Best Lingerie Quotes 2021

#1. I have to admit my Elomi bridal lingerie was exquisite. I’d been so certain it would wow Chris, spur him into some post-matrimonial lustfulness. What a joke. A strap-on might have been a better idea. – Author: Kylie Scott

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#2. Paris is a heaven for all woman’s obssesions: hot men, great chocolates, scrumptuous pastries, sexy lingerie, cool clothes but, as any shoe-o-phile knows, this city is a hotbed of fabulous shoes. – Author: Kirsten Lobe

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#3. Well, when I was fifteen years old I worked in a lingerie store and that’s how I feel in love with vintage lingerie because I wanted to know the history of it. – Author: Dita Von Teese

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#4. Lingerie is that inner, secret glamour. – Author: Alice Temperley

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#5. Any sufficiently advanced lingerie is indistinguishable from a lethal weapon. – Author: Charles Stross

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#6. I wear women’s leggings under my clothes, but no lingerie. – Author: Dennis Rodman

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#7. If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular? – Author: Dorothy Parker

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#8. By the time we’re done I have two new dresses, a skirt, a top and some lingerie so sexy even I wanted to do me. – Author: Bethany James

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#9. I love the whole lingerie outfit – you know, thigh-high tights and garters. – Author: Jodi Lyn O’Keefe

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#10. Lingerie is my next love after clothing; I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes – that inner, secret glamour. – Author: Alice Temperley

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#11. When do we put on the lingerie? Always at the beginning of the relationship – first couple of months, strutting around the bedroom wearing a teddy. Yeah, six months later, you’ve stopped shaving your legs and you look like a teddy. – Author: Carol Leifer

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#12. I like the architecture of lingerie. – Author: Colleen Atwood

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#13. We’re not just somebody’s girlfriend who smiles all the time and bakes cookies and always has lingerie ready and their hair done. That’s not real. The roles that I play are about bringing as much reality into it as possible. – Author: Madeline Zima

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#14. You never have sex the way people do in the movies. You don’t do it on the floor, you don’t do it standing up, you don’t always have all your clothes off, you don’t happen to have on all the sexy lingerie. You know, if anybody ever ripped my clothes, I’d kill them. – Author: Julianne Moore

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#15. You? A man? Wants to come shopping with a woman? For clothes?”
“Ah, but not for clothes, not for skirts or shoes.” He shuddered. “For lingerie. And that, my love, is a whole different story. Any time you want to shop for silky underwear, I’ll gladly accompany you. – Author: Lauren Dane

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#16. As I start to take his hand, his eyes pass over my lingerie slowly.
“Where the hell did you get those?” He obviously recognizes the fabric. “How does that cockroach know your measurements, huh?” – Author: A.G. Howard

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#17. We pay people and reward them for greed and sleaze . When a sex tape gets made a star is born with a publicity agent on speed dial a six figure pay cheque and a tacky lingerie line … selling filth so you can get your face on Time magazine … From Jukebox – Author: Saira Viola

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#18. The fact that it’s black transforms it. Has the same effect on women that black stockings have on men. – Author: Daphne Du Maurier

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#19. Cancer is a great wake-up call. A call to take the tag off the new lingerie and wear that black lacy slip. To open the box of pearls and put them on. To crack open the bath oil beads before they shrivel up in a bowl on the toilet tank. – Author: Regina Brett

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#20. Because you’ve got balls of steel.’
I hated when people said that, like it assumed strength and being a male were synonymous. There was strength in being a woman. ‘Spence, I don’t have balls. Good thing, too, because they’d look terrible in the lingerie I’m wearing. – Author: Cora Carmack

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#21. He stared at her breasts incredulously, but not with lust. “For the love of Freya! You wear Ruby’s strange undergarment. Lingerie, methinks she named it.”
“This is not my mother’s bra.” Rain clamped her jaw shut defiantly, then demanded to know, “How did you ever see my mother’s underwear? – Author: Sandra Hill

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#22. She wore the moonlight like lingerie. – Author: Atticus Poetry

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#23. For me, wearing lingerie isn’t about anyone else but me. If I dressed for others I would be a miserable person. – Author: Ashley Graham

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#24. When it comes to lingerie, I know what I’m doing. – Author: Mariah Carey

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#25. A new lover. Fresh knowledge and a virgin body to paw. Shopping together for wicker furniture in the mall. Visiting the lingerie store. Picking out matching shotguns. – Author: Kenneth J. Harvey

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#26. Here’s the thing about lingerie: The only time we see it outside our own bedrooms, it is on women who are gloriously freakish in their physical perfection. – Author: Lynn Coady

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#27. Taking a seat on the bed, Serena pulled out a lingerie set and held it against her own chest, her brows shooting up as she looked at Corbin.

