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Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Charlaine Harris
Nothing is ever clear-cut in Bon Temps. What passes for truth is only a convenient lie. What passes for justice is more spilled blood. And what passes for love is never enough … — Charlaine Harris

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Suzy Kassem
The human ego is the ugliest part of man. We lift up men who only show us darkness, and put down those brave enough to show us the light. Likewise, people engage in darkness when it is light outside, and acknowledge the light only when it is dark. We abandon those fighting for us to cheer behind those fighting against us. And, we only remember good people and God when it is convenient for us, and take them for granted because their doors are always open – only to chase after closed doors and personalities void of substance and truth. — Suzy Kassem

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Carrie Clevenger
Her gaze follows my every move. I think she can feel something is weird but hasn’t put her finger on it yet. Maybe she’s seen my fangs and written them off as gimmick. I fucking love gimmicks. They’re so convenient to hide behind. — Carrie Clevenger

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Charlie Munger
The whole concept of dividing it up into ‘value’ and ‘growth’ strikes me as twaddle. It’s convenient for a bunch of pension fund consultants to get fees prattling about and a way for one advisor to distinguish himself from another. But, to me, all intelligent investing is value investing. — Charlie Munger

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Richard M. WeaverOne of the most important revelations about a period comes in its theory of language, for that informs us whether language is viewed as a bridge to the noumenal or as a body of fictions convenient for grappling with transitory phenomena. — Richard M. Weaver

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Stacey JayTo be cold and incapable of pity is one thing; to have compassion and use it only when it’s convenient is nothing less than evil. — Stacey Jay

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By John OrtbergIn a contagious world,we learn to keep our distance. If we get too close to those who are suffering, we might get infected by their pain. It may not be convenient or comfortable. But only when you get close enough to catch their hurt will they be close enough to catch your love. — John Ortberg

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Jasmine VIf you are my friend,you are down for me at all times,not just when it’s convenient. — Jasmine V

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Elizabeth HunterI have to go out.” A small smile teased the corner of his lips. “Unless you’re offering, of course, then I could just skip the clubs. Much more convenient.” He winked at her. — Elizabeth Hunter

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Kelly ThompsonDestiny doesn’t always come when it’s convenient or when you think it should. It comes when you’re ready, whether you know it or not. — Kelly Thompson

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By OvidIt is convenient that there be gods, and, as it is convenient, let us believe there are. — Ovid

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Stacy SchiffI wouldn’t dare to speculate as to Cleopatra’s falling in love. Her relationships are too convenient for that. — Stacy Schiff

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Rosa ParksYou spend your whole lifetime in your occupation, actually making life clever, easy and convenient for white people. But when you have to get transportation home, you are denied an equal accommodation. Our existence was for the white man’s comfort and well-being; we had to accept being deprived of just being human. — Rosa Parks

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Katie KacvinskyI think everyone’s caught up in these narrow-minded worlds and they think their world exists in the center of the universe. Relationships only happen when it’s convenient. You have to walk on eggshells for people because that’s about how strong they are these days. And you can’t confront people, because if you do, that brittle shell of confidence will crack. So we all become passive cowards that carry a fake smile wherever we go because God forbid you let your guard down long enough for people to see your life isn’t perfect. That you have a few flaws. Because who wants to see that? My theory is everybody sucks. So, my conclusion is I don’t need anybody. — Katie Kacvinsky

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Jim ButcherShame, child, is for those who fail to live up to the ideal of what they believe they should be.” She waved her hand. “It was shame that drove me to my queen, to beseech her aid.” Her long, delicate fingers idly moved to the streaks of white in her otherwise flawless red tresses. “But she showed me the way back to myself, through exquisite pain, and now I am here to watch over my dear godson
and the rest of you, as long as it is quite convenient.”
Spooky death Sidhe lady,” Molly said. “Now upgraded to spooky, crazy death Sidhe lady. — Jim Butcher

