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Melanie Martinez is an American singer who quickly became famous after starring on The Voice in 2012.

Melanie Martinez Performing on Stage

As you’ll find out in these quotes, she’s not afraid to be real and is very open about emotions and her thoughts on life. She’s even titled one of her albums ‘Cry Baby’, which she has often referred to herself as.

More than just the music though, Melanie Martinez plays an active role in the visuals of her albums and music videos. You’ll get a good feel for her through these quotes.

Melanie Martinez quotes on emotions

1. “I’m not used to writing about happy emotions. I’m just used to pulling from my sad or angry – happy emotions are very hard for me to portray in music.” – Melanie Martinez

2. “I’m insane, I’m emotional, but I’d rather be that than a robot. So that’s definitely something that I wanted to get out there. Especially with Cry Baby’s story, because the album is about Cry Baby but I realized that I and her went through the same change.” – Melanie Martinez

3. “I was always hard on myself for taking things too personally.” – Melanie Martinez

4. “I’m very, very in touch with my emotions.” – Melanie Martinez

5. “Part of the problem with America is that letting go of emotions is viewed as a weakness, but it’s my strength. That enabled me to write my songs.” – Melanie Martinez

6. “I think, being emotional is this thing that people think you’re not strong. They don’t look at you as a strong person, and it’s weird ‘cuz honestly being emotional has nothing to do with your strength.” – Melanie Martinez

7. “I think that every decision I make in my life is based on an emotion – and it definitely hurts me in some situations, and helps in some situations, like obviously writing and stuff is my favorite thing to do because I get to use all of my emotions and express them in that way.” – Melanie Martinez

8. “I have definitely noticed I am very passionate. So if I’m fighting with someone I’ll be SO super loud and aggressive, and make sure that my point is heard.” – Melanie Martinez

9. “Everyone is allowed to be vulnerable. I think women and men and dogs and cats and ants and aliens can all express themselves and be vulnerable.” – Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez quotes about people

10. “If you say something that is a little unsafe to say but you feel strongly and passionate about it, a lot of people can attack you and call you a bad role model just because they don’t agree with your views, but in reality, we’re all different and we’re all unique in our own way and we all have different thoughts.” – Melanie Martinez

11. “I think that any female who gets asked if she’s a feminist… it’s silly… it’s so interesting when people ask females if they’re a feminist. Of course, every female wants to be equal.” – Melanie Martinez

12. “I believe everyone should be equal, and we should all love and support each other and express ourselves the way we want to express ourselves and be whoever we want. That’s my motto.” – Melanie Martinez

13. “I want to encourage people to be themselves and express themselves however they want.” – Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez quotes about love

14. “I never had a lot of friends growing up so having this insane amount of love and support really means a lot to me.” – Melanie Martinez

15. “I have a song called ‘Training Wheels’ and it’s about being in love with someone and taking it to the next level by taking off the training wheels.” – Melanie Martinez

16. “A lot of people say if you can’t love yourself, then you can’t love others. It’s always different, but I definitely have loved a lot in my life.” – Melanie Martinez

17. “I don’t want to play no games / I’m tired of always chasing, chasing after you.” – Melanie Martinez

18. “I definitely fall in love quickly, and I’m very in love with being in love. But it is hard for me to write about love.” – Melanie Martinez

19. “There are a lot of people who go their whole lives without truly knowing what love is, or ever experiencing that.” – Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez quotes about music

20. “I want my music to be treated as a book or a movie. It’s not about the one single: it’s about the bigger picture.” – Melanie Martinez

21. “I’ll always definitely strive to write songs that are going to help people feel confident in themselves.” – Melanie Martinez

22. “I’m happy that I don’t have to do covers anymore because that’s not what I do.” – Melanie Martinez

23. “I look at music as an art form, so it’s almost like painting for me, you know?” – Melanie Martinez

24. “Please understand that I make music to express myself, and if you know anything about me, you know that I’m nothing but honest.” – Melanie Martinez

25. “I’m gonna write from personal experience, from emotion, from whatever the hell I’m feeling that day.” – Melanie Martinez