“Does this even cover her nipples? – Author: Alex Morgan

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#28. If only St. Valentine was around to see his memory celebrated through the mindless marketing of whipping cream and lingerie. – Author: Dov Davidoff

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#29. Pursing my lips, I ask, “What do you know about lingerie?” A bark of a laugh, then, “Uh, I know women look good in it. – Author: Belle Aurora

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#30. I go to bed wearing a very baggy one-piece cheetah suit, just because it makes my son laugh. My sexy lingerie has been locked in a drawer for a while. – Author: Sandra Bullock

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#31. I love lingerie and feminine things. It makes me feel nice look good and turn somebody on by doing so. It’s an incredible rush. And when it turns a man on – fantastic. But no matter what, I’m getting off. – Author: Lorri Bagley

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#32. Sure, and maybe a cabal of Victoria’s Secret lingerie models would crack the secret of hydrogen fusion. – Author: Stephen King

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#33. How to care for intimate apparel? Treat your bras like you’d want a partner to handle your breasts: with kindness and a gentle touch. – Author: Elisabeth Dale

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#34. I love to wear lingerie. The problem is that men always rip it off too quickly. When women are dolled up in lingerie they feel sexy. So let us wear it for five minutes. – Author: Karen McDougal

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#35. Five houses?” Lothaire had sneered, cutting Trehan off. “You all live under one roof now. Mine. Because I’m the king of the castle.” Then his red eyes had grown vacant, and he’d begun muttering about “Lizvetta’s lingerie.”
Trehan had been … underwhelmed by the Enemy of Old’s attention span. – Author: Kresley Cole

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#36. Women, stop buying the lingerie. Stop buying it right now. Oh, it’s a big rip off. Oh my god, $18 bucks for panties this big? Come on, one trip through the dryer, and it’s a frilly bookmark. – Author: Carol Leifer

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#37. With the exception of lingerie and theater I’m interested in everything to do with clothes and perfumes: everything which is an extension of woman. – Author: Sonia Rykiel

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#38. She had shaved above the knee, packed her suitcase with her skimpiest lingerie, and the instructions on the Sexy Weekend Fun Box said, “Just Add Texan.” What she had not expected was Hunter putting her on a Tex-free diet. – Author: Kate Meader

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#39. As women, we all have certain weaknesses. I know one who can’t resist pretty shoes but has nothing suitable to wear with them. Others adore frilly lingerie but never have any money to buy outer clothing. – Author: Edith Head

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#40. I made a snap decision between pink and black. I didn’t want to seem like a pervert digging around in your lingerie drawer.’
‘No, you’re a pervert for gawking at me from below the neck to above my knees. – Author: Ashlan Thomas

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#41. Wait until you see what I bought, Tina gushed with a female’s mistaken belief that a man was ever interested in what came out of a shopping bag unless it had to do with lingerie, auto parts, or sporting goods. – Author: Nancy Gideon

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#42. Look. Let’s just say he’s in Tabitha’s line of work. Okay? (Selena) Ladies’ lingerie? He hardly looks the type to sell that. (Sunshine) – Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#43. She goes to Frederick’s of Hollywood at the mall and purchases an explicit lingerie outfit so sheer that you could read an appliance warranty through it in an unlit closet. – Author: Dave Barry

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#44. Never dress older than you are! The five wardrobe items you must have are a nice pair of well-fitting shoes, pajamas, sexy yet comfortable lingerie, a party dress in a bold colour and a jumpsuit. – Author: Elizabeth Jagger

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#45. I come from a strong religious background, and I had a very conservative upbringing. So I was nervous, and confused. Here I was wanting to be Whitney Houston, so why did I have to dress in lingerie to do that? I didn’t get it. – Author: Nicole Scherzinger

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#46. If our love was lingerie, it would never come off. – Author: Alessandra Torre

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#47. I hate smart sales clerks. I said to one, What do you have in lingerie? She says, More than you’ll ever have! – Author: Phyllis Diller