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By James C. DobsonYou don’t need anger to control children. You do need action, occasionally. Furthermore, you can apply the action anywhere on the time line that is convenient, and children will live contentedly within that boundary. In fact, the closer the action moves to the front of the conflict the less punishment is required. A pinch of the trapezius muscle would not be a sufficient deterrent at the end of a two-hour struggle, whereas it is more than adequate when the conflict is minimal. — James C. Dobson

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Riley Banks-SnyderWhen you’re serving just because you can, the work is useful and beneficial and good. But you’ll stay committed to it only as long as it stays convenient. By contrast, when you’re serving in a capacity where you feel called, you’ll move heaven and earth if you have to, to see it through. — Riley Banks-Snyder

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Timothy GriffinI think if you look all across the country, the so-called Blue Dogs are all gone to kennel. There are no more Blue Dogs, they’re called Republicans. People would rather elect consistently conservative Republicans than Blue Dogs, who are only conservative when it’s convenient. — Timothy Griffin

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Patrick CockburnThis lack of coverage had been convenient for the US and other Western governments because it enabled them to play down the extent to which the “war on terror” had failed so catastrophically in the years since 9/11. This failure is also masked by deceptions and self-deceptions on the part of governments. — Patrick Cockburn

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Jeff BaenaMy intention was always to direct and writing things just became convenient and happened. — Jeff Baena

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Isaac NewtonI do not define time, space, place, and motion, as being well known to all. Only I must observe, that the common people conceive those quantities under no other notions but from the relation they bear to sensible objects. And thence arise certain prejudices, for the removing of which it will be convenient to distinguish them into absolute and relative, true and apparent, mathematical and common. — Isaac Newton

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Albert CamusQuestion: how can one manage not to lose time? Answer: experience it at its full length. Means: spend days in the dentist’s waiting room on an uncomfortable chair; live on one’s balcony on a Sunday afternoon; listen to lectures in a language that one does not understand, choose the most roundabout and least convenient routes on the railway (and, naturally, travel standing up); queue at the box-office for theatres and so on and not take one’s seat; etc. — Albert Camus

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Michael MossIt’s not just a matter of poor willpower on the part of the consumer and a give-the-people-what-they-want attitude on the part of the food manufacturers. What I found, over four years of research and reporting, was a conscious effort … to get people hooked on foods that are convenient and inexpensive. — Michael Moss

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By John Kenneth GalbraithThe shortcomings of economics are not original error but uncorrected obsolescence. The obsolescence has occurred because what is convenient has become sacrosanct. Anyone who attacks such ideas must seem to be a trifle self-confident and even aggressive. The man who makes his entry by leaning against an infirm door gets an unjustified reputation for violence. Something is to be attributed to the poor state of the door. — John Kenneth Galbraith

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Marijn HaverbekeIt helps omit uninteresting details, provides convenient building blocks (such as while and console.log), allows you to define your own building blocks (such as sum and range), and makes those blocks easy to compose. — Marijn Haverbeke

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Cheikh Anta DiopAnthropologists have invented the ingenious, convenient, fictional notion of the “true Negro,” which allows them to consider, if need be, all the real Negroes on earth as fake Negroes, more or less approaching a kind of Platonic archetype, without ever attaining it. Thus, African history is full of “Negroids,” Hamites, semi-Hamites, Nilo-Hamitics, Ethiopoids, Sabaeans, even Caucasoids! Yet, if one stuck strictly to scientific data and archeological facts, the prototype of the White race would be sought in vain throughout the earliest years of present-day humanity. — Cheikh Anta Diop

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Laureen WishomWhen you are interested, You do what is convenient. When you are committed, You do whatever it takes. — Laureen Wishom

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Gabrielle ZevinI believe when it is convenient for me to believe. — Gabrielle Zevin

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Tony AbbottAbortion is the easy way out. It’s hardly surprising that people should choose the most convenient exit from awkward situations. — Tony Abbott

