Best Persona 5 Quotes 2021

Persona 5 is a video game series that involves role-playing, and this is the fifth game of the series.

Persona 5 is developed by Atlus, P-Studio, and is a part of the Megami Tensei Franchise. It involves a fantasy that follows reality, where a group of teenagers is troubled.

The protagonist, Joker, and other high school students form a group called ‘Phantom Thieves Of Hearts’ where all these students are awakened with a special power to seek freedom from the malevolent adults who have doomed the lives of these teenagers into lives of slavery. Joker is the protagonist character of the series and has gained the love of folks from various places throughout the globe. Here are some quotes when ambushing Persona 5, Persona 5 protagonist quotes, Persona 5 Futaba quotes, Persona 5 awakening quotes, Morgana quotes Persona 5, Persona 5  Joker quotes, and many more to add a touch of joy to your lives.

Persona 5 Inspirational Quotes

These quotes are a great source of inspiration.

Here is an ultimate collection of Persona 5 battle quotes, Persona 5 all-out attack quotes, Persona 5 Yusuke quotes, Persona 5 Arsene quotes, Persona 5 Iwai quotes, and Persona 5 funny quotes to help you find inspiration.

1. “None of these people know that I was an undesirable child. I wanted people to rely on me… I wanted to be needed… I devoted myself to my studies, acted as an honor student, and made my name as an ace detective And thanks to the nav app and the persona bestowed upon me by the Gods I manage to dispose of any who got in my way Though it took me some time to finally do so… …all it remains is to tell him.”

– Goro Akechi

2. “Who’s the high lord?

Who thinks he’s better than us?

Ain’t it a crime, that?

Is there a mission for us?”

– Lyn Imaizumi.

3. “I realized that personal relationships are something to be treasured. That’s why I’m not going to run away anymore. I’ll face myself head-on.”

– Ann Takamaki.

4. “The phantom thieves are the best thieves in the job.”

– Joker.

5. “This is the only place I wanna stay! Don’t leave me behind!”

– Morgana.

6. “I doubt something as dangerous as your group could’ve been pulled off with orthodox methods. It wouldn’t be odd if you had someone that was proficient in deceiving the eyes of others… …If you’re listening, then answer me!”

– Sae Niijima.

7. “We have decided to steal away those desires and make you confess your sins. This will be done tomorrow, so we hope you will be ready .”

– Suguru Kamoshida.

8. “People around me were the ones who kept it secret. Adults who want to share in my accomplishments, students who have the drive to become winners…They willingly protect it so we all may profit from it.”

– Suguru Kamoshida.

9. “So adamant… Rather than accept life in cinders… You’d strive towards splendor– you know the risk… Well, if those really are the shoes, you’ve chosen… Then we’ll dance to the end. I am thou, thou art I… Accept this contract… The spell cast upon you.”

– Cendrillon.

Best Persona 5 Quotes

These quotes are a package of fun.

Iwai quotes Persona 5 “what are ya selling” is very prominent among all the Persona 5 players across the world, and so here are some quotes that you will definitely love to read.

10. “You help me out with my ‘business’… Smugglin’ goods, destroyin’ evidence… And as a reward, I’ll introduce you to the ‘special menu,’ with good prices for a punk like you. …Whaddaya say? Not bad, huh?”

– Munehisa Iwai.

11. “Don’t take me too lightly! I can ruin your day in an instant.”

– Haru Okumura.

12. “It’s a little too late to give up now!”

– Futaba Sakura.

13. “Stop lookin’ down on me with that stupid smile on your face! ”

– Ryuji Sakamoto.

14. “Take your Heart”

– Phantom Thieves.

15. “My mom was very nice and cheerful. I wish she was still there…”

– Futaba Sakura.

16. “How can you say people are free when they’re chained up in prisons in this broken world!?”

– Morgana.

17. “Your dreams are much more complex than you think.”

– Joker.

18. “…The time has come.

The time is finally at hand… I am the other you, dwelling in the realm of mankind’s hearts.”

