Best Pimp Quotes 2021

  • Women say they want a man who knows what a woman’s worth. That’s a pimp.

    Rich Hall
  • If you’re crying under fire, then you wasn’t built for war.
    If a pimp took your girl, then your girl was never yours.

    MF Grimm
  • Pimp stands for Positive Intellectual Motivated Person. It has nothing to do with selling sex for money.

    Christian Finnegan
  • Niggas frown when you up and smile when you down. And when you change for the better, shife fools stop comin’ around.

    Pimp C
  • Pimpin’ ain’t dead ’cause I be the life line.

    Lil Wayne
  • Life is full of hardships, pimp slaps, and sorrow.

  • Taking somebody’s money without permission is stealing, unless you work for the IRS; then it’s taxation. Killing people en masse is homicidal mania, unless you work for the Army; then it’s National Defense. Spying on your neighbors is invasion of privacy, unless you work for the FBI; then it’s National Security. Running a whorehouse makes you a pimp and poisoning people makes you a murderer, unless you work for the CIA; then it’s counter-intelligence.

    Robert Anton Wilson
  • Well, I’m too old to pimp, and too young to die, so I’m just gonna keep playin’

    Clark Terry
  • You a lame so yo dame playin mind games;
    I’m a pimp so I stay in that mind frame.

    Lil’ Flip
  • I think pimp, therefore i am.

    Katt Williams
  • You can’t have a conscience in the pimp game.

    Mark Wahlberg
  • I talk slicker than a pimp from Augusta who just had his linen suit dry-cleaned

  • Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a sport for black men. Golf is a sport for white men dressed like black pimps.

    Tiger Woods
  • The pimp has a grin, never a smile.

    Jean Genet
  • The prostitutes worked for a pimp now. He was splendid and cruel. He was a god to them. He took their free will away from them, which was perfectly all right. They didn’t want it anyway. It was as though they had surrendered themselves to Jesus, for instance, so they could live unselfishly and trustingly-except that they had surrendered to a pimp instead.

    Kurt Vonnegut
  • I think I’d be a good pimp cuz I’d never beat my ho’s.

    Scott Caan
  • I can’t hang out as loose as I used to, but I can still go down Jefferson Avenue and look in the faces of winos, pimps and junkies, all the things I’m made of.

    Rick James
  • Everyone has favorite criminals. Mine are pimps. We can all rob a bank; we can all sell drugs. Being a pimp is a whole other thing.

    Chris Rock
  • Rap’s the occupation, but one day watch I’ll be Pimp of the Nation.

    Kid Rock
  • When you leave a pimp, you leave with nothing.

    Annie Lobert
  • Today, a young person that doesn’t know themselves will totally be sold some other situation. Let’s do your avatar. You know? And young people are going out, spending what little they have to try to buy themselves when they don’t have themselves, or they feel like they don’t have themselves. To me, that’s like a damn pimp tragedy.

    Chuck D
  • Dim them lights get it in pimp tight do wat i do i lace up my own nikes.

    Kid Cudi
  • Never ask your wife if she still hears from her old pimp.

    Johnny Carson
  • The Cadillac Escalade is the perfect vehicle for a pimp with a growing family.

    Dana Gould
  • Of course I want dubs and a candy painted ‘lac
    Watch the videos and get the girls in the back
    But if that’s what I believe in, and the reason that
    I rap Uncle Sam is my pimp when he puts me on the track

  • Little by little, the pimps have taken over the world. They don’t do anything, they don’t make anything – they just stand there and take their cut.

    Jean Giraudoux
  • All fighters are prostitutes and all promoters are pimps

    Larry Holmes
  • I don’t like the negative of reality tv – the ‘you’re no good, so you have to leave, I choose you, but I thought you really loved me.’ It’s all about how bad people are and I just hate that. I like Pimp my Ride where someone is helping somebody.

    Bob Saget
  • God is not a watchmaker. God is a pimp.

    Anthony Capella
  • My name is “A Pimp named Slickback” Wait… A Pimp?? … Named Slickback. Yes, please say the whole thing if you would. Yes, that includs the “A Pimp Named” part. Yes Tom, everytime.