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Joseph Priestley[The doctrine of air] I was led into in consequence of inhabiting a house adjoining to a public brewery, where I at first amused myself with making experiments on the fixed air [carbon dioxide] which I found ready made in the process of fermentation . When I removed from that house I was under the necessity of making the fixed air for myself; and one experiment leading to another, as I have distinctly and faithfully noted in my various publications on the subject, I by degrees contrived a convenient apparatus for the purpose, but of the cheapest kind. — Joseph Priestley

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By NakoMalachi was hot and cold, wanting her when it was convenient for him. He — Nako

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Laurie A. HelgoeIntroverts tend to internalize problems. In other words, we place the source of problems within and blame ourselves. Though introverts may also externalize and see others as the problem, it’s more convenient to keep the problem “in house.” Internalizers tend to be reliable and responsible, but we can also be very hard on ourselves. — Laurie A. Helgoe

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Alexa ChungWhere will this all end up? Will we completely lose our ability to be private, respectful, subtle? Will romance die? Often I long for a simpler time when break ups weren’t made a trillion times worse by photo tagging, and rather than spelling it out for people you could be irritated by something and not feel as though you had to voice your gripe with convenient hashtags such as #dogaccidents, #cake and #snow in case it becomes a trending topic. — Alexa Chung

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Simon ToyneI hate it when characters know things but only reveal them when it’s convenient to the story. I’d never do that. That’s cheating. — Simon Toyne

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Frank SonnenbergThe truth shouldn’t be told only when it’s convenient. Honesty must be a way of life. — Frank Sonnenberg

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Edgar Allan PoeThe word “Verse” is used here as the term most convenient for expressing, and without pedantry, all that is involved in the consideration of rhythm, rhyme, meter, and versification … the subject is exceedingly simple; one tenth of it, possibly may be called ethical; nine tenths, however, appertains to the mathematics. — Edgar Allan Poe

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By James MadisonRulers who wished to subvert the public liberty, may have found an established Clergy convenient auxiliaries. A just Government instituted to secure & perpetuate it needs them not. — James Madison

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Leo TolstoySpiritual activity, education, civilization, culture, the idea are all vague, indefinite concepts, under the banner of which it is quite convenient to use words that have a still less clear meaning and therefore can easily be plugged into any theory. — Leo Tolstoy

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By James MadisonThe most that the Convention could do in such a situation, was to avoid the errors suggested by the past experience of other countries, as well as of our own; and to provide a convenient mode of rectifying their own errors, as future experience may unfold them. — James Madison

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Helena HuntingLove doesn’t always have convenient timing — Helena Hunting

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Michael HortonA church that is deeply aware of it’s misery and nakedness before a holy God will cling tenaciously to an all sufficient Savior, while one that is self-confident and relatively unaware of its inherent sinfulness will reach for religion and morality whenever it seems convenient — Michael Horton

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Barack ObamaYou want to be commander in chief, you can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States, even when it’s not politically convenient. — Barack Obama

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Jo BeverleyHow do you find your mount, Miss de Lacy?”
Amy found it a slug. It was clear Rowanford had taken her caution too seriously. This horse would be ideal for a non-equestrian grandmother. “I feel very safe,” she said.
“Excellent. I shall take good care of you, Miss de Lacy. Have no fear.”
Amy sighed and wished there was a convenient piece of furniture to heft to prove she was not as fragile as she appeared. — Jo Beverley

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Chaz BufeAtheist n. A person to be pitied in that he is unable to believe things for which there is no evidence, and who has thus deprived himself of a convenient means of feeling superior to others. — Chaz Bufe

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Norman PotterDesign is a field of concern, response, and enquiry as often as decision and consequence … it is convenient to group design into three simple categories, though the distinctions are in no way absolute, nor are they always so described: product design (things), environment design (places) and communication design (messages). — Norman Potter

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Caitlin R. KiernanNo story has a beginning, and no story has an end. Beginnings and endings may be conceived to serve a purpose, to serve a momentary and transient intent, but they are, in their fundamental nature, arbitrary and exist solely as a convenient construct in the minds of man. Lives are messy, and when we set out to relate them, or parts of them, we cannot ever discern precise and objective moments when any given event began. All beginnings are arbitrary. — Caitlin R. Kiernan