– Azathoth.

19. “Don’t get all cocky because I normally behave myself. I am done playing nice!”

– Makoto.

Persona 5 Quotes 1

persona 5 quotes this is the only place I wanna stay don t leave me behind morgana

This is the only place I wanna stay! Don’t leave me behind! Morgana

Persona 5 Quotes 2

Persona 5 quotes aww yeah we did just fine guys Ryuji Sakamoto

Aww yeah! We did just fine guys! – Ryuji Sakamoto

Persona 5 Quotes 3

Persona 5 quotes It s finally time let s do it Goro Akechi

It’s finally time huh? Let’s do it! – Goro Akechi

Persona 5 Quotes 4

Persona 5 quotes yes this is the true heart of humanity Yusuke Kitagawa

Yes, this is the true heart of humanity! – Yusuke Kitagawa

Persona 5 Quotes 5

Persona 5 quotes people are thinking that I am a robot oh well Makoto Niijima

People are thinking that I am a robot… Oh well – Makoto Niijima

Persona 5 Quotes 6

Pesona 5 quotes the all out attack our last resort Kasumi Yoshizawa

The all out attack, our last resort! – Kasumi Yoshizawa

Persona 5 Quotes 7

Persona 5 quotes the phantom thieves are the best thieves in the job Joker

The phantom thieves are the best thieves in the job – Joker

Persona 5 Quotes 8

Persona 5 quotes don t take me too lightly I can ruin your day in an instant Haru Okumura

Don’t take me too lightly! I can ruin your day in an instant. – Haru Okumura

Persona 5 Quotes 9

Pesona quotes my mom was very nice and cheerful I wish she was still there Futaba Sakura

My mom was very nice and cheerful. I wish she was still there… – Futaba Sakura

Persona 5 Quotes 10

persona 5 quotes hah I d like to see you try to beat me Ann Takamaki

Hah! I’d like to see you try to beat me! – Ann Takamaki

Persona 5 Quotes 11

Persona 5 quotes give a man his mask and he will become his true self Joker

Give a man his mask and he will become his true self! – Joker

Persona 5 Quotes 12

persona 5 quotes it's a little too late to give up now - Futaba Sakura

It’s a little too late to give up now! – Futaba Sakura

Persona 5 Quotes 13

persona 5 quotes your dreams are much more complex than you think joker

Your dreams are much more complex than you think – Joker

Best Quotes In Persona 5

10 “No… That’s What You Are…”

Kamoshida boss fight in Persona 5

Full quote: “No… That’s What You Are… All You Think About Is Using People… You’re The Real Scumbag, Kamoshida!”

Kamoshida is the first villain that players encounter in Persona 5, and this perverted gym teacher wastes no time in creating a bad impression from the get-go.

Consequently, when Ryuji ends up giving this horrible person a verbal smackdown, one can’t help but cheer along with this supposed delinquent. Ultimately, this celebration is rather short-lived since the protagonist and Ryuji end up almost getting expelled after getting into Kamoshida’s face one too many times.

“Stop Lookin’ Down On Me With That Stupid Smile On Your Face!”

Ryuji's awakening in Persona 5

Given the fact that Ryuji has constantly been given the short end of the stick throughout his life, it’s only a given that he was close to reaching his breaking point after being chastised by the people around him time and time again.

Therefore, when he finally reaches his breaking point and awakens his Persona, the line Ryuji utters shows the pent-up frustration that had been built up inside him for the longest time.

“… You Gotta Do Stuff For People Beyond Just Yourself If You Wanna Succeed.”

Ryuji Sakamoto from Persona 5

A player can’t really be faulted for assuming that Ryuji’s nothing more than a rebellious brat who likes to go against the system time and time again. However, this is a gross misassumption that doesn’t do justice to the impressive depth of this character as a whole.

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When Ryuji ends up uttering these surprisingly wise words, one can’t help but be taken aback at the fact that it was he of all people who ended up being so level-headed.