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#48. I’ve been a fashion model for 15 years and designing is just an extension of my career. I still plan on modeling lingerie, but at the same time this is a business transition that I plan to have around for a long time. – Author: Alessandra Ambrosio

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#49. I’m all about the high heel; I think it’s the sexiest accessory ever made, including lingerie. – Author: Nina Garcia

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#50. Don’t save your good lingerie for dates, wear it for you. – Author: Dita Von Teese

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#51. Oh my God, you’re serious. Honey, I am a six time Women’s Champion, if you get into the ring with me it will not be for a Lingerie Pillow Fight, it will not be to shoot t-shirts. If you get into the ring with me I will end your career just like that. Are you sure that’s what you want? – Author: Trish Stratus

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#52. If your wearing lingerie that makes you feel glamorous, you’re halfway thereto turning heads. – Author: Elle Macpherson

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#53. One of my ex-husbands thought I had a breast job. They looked bigger. I just got the proper lingerie. – Author: Cybill Shepherd

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#54. Well, I’m an absolute fan of lacy lingerie. I want to make that perfectly clear. – Author: Michael Ignatieff

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#55. I’m not the hero, Blair. And somehow I still got the princess.”
“Honey, I’m pretty sure you’re the beast. And I am definitely not a princess. I thought we just established that.”
“You’re my princess. Dirty mouth, naughty lingerie, wicked tongue, formidable temper, and all. – Author: Chanel Cleeton

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#56. No matter how slinky your lingerie, a sticker between the brows will always kill the mood. – Author: Rosen Trevithick

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#57. You’re convincing these big, tough football players to wear what was essentially women’s lingerie. There was a little bit of a Jedi mind trick that needed to take place. The product really spoke for itself once guys felt it and touched it. – Author: Kevin Plank

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#58. So what’s the verdict?” Kayla asked. “Can I act, or am I just a bimbo who got hired because I look good
in lingerie?”
“Is that a trick question?” Sean grinned. “Because I’m pretty sure you look good in lingerie. – Author: Alison Packard

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#59. I’m very shy. I know it’s weird for a person who models lingerie and swimsuits, but I don’t like to be the center of attention! – Author: Marisa Miller

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#60. If you are in a state of mind in which all things are one, then you can spend your time in lingerie shops. – Author: Frederick Lenz

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#61. A G-string is a permanent self-inflicted wedgie. – Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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#62. Brevity is the soul of lingerie. – Author: Dorothy Parker

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#63. I think lingerie plays a big part in how you carry yourself. – Author: Nicole Richie

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#64. Lingerie was ammunition in the war of the sexes, and I planned on loading my guns. – Author: Jessica Sims

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#65. I asked Anne to make me a dress that looked innocent, which made her eyebrows pucker.
“You make it sound like we’ve been sending you out in lingerie,” she said mockingly. – Author: Kiera Cass

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#66. Advertisers like that because they want you to feel their product isn’t normal – this perfume isn’t normal, this set of lingerie isn’t normal. The irony is that they are appealing to normal people to buy the product because they want them to identify with an exotic life that they don’t lead. – Author: Cary Cooper

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#67. Throwing cash for the whole meal on the table, Kelly got up abruptly. That’s it. Come on. We’re going shopping. Clothes. Lingerie. Shoes. Condoms. – Author: Laura Kaye

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#68. The serious Sylvia was agonizing over the execution of the Rosenbergs and McCarthyism; others were delighting to dream over trousseau lingerie at Vanity Fair’s showroom. – Author: Elizabeth Winder

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#69. Wearing nice lingerie makes me feel really glamorous. I love to splurge on that. – Author: Fergie

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#70. Thanks for the memory Of lingerie with lace, Pilsner by the case And how I jumped the day you trumped my one-and-only ace How lovely it was! – Author: Leo Robin

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#71. Level 4,” Lachance said. “Lingerie, footwear, monsters, and beasties. – Author: Tim Lebbon

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#72. Ah, Neni!” Jende said, laughing. “American women do not use love potions.”
“Thats what you think?” Neni said, laughing, yoo. “They use it, oh. They call it lingerie. – Author: Imbolo Mbue

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#73. I would love to have my own lingerie line. – Author: Kate Upton

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#74. Babe, nice lingerie is for seducing a man. I’m already fucking seduced. – Author: Samantha Young

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#75. I like jewellery because it’s forever. Flowers die, chocolates get eaten and lingerie wears out in the wash. Plus, the girl is reminded of you every time she wears it. It’s a wise move. – Author: Amanda Bynes

