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‘Life Is Strange’ is a game developed by Dontnod Entertainment, which began in April 2013.

The first episode in this game is ‘Chrysalis,’ which was released on the 29 and 30 January 2015 as a paid version. It is available on Microsoft and Sony game consoles.

‘Life Is Strange’ first episode was available from 21 July 2016 on all platforms. Maxine Caulfield, known as the Max, is the main lead of ‘Life Is Strange.’ She is a photographer, 18 years old, at Blackwell Academy. She was born in Arcadia Bay, Oregon.

Best Quotes From ‘Life Is Strange’ Characters

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‘Life Is Strange’ began its development in 2013 April. The team started with 15 members earlier, and some more were added to it when they collaborated with Square. The developer assumed that it would be the most successful title, so he published them before signing with Square Enix.

The story starts from Oregon and we see ‘Max’ Caulfield (Hannah Telle), a twelfth grader attending the academy in October 2013. During a photography session, her teacher Mark (Derek) and Max, experience a lighthouse vision, and the story moves on. There are many characters involved in this story like Rachel Amber, David Madsen, and Warren Graham. Here are some ‘Life Is Strange’ game quotes from different characters, including ‘Life Is Strange’ Chloe quotes, Kate ‘Life Is Strange’ quotes and ‘Life Is strange’ Max quotes, which are a favorite for many people across the world.

1.”Nobody tells me what to do. Not my parents, not the Principal, or that tramp in the bathroom!”

— Nathan  ‘Chrysalis.’

2.”I wish I could stay in this moment forever. (…) But then it wouldn’t be a moment.”

— Max at the diner ‘Out of Time.’

3.”Nobody ever helped me, Max. Especially you…”

— Nathan in Max’s Nightmare ‘Polarized.’

4.”Always take the shot. My number one rule of photography.”

— Jefferson in ‘Out of Time.’

5.”Why look, an otter in my water!”

— Chloe in ‘Chaos Theory.’

6.”Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah.”

— Max at Chloe’s house in ‘Chaos Theory.’

7.”Everybody pretends to care until they don’t.”

— Chloe Price, ‘Chaos Theory.’

8.”I pledge allegiance to Max and the power for which she stands…”

— Chloe heavily impressed by Max’s rewind power ‘Out of Time.’

9.”I keep going back in time.”

— Max regarding her old memories of the diner in ‘Out of Time.’

10.”When a door closes, a window opens… or, something like that.”

-Life is Strange, ‘Maxine Caulfield.’

11″Max, never Maxine.”

— Max to Victoria after waking up in the ‘Alternative Timeline.’

12.”I love that you stepped up to David, but it doesn’t matter now. Nothing matters”

-‘Kate Marsh.’


— Frank to Max ‘Chaos Theory.’

‘Life Is Strange’ Before The Storm Quotes

Life is not a game, but a game is life.

‘Life Is Strange’ Before The Storm is an adventurous game developed by Deck nine. It has features like the capability of backtalk. On 12 June 2017, this game was announced officially with the third episode trailer. The official portrayal says, “The player oversees 16-year-old Chloe prince who has a strange friendship with Rachel Amber, a popular girl designed for success.” When Rachel comes to know of a secret about the family that threatens her, her new friend Chloe gives strength to carry on. Here are some best ‘Life Is Strange’ prequel quotes.

14.”Everybody is somebody but no one wants to be themselves.”

— Graffiti in the train in ‘Awake.’

15.”How the heck did you know about that photo? That’s my favorite picture of her… I can look at it anytime and she’ll always be there for me.”

-Frank to Max and Chloe ‘Dark Room.’

16.”Excitement ages quickly. And I fear, if we set out in search of new fun, you’ll tire of me and then I’ll be alone.”

— Chloe while performing in The Tempest ‘Brave New World.'(determinant).

17.”I see humans but no humanity.”

— Graffiti in the train in ‘Awake.’

18.”I really flipped out on Nathan. I just hate bullies…”

— Warren to Max and Chloe in ‘Dark Room.’

19. “But you never really listened to me… Now I’m never going to Heaven… Instead you’ve stuck me in Heck … Alone forever…”

— Kate to Max in Max’s Nightmare ‘Polarized.’ (determinant).

20.”Sometimes people need you, though. Even when they don’t admit it.”

— William in ‘Awake.’

21.”You need to shape up, get your act together and put someone else first for a dang change. Am I making myself clear?”

— David Madsen to Chloe in ‘Awake.’ (determinant).

22.”Well, maybe there’s a reason we pretend. Maybe the lies we tell each other are less horrible than the truths we keep hidden.”

— William in ‘Heck Is Empty.’

23.”Sometimes when you meet someone who’s going to change your life… You just know it, I guess.”

— Chloe to Rachel in ‘Awake.'(determinant).

24.”Winners make their own rules, Chloe.”

— Rachel to Chloe in ‘Awake.’ (determinant).

25.”No, I don’t think I can concentrate on going out to the movies. I just feel like escaping.”

— Warren and Max in ‘Out of Time.'(determinant).

26.”‘What do I want people to see?’

‘Someone strong and fierce, who does what she wants and doesn’t care what others think.’

‘I…don’t care what others think.’

‘Of course you do.'”

— Chloe and Samuel ‘Brave New World.’ (determinant).

Life Is Strange Quotes

“Strange man without shore, near woman, riverine.”

—St. John Perse

“Strange, this life lent and immediately withdrawn. God, if he existed, was definitely lacking in generosity. ”

—Jean Lemieux

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“I wish I could stay in this moment forever. I guess i actually can now, but then it wouldn’t be a moment.”