“I Guess Now That I’m Thinkin’ About It, Tryin’ To Fit In Is A Real Pain In The Ass.”

Ryuji Sakamoto from Persona 5

Ryuji’s Confidant ends up being one of the better side stories in Persona 5. His constant need to be acknowledged and fit in with the rest of the gang is something that constantly pulls him back.

Eventually, Ryuji starts realizing that changing himself in order to fit in makes absolutely no sense. Ryuji understands that there’s more to life than just trying to be accepted by the people around him.

“… But Hangin’ On To The Past Ain’t Gonna Help Anythin’…”

Ryuji Sakamoto from Persona 5

Full quote: “… But Hangin’ On To The Past Ain’t Gonna Help Anythin’. I’m Just Gonna Focus On Bein’ Myself Now… On Bein’ Free.”

Ryuji’s past with Kamoshida included a massive argument that led to the entire track team’s relevance waning in Shujin Academy. This leads to a situation where he constantly feels guilty for dragging the entire track team down with him, but the fact of the matter is that he was feeling guilty for absolutely no reason.

After hanging out with Joker multiple times, Ryuji realizes that there’s absolutely nothing to be gained from hanging on to and feeling guilty about his actions in the past. It’s only after he starts focusing on the present that he actually starts turning over a new leaf.

“Who’re You Livin’ Your Life For?…”

Angry Ryuji in Persona 5

Full quote: “Who’re You Livin’ Your Life For?… Maybe You Should Stop Tryin’ To Live For Them, And Just Try Livin’ For Yourself.”

One of Ryuji’s friends from the track team who ends up hating him after his bust-up with Kamoshida is Takeishi, a student who was striving to relive the glory days.

During a particularly heated exchange with a dispirited Takeishi who was constantly hungry for acknowledgment, a struggle that Ryuji had dealt with personally, the Phantom Thief ends up questioning his friend’s motivations and advises him to think for himself instead of appeasing others. It’s a powerful line that shows how much Ryuji has matured over time.

“Whip ‘Em, Persona!”

Ryuji Sakamoto from Persona 5

Ryuji’s Persona has numerous powerful physical attributes, which makes it quite entertaining — and definitely less SP-intensive — to use him in battle.

This enjoyment of using Ryuji in battle is further enhanced by the fact that he constantly has a quip to say every single time his Persona is unleashed. This particular quote is quite a treat to listen to regardless of how many times it’s repeated.

“Yeah? Well, Too Bad For You — I’m Done Runnin’ Away From My Problems!”

Ryuji from Persona 5

After Maruki ends up trapping the members of the Phantom Thieves in limbo, the trio of Joker, Akechi, and Kasumi try their hardest to revert Dr. Maruki’s changes.

However, it was clear that the Phantom Thieves didn’t have a poor resolve either, and ultimately got over the illusion that they’d been cast under. Ryuji ended up declaring his need to face the truth in a dramatic manner, which ended up making this scene all the more memorable.

“Wherever You Decide To Be, That’s Where You Belong.”

Ryuji in Persona 5

As Joker and Ryuji start developing an unbreakable bond, the latte finally starts understanding that he doesn’t need to go out of his way to fit in with people.

Rather, the first thing Ryuji needed to do was decide his own goals. Doing this would ultimately lead to him finding a place where he belonged, as opposed to hunting down a comfort zone without any clarity of one’s own aspirations.

“But I’ve Realized Now…”

Persona 5 Strikers gameplay screenshot

Full quote: “But I’ve Realized Now… As Long As I’m Bein’ Myself, I’ll Always Have Somewhere I Can Fit In.”

Self-acceptance is something that many people struggle with, and Ryuji is no exception. In fact, the main reason why he’s so conflicted in the first place is that he always beats himself up for dragging his friends down due to his own personal conflict with Kamoshida.

So, when he finally realizes that he needs to prioritize himself and not conform to others, Ryuji ends up turning over a leaf — quite literally, given that his Persona Captain Kidd transforms into Seiten Taisei!

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