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Jared KushnerAge is a convenient barometer of what a person is capable of, but it is only one. — Jared Kushner

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Joyce Carol OatesTruth must evolve’ – how very convenient for liars. — Joyce Carol Oates

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Lauren ConradI do most of my shopping online. It’s just convenient for me. — Lauren Conrad

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Ian LamontBeing able to sync the same content among multiple devices provides a very convenient backup for Dropbox data. If your Mac laptop gets dropped in your backyard swimming pool, as long as it’s been recently synced, you’ll still be able to quickly access all of the files and folders stored in Dropbox folder on the desktop PC. — Ian Lamont

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By T. S. EliotWe die to each other daily. What we know of other people is only our memory of the moments during which we knew them. And they have changed since then. To pretend that they and we are the same is a useful and convenient social convention which must sometimes be broken. We must also remember that at every meeting we are meeting a stranger. — T. S. Eliot

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Roman PichlerInstead, a disruptive innovation typically solves a customer problem in a better, more convenient, or cheaper way than existing alternatives. A disruptive product also creates a new market by addressing nonconsumption: it attracts people who did not take advantage of similar products. But — Roman Pichler

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Tiffany MadisonWomen’s liberation is one thing, but the permeation of anti-male sentiment in post-modern popular culture – from our mocking sitcom plots to degrading commercial story lines – stands testament to the ignorance of society. Fair or not, as the lead gender that never requested such a role, the historical male reputation is quite balanced.
For all of their perceived wrongs, over centuries they’ve moved entire civilizations forward, nurtured the human quest for discovery and industry, and led humankind from inconvenient darkness to convenient modernity. Navigating the chessboard that is human existence is quite a feat, yet one rarely acknowledged in modern academia or media. And yet for those monumental achievements, I love and admire the balanced creation that is man for all his strengths and weaknesses, his gifts and his curses. I would venture to say that most wise women do. — Tiffany Madison

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Jean AnouilhThe spring is wound up tight. It will uncoil of itself. That is what is so convenient in tragedy. The least little turn of the wrist will do the job . . . The rest is automatic. You don’t need to lift a finger. The machine is in perfect order; it has been oiled ever since time began, and it runs without friction . . . Tragedy is clean, it is restful, it is flawless . . . In a tragedy, nothing is in doubt and everyone’s destiny is known. That makes for tranquility . . . Tragedy is restful; and the reason is that hope, that foul, deceitful thing, has no part in it. There isn’t any hope. You’re trapped. — Jean Anouilh

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Billy GrahamThe devil has successfully fooled many churches, convincing them to follow the world. Biblical standards have been compromised by convenient social theories. — Billy Graham

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Amy E. ReichertLou had brought the grill from ice-cold to scorching-hot faster than a firestorm; the brats were preboiled in beer and onions and burst with the perfect combination of juicy and smoky, complete with a crunchy outside topped with just a smear of Dijon. Paired with ice-cold Spotted Cows, his new favorite Wisconsin beer, Al got it. He got why people came hours early. It wasn’t about good seats or convenient parking. It was a friendly little party with forty thousand of your closest friends. — Amy E. Reichert

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Bryan Lee O'MalleyWe have a mutual friend, see, and she- Ah, screw it. This is Gideon. When would it be convenient for you to die? — Bryan Lee O’Malley

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By James Michael PrattTrue love is like a metal tested in a fire. Fires of adversity surround us daily. Are we to love only when it is merely convenient? Like gold or silver, which very hot fire must heat to purge them of impurities, love must be thrust into the fire from time to time to make it purer, stronger and more resilient. And in the same way, live shines its brightest right out of the flames. — James Michael Pratt

Only When It's Convenient Quotes By Evan EsarA credit card is a convenient device that saves you the trouble of counting your change. — Evan Esar

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