26. “My music is like a baby pink-frosted cake with sprinkles, but when you cut into it, there’s a gooey, dark chocolate center.” – Melanie Martinez

27. “I definitely feel like if I put out a song that was like me being super vulnerable, people would look at me as weak. I don’t know if that has to do with me being a girl, or if that really has to do with anything, but I’m sure.” – Melanie Martinez

28. “I’ve always been super into photography and the visuals that support my music.” – Melanie Martinez

29. “My whole mission in general, ever since I was fourteen, was to write music that would help people heal.” – Melanie Martinez

30. “Cry Baby is just a character in this world that I’m trying to create, and the music videos are really important to me, and I’ve fought to obviously get all of them approved.” – Melanie Martinez

31. “There are obviously so many artists that are very inspiring, but I can’t say that they like – that I have someone in mind that is like a creative direction of where I want to go as an artist. I think I’m just doing my own thing.” – Melanie Martinez

32. “I always try, when I’m singing songs, to interpret them the way that I would’ve arranged them. I think about the melody first, and then I pull out my guitar and start singing it.” – Melanie Martinez

33. “I wrote about scenarios that I was going through and then disguised them.” – Melanie Martinez

34. “I definitely have worked trying to create music that inspires girls to feel confident and strong, and feel like they can do anything.” – Melanie Martinez

35. “I didn’t have any real idea that I was going to be an artist; I had no idea what that meant.” – Melanie Martinez

36. “Just because I’m an artist doesn’t mean I should be treated differently.” – Melanie Martinez

37. “I used music as therapy and embraced being a cry baby.” – Melanie Martinez

38. “Make sure this [music industry] is what you love to do, and you can’t imagine doing anything else.” – Melanie Martinez

39. “I want to put out as many albums as I can before I die.” – Melanie Martinez

More Melanie Martinez quotes

40. “I’ve had so many insecurities, and am still getting over a lot.” – Melanie Martinez

41. “I stay away from the title of ‘role model’. I want to be a more realistic role model – not a perfect Barbie role model.” – Melanie Martinez

42. “I only wear vintage clothing. I’m pretty obsessed with things in the ’60s, like fashion and music, too.” – Melanie Martinez

43. “I got with what I like and I generally just cling to things that are pastel and remind me of being a little kid. It’s just what it is right now, but I go through phases.” – Melanie Martinez

44. “I see things that nobody else sees.” – Melanie Martinez

45. “I had a lot of Barbies growing up, and a lot of porcelain dolls, but I was scared of them. I was so scared of them. I would try to turn their head away and would make my mom take them out of my room.” – Melanie Martinez

46. “I really loved taking photos when I was younger. I think my love for photography sparked my love for creating the visuals to support my music.”- Melanie Martinez

47. “I have to stop eating so much grilled cheese and chocolate chip cookies and start really working on everything!” – Melanie Martinez

48. “I’m a perfectionist, and even if something comes out great, it’s still not perfect, you know?” – Melanie Martinez

49. “The way that I dress is the way I’ve always dressed. The way I’ve eaten is how I’ve always eaten. I dress like a 5-year-old, and I eat like a 5-year-old.” – Melanie Martinez

50. “I like singing and just took a chance with it.” – Melanie Martinez

51. “I don’t really think about what people think of my music, and how they listen to it or what my demographic is.” – Melanie Martinez

52. “It’s really hard for me to finish a song unless I have a strong visual in my head while I’m writing it.” – Melanie Martinez

  • I believe everyone should be equal, and we should all love and support each other and express ourselves the way we want to express ourselves and be whoever we want. That’s my motto. Melanie Martinez
  • I used music as therapy and embraced being a cry baby. Melanie Martinez
  • Everyone is allowed to be vulnerable. I think women and men and dogs and cats and ants and aliens can all express themselves and be vulnerable. Melanie Martinez


  • When I was 16, I was watching ‘101 Dalmatians,’ and my mom never let me bleach my hair, so I told her I was going to dye my hair like Cruella De Vil; she didn’t believe me. I came home with my hair like this, and she didn’t talk to me for, like, a week. It was really hilarious. Melanie Martinez


  • Remember that I am a human. Melanie Martinez

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