves.” ― Deadshot

15. “You might wanna work on your team motivation thing. You heard of Phil Jackson?” ― Deadshot

16. Deadshot: “Well, we almost pulled it off… despite what everybody thought.”

Diablo: “We weren’t picked to succeed. You know that, right? We were all chosen to fail.”

17. “Yeah, I know that. Worst part of it is, they’re going to blame us for the whole thing. And they can’t have people knowing the truth. We’re the patsies. The cover up. Don’t forget… we’re the bad guys.” ― Deadshot

18. “I will knock your ass out. I do not care that you’re a girl.” ― Deadshot

19. “What’s this? Uh, cheerleading tryouts?” ― Deadshot

20. [given a gun] “Y’all jokers must be crazy.” ― Deadshot

21. “I don’t know if they told you, but I-I’m a hitman. I’m not a fireman. I don’t save people.” ― Deadshot

Suicide Squad quotes from Amanda Waller

22. “Before she ran off and joined the circus, she was known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel. A psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. She was assigned to The Clown himself.” ― Amanda Waller

23. “She’s crazier than him. And more fearless.” ― Amanda Waller

24.“They became the king and queen of Gotham City. And God help anyone who disrespected the queen.” ― Amanda Waller

25. “It’s taken me some work. But I finally have them. The worst of the worst.” ― Amanda Waller

26. “But everyone has a weakness. And a weakness can be leveraged.” ― Amanda Waller

27. Seals’ Admiral Burns: “These are villains, Amanda. What makes you think you can control them?”

Amanda Waller: “Because getting people to act against their own self-interest for the national security of the United States is what I do for a living.”

28. “I wanna build a team of some very bad people, who I think can do some good.” ― Amanda Waller

29. “People are asking questions about Midway City. The kind of people who can get the answers. And if they can get those answers, my head will be on a pike.” ― Amanda Waller

30. “In a world of flying men and monsters, this is the only way to protect our country.” ― Amanda Waller

Suicide Squad quotes and lines from Harley Quinn that remind you how crazy she is

31. Harley Quinn: “Are you the Devil?”

Amanda Waller: “Maybe.”

32. [takes a purse] “We’re bad guys. It’s what we do.” ― Harley Quinn

33. “I’m known to be quite vexing. I’m just forewarning you.” ― Harley Quinn

34. “What, you were just… Thinking you can have a happy family and coach little leagues, and make car payments? Normal’s a setting on the dryer. People like us, we don’t get normal!” ― Harley Quinn

35. “Gonna come in here and tell me that? Or are you too scared? Come on, I’m bored. I’m bored. Play with me.” ― Harley Quinn

36. Harley Quinn: [seeing Enchantress building her weapon] “Hey, everyone can see all this trippy magic stuff, right?”

Rick Flag: “Yeah. Why?”

Harley Quinn: “I’m off my meds.”

37. Griggs: “You put five of my guards in the hospital, honey. No one’s gonna play with you. You sleep on the ground.”

Harley Quinn: “I sleep where I want, when I want, with who I want.”

38. Deadshot: “If they don’t blow our heads off, we’ll have to fight our way out of this city. I need you to play nice with the other children.”

Harley Quinn: “And quietly return to my cage. Sure, okay. Hey, that’s okay sellout. I get it. I get it. I know how the world works, okay? And when it comes to the heart, everyone for themselves, right?”

39. “I’m going to hot-wire a car. Need a ride?” ― Harley Quinn

40. “Huh? What was that? I should kill everyone and escape?” [to SEALs] “Sorry. The voices.” [chuckles] “I’m kidding! Jeez! That’s not what they really said.” ― Harley Quinn

The best Suicide Squad quotes from The Joker and other characters

41. “Ah, if you weren’t so crazy, I’d think you were insane. Go… away.” ― The Joker

42. [to Flag] “I’m gonna get you there. And you’re gonna end this. I’m gonna carry your ass if I have to. ‘Cause this shit is gonna be like a chapter in the Bible. Everybody’s gonna know what we did. And my daughter is gonna know that her Daddy is not a piece of shit.” ― Deadshot

43. “Bring the car around. We’re going for a drive.” ― The Joker

44. [sarcastically as Harley holds a gun to his head] “Don’t hurt me. I’ll be your friend.” [seriously] “Do it. Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it.” ― The Joker

45. “Blah, blah-blah, blah-blah. Blah-blah, blah, blah. All of that chitchat’s gonna get ya hurt.” ― The Joker

46. “What, we some kinda… Suicide Squad?” ― Deadshot

47. “You should shut it down, or my friends and I will do it for you.” ― Bruce Wayne

48. Captain Boomerang: [regarding Katana] “Hey, well, you know what they say about the crazy ones.”

Harley Quinn: “Huh?”

49. [to Katana] “Love your perfume. What is that? The stench of death?” ― Harley Quinn

50. “Hey, I’m cooperating. All right? This is me being cool.” ― Harley Quinn

Best 2021 Suicide Squad Quotes

I wouldn’t take such measures if this mission wasn’t more important than you could possibly imagine. –Amanda Waller

Starfish is a slang term for butthole. Think there’s any connection? -Peacemaker

We’re all gonna die. –Bloodsport
I hope so. –Polka Dot Man

I could be your friend, Milton. -Harley Quinn

I love the rain, it’s like angels are splooging all over us. –Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Quotes The Suicide Squad

You fail to follow my orders in any way, and I detonate the explosive device in the base of your skull. –Amanda Waller

Welcome to anything. –Rick Flag

So this is the famous Suicide Squad. –Savant
Well we consider that term degrading. The official term is Task Force X. Love em or hate em these are your brothers and sisters for the next few days. –Flag

American women all love accents. –Javelin

I’m not shaking the rat’s hand. –Bloodsport

You were gonna save me? I can go back inside and you can still do it. –Harley Quinn

This is suicide. –Thinker
Well that’s kind of our thing. –Rick Flag

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