—Max Caulfield

“Strange word than freedom, a word stranger than that of the dignity of man.”

—Racisme Murderer

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“When a door closes, a windows opens…Or something like that.”

—Max Caulfield

“Strange quirk of the human mind, one can convince a man of his mistakes, and not convert him.”


“Strange thing that the man who suffers wants to make suffer what he loves!”

—Alfred de Musset

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“It’s not until you are lost, that you can begin to find who you really are again”


“Strange thing to be a mother! They hurt us badly, we have no hatred for our children. ”


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“Time is so strange and life is twice as strange.”

—Ray Bradbury

“Strange to what extent the death of another inevitably brings you back to your own life. Everything is so ephemeral. ”

—By Christiane Villon

“To meditate in philosophy is to return from the familiar to the strange and, in the strange, to confront the real.”

—Paul Valery

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“If you could read my mind, you’d be in tears.”


“The universe is not only stranger than we suppose, but stranger than we can suppose.”

—JBS Haldane

“The barbarian is not a stranger who speaks another language, his own, but the stranger who speaks my language and skin it.”

—Roger-Pol Law

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”Life is strange, but F1 is simply crazy.”


“The stranger may be a friend you do not know yet.”


“When the stranger leaves, there is always something to say about him.”

—Proverb ashanti

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“Nothing happens by accident; you are exactly where God want you to be.”


“Is not it strange to see us defend our mistakes more fiercely than our values?”

—Khalil Gibran

“Loneliness makes us feel, not strangers to others.”

—Mika Waltari

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“I never knew I could feel so much pain, and yet be so in love with the person causing it.”


“He who sees nothing strange has never looked at a lobster in the face.”

—Auguste Villiers

“What is strange to what you do not understand? If you understand, it is not God! ”

—Saint Augustine

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“Respect people’s feelings. Even if it doesn’t mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them.”


“What a strange and unspeakable feeling to hear his daughter being called” Mom “.”

—Jean Gastaldi

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“It is strange, but true, that the most important turning-points of life often come at the most unexpected time and in the most unexpected ways.”


“Marriage and the prospect of food thinking sometimes do strange things for women.”

—Groucho Marx

“Marriage and the prospect of food thinking sometimes do strange things for women.”

—Groucho Marx

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“Life is hard live is strange nothing lasts people change people talk just a little to much you know who to trust.”


“It is a strange claim of men to want love to lead somewhere.”

—Victor Hugo

“Strange thing! We teach temperance to dogs, And we can not teach it to men! ”


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“Love is rare, Life is strange nothing lasts and people change.”


“I have nothing against foreigners. The problem is that on the one hand, they do not speak French for the most part … And depending on the country where they go, they do not speak the same foreigner. ”


“It is a strange undertaking to make honest people laugh.”


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“Things do not have meaning. We assign meang to everything.”

—Tony Robbins

“Is it not strange to see men so willingly fighting for their religion and living so unwillingly according to his precepts?”

—Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

“Women defend themselves by attacking, and their attacks are made of strange and abrupt capitulations. ”

—Oscar Wilde

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“How strange it is, that after all that we are strangers again.”


“There are sins whose memory, more than accomplishment, makes the charm; Strange triumphs which flatter pride even more than passion. ”

—Oscar Wilde

“He who sees nothing strange has never looked at a lobster in the face.”

—Auguste Villiers

“What is strange to what you do not understand? If you understand, it is not God! ”

—Saint Augustine

“What a strange and unspeakable feeling to hear his daughter being called” Mom “.”

—Jean Gastaldi

“Marriage and the prospect of food thinking sometimes do strange things for women.”

—Groucho Marx

“It is a strange claim of men to want love to lead somewhere.”

—Victor Hug

“Strange thing! We teach temperance to dogs, And we can not teach it to men! ”


“When you spend too much time traveling, you become a stranger to your country.”

—Rene Descartes

“The earth must be a very alien place for virtue, for it only causes suffering.”

—Pierre Carlet

“There is a time when things are so familiar that they become strange.”

—Adrian Lyne

“Giving freedom to the world by force is a strange enterprise full of bad chances. By giving it, we withdraw it. ”

—Jean Jaures

“Every man has within himself a world apart, foreign to the laws and general destinies of ages.”

—François Rene de Chateaubriand

“In time, the passion for great travels is extinguished, unless one has traveled long enough to become a stranger to his country.”

—Gerard de Nerval

“There is a strange satisfaction in touching the depths of despair; The excess of misfortune provides a kind of security, a haven of grace for the wrecked soul who no longer dares to believe. ”

—Julien Green

“If the strange vicissitudes of fortune did not show us the little value of life, we would never resign ourselves to becoming old.”

—William Shakespeare

“The sea is there, magnificent, imposing and superb, with its obstinate noises. Rumor imperious and terrible, she speaks strange. The voices of an infinite are before you. Nothing of human life. ”

—Eugene Delacroix

“Intelligence consists in never letting oneself be touched by the strange intimate considerations which sometimes ruin the life of the least.”

—Monique Larue

“Voices have a strange power over words. A single intonation on a syllable and everything changes. ”

—Claire France

“Wherever I end up after this… in whatever reality… all those moments between us were real, and they’ll always be ours.”

—Chloe Price

“I hope you checked the perimeter, as my step-ass would say. Now, let’s talk bidness.”

—Chloe Price

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

—Rumi life

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