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#76. She wore her pain like lingerie, only who loved her enough, got to see it. – Author: Himanshu Chhabra

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#77. I was the child who would leave school and take her clothes off the second I got into the house. I made my mom buy me lingerie when I was 5 years old. I was a sicko. My mother must have been mortified. – Author: Alessandra Torresani

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#78. I remember very distinctly being so tall I didn’t fit sleeves, so I ended up modeling lingerie and bathing suits, sleeveless stuff, basically. I didn’t have a good body, but I believed I knew how to stand or pose to mask it. – Author: Geena Davis

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#79. When a sex tape gets made a star is born with a publicity agent on speed dial a six figure payout and a line of tacky lingerie in the works – Author: Saira Viola

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#80. Lingerie is one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe. You can have a wardrobe malfunction if you don’t choose the right thing to wear underneath! – Author: Adriana Lima

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#81. A couple of months ago, I gave my girlfriend some fancy lingerie, and she actually got mad at me. She said, ‘Anthony, I think this is more of a gift for you than it is for me.’ And I said, ‘If you want to get technical, it was originally a gift for my last girlfriend.’ – Author: Anthony Jeselnik

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#82. I love black lingerie and white shoes, and I love knives. – Author: Carine Roitfeld

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#83. Every one of my products – my lingerie, my perfume, and everything that I do beauty-related with regard to building my burlesque shows – is just me. – Author: Dita Von Teese

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#84. I’m not at all interested in doing clothes for movies or stage, in stage dressing or costuming. Nor can I design lingerie, for I never wear any! At one time I used to wear a lot of lingerie but now I’m in a mood of total nudity! – Author: Sonia Rykiel

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#85. The next thing Faith knew, she was standing in a lingerie store having an uncomfortable stare down with a mannequin wearing a blue thong. This is a bad idea. – Author: Kelly Moran

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#86. If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie? – Author: Shannen Doherty

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#87. Aha! She hadn’t misread anything. A man who hinted at discussing lingerie definitely had his flirt mode engaged. Ella happened to own a leopard-print bra and panty set. But she couldn’t admit it to him. – Author: Anonymous

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#88. You look wonderful”, Jason said.
“No compliments, Jason. I’m uncomfortable enough in the lingerie.”
“Then by all means take it off. – Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

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#89. Lingerie has gotten really cute, with little booty underwear and the cute little bras. They’ve gotten really detailed. I saw one the other day with little baby pearls on the strap. I had to have it. – Author: Britney Spears

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#90. I love intimate details like lingerie, something like a gorgeous silk stocking or exquisite slipper. – Author: Austin Scarlett

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#91. I shouldn’t have been looking at lingerie. It naturally made me think about sexy things. Like kissing. Like Patch. – Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

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#92. I’m not a big lingerie girl. I see it, and I love it, and I appreciate it, and sometimes I even buy it, and then it never gets worn. It just seems like kind of a wasted middle step. Either you’re dressed or you’re not. What is this in-between stuff? – Author: Natalie Zea

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#93. I’ve never understood sexy lingerie. I mean, what’s the point? The guy’s only going to take it off. – Author: Candace Bushnell

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#94. Show me a woman who is prouder of her clean kitchen than of her collection of lingerie and I’ll show you a woman with enlarged pores. – Author: Cynthia Heimel

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#95. I’m on the cover of the lingerie football swimsuit calendar this year. – Author: Trishelle Cannatella

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#96. I need to pick up some lingerie,” I told them. “What for?” asked Trey. “To make you feel pretty, Pound Cake,” I retorted. “The fuck you think? – Author: Kelli Jean

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#97. I collect underwear from my travels. Lace, lingerie, bodysuits … they’re like souvenirs. – Author: Miranda Kerr

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#98. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special. – Author: Regina Brett

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#99. Which is all rather silly, because any woman setting out to make a living by the sword isn’t about to go around looking like something off the cover of the more advanced kind of lingerie catalogue for the specialized buyer. – Author: Terry Pratchett

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#100. There’s a certain level of comfort that comes when you move in together. The mystery is gone. She starts dressing for bed in your pajamas, cream on her face, Uggs, curlers. What happened to the sexy girl that used to come to bed in lingerie? The girl says, ‘We don’t need to act.’ – Author: Marlon Wayans

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