    Katt Williams
  • When I’m on stage, I’m not me playing me. I’m somebody else doing me. I could never go on stage and be like, “Hey, I’m Mike Tyson. My mother and father was in the sex industry.” That’s the politically correct way to say it, but I would really say, “My mother and father were pimps and whores. This is my life.” I could never do that as Mike Tyson. Because I’d feel sorry for myself. But if I could be objective about it and be somebody else, portraying Mike Tyson, saying this story, then it’s easy sailing.

    Mike Tyson
  • The whole world is conscious. It’s just that we become conscious at times, and you become conscious when you lose a parent, or just a loved one, period – a wife, a brother, you know. You wake up and say, “Man, it’s real. I don’t need this pimp gangster stuff anymore, I need something with a little more substance.” And there is marketing for that.

  • Yo I’m seventeen, already sniffin blow. I tell my friends its asthmary time I itch my throat, I got a new show for MTV, Pimp My Boat.

    Tyler, The Creator
  • You’re fighting a battle of good and evil with your dog pimp! Your only weapon is the shimmy! There is power in the shimmy! Make him fear your shimmy! Now, goddamnit, show me your war shimmy!

    Laurie Notaro
  • If pimps and thieves everywhere were always punished, honest people would all believe themselves always to be innocent.

    Albert Camus
  • The frame is the pimp of painting; it enhances it, but it must never shine at the painting’s expense.

    Edgar Degas
  • The pimp is the executive organ of immorality. The executive organ of morality is the blackmailer.

    Karl Kraus
  • I remember a time when a cabbage could sell itself by being a cabbage. Nowadays it’s no good being a cabbage – unless you have an agent and pay him a commission. Nothing is free anymore to sell itself or give itself away. These days, Countess, every cabbage has its pimp.

    Jean Giraudoux
  • Just because a woman has a pimp doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s being abused by the guy. You can’t know for sure.

    Chester Brown
  • The TV business is uglier than most things. It is normally perceived as some kind of cruel and shallow money trench through the heart of the journalism industry, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs, for no good reason.

    Hunter S. Thompson
  • Prostitution will always exist in every society, so I believe in a fair trade. Open the doors for women to earn their money without having pimps. The worst thing is to criminalize it, because then you open the doors for pimps, criminals, and trading.

    Michael Glawogger
  • I’ve always been into films. I’ve been offered lots of films but they’ve always been these very stereotypical roles. They wanted me to play some gangster or street guy, or pimp, drug addict.

    Lenny Kravitz
  • In the days when hyenas of hate suckle the babes of men, and jackals of hypocrisy pimp their mothers’ broken hearts, may children not look to demons of ignorance for hope.

  • Man hardly comes in more than two varieties, wherever he is, whatever he does: workers and pimps … they’re either one or the other! … and inventors, the worst kind of jobholder! … they stand condemned! … the writer who doesn’t pimp along, peacefully plagiarizing, who doesn’t pump out the pop stuff, he’s had it! … everybody hates him!

    Louis-Ferdinand Celine
  • You can’t slit the throat of everyone whose character it would improve.

    Al Swearengen
  • My father said, Bring along your best girl. This is something you say to a pimp!

    Bill Maher
  • You need to modulate that unwarranted ire, buddy. I’m not your ‘ho and you ain’t my pimp

    Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Anthony raised his red plastic cup to me and shouted something, but it was too hard to hear over the music. “What?” I called back. “You look great!” A goofy smile was plastered on his face. “Oh boy,” Vee said. “Not just a pimp, but a smashed pimp.” “So maybe he’s a little drunk.” “Drunk and hoping to corner you alone in a bedroom upstairs.” Ugh.

    Becca Fitzpatrick
  • If my son wants to be a pimp when he grows up, that’s fine with me. I hope he’s a good one and enjoys it and doesn’t get caught. I’ll support him in this. But if he wants to be a network administrator, he’s out of the house and not part of my family.

    Steve Wozniak
  • New Rule: If an Evangelical tries to use Halloween to pimp Jesus to kids, they get to egg his house. On Halloween, the president of the American Family Association urged his flock to hand out a Christian-based comic book instead of candy. Excuse me, Halloween isn’t a time to push your beliefs. You don’t see me handing out pot to kids…Okay, well not the little kids.

    Bill Maher

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