Best Happy Valentines Day Crafts

Happy Valentines Day Crafts

The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart, and there’s no better day to show some heart than on Valentine’s Day. Just so you know, Valentine’s Day crafts aren’t just for kids (though, of course, there are plenty of great V-Day crafts for little ones), and as well as serving as perfect Valentine’s Day decor, homemade crafts make thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, too. Whether you choose to keep them in your own house or give them away as Valentine’s Day gifts from the heart, these easy Valentine’s Day crafts for adults are guaranteed to make someone smile.

In addition to a heartfelt message inside a DIY Valentine’s Day card, these easy-to-make crafts are one of the best ways to show you care on February 14. Try putting together a heart-shaped “rose wreath” to welcome all of your wintertime guests with flair and flourish, or craft a Valentine’s Day mason jar for holding anything from beauty supplies to cutlery. Alternatively, make a few temporary (but reusable!) party supplies, like a stunning pink Valentine’s Day wreath or a pair of bark-inspired Valentine’s candle holders. No matter your crafting skill level, there’s a DIY Valentine’s Day craft for everyone, and you’re sure to have a good time reliving those messier, more hands-on Valentine’s Day celebrations of your childhood. Here are the best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts you can make this year.

DIY Ring Plate

Ideal for holding rings or other jewelry, this DIY ring plate in simply fashioned from oven-baked clay and will remind that special someone how you feel about them every time they use it.

To make: Shape modeling clay in a shallow heart-shaped plate. Add a decorative edge and etch a saying in the bottom of the plate with a skewer or sculpting tool. Bake as directed.

oven baked clay ring bowl

Handled Glass Mug Decorated with a Dot Heart

The sweet tea drinker in your life will be reminded of your love for them every time they use this DIY Valentine’s mug.

To make: Use paint pens to draw dots into the shape of a heart on the outside of a glass mug. Allow to dry completely.

mason jar decorated with a heart

Heart-shaped Cookie Cutter Wind Chimes

Transform humble cookie cutters into cheery wind chimes that are ideal for hanging above a bed or on the front porch.

To make:
 Fashion a 10- to 12-inch length of wire into a heart shape; wrap with red twine, set aside. Make a clay heart with oven-baked modeling clay; punch a hole in the top for hanging and write a phrase (if desired) before baking, and set aside. Punch holes in the crook and point of 3 large, 3 medium, and 3 small heart-shaped cookie cutters. Cut three lengths of twine. Working with one length at a time, thread a large, medium, and small cookie cutter onto twine, knotting above and below each cutter so that it stays in place. Repeat with remaining twine and cookie cutters. Wrap twine lengths (being sure the hearts are facing the correct direction) around wire heart; gather twine lengths at the top and tie in a knot for hanging. Knot twine lengths at the bottom and trim. Thread a short length of twine through the ceramic heart and tie to knot at the bottom of the wine chime, and hang.

heart shaped cookie cutter wind chimes

Painted Mason Jar Lantern

Give the gift of light and love with this simply decorated glass jar.

To make: Paint stripes on the inside of a mason or other glass jar with acrylic paint. Once dry, place a battery-operated tea light in the jar. Screw on lid and embellish with a piece of colorful twine or ribbon.

painted mason jar lantern

Custom Printed Market Tote

Make sure your loved one is the belle of the farmer’s market by crafting her a custom market tote replete with iron-on imagery and a ribbon embellishment.

To make: On your computer, design imagery including punny sayings, if desired (ours says “I love you from my head tomatoes”). Print on iron-on transfer paper. Cut out around imagery and iron on a canvas tote bag. Attach a length of ribbon to the top of the bag with Stitch Witchery.

custom printed market tote

Decorated Valentine’s Candy Jar

Transform a plain mason jar into a spectacular candy jar that is guaranteed to spark joy.

To make: Write loving words and draw decorations on a mason jar with acrylic markers. To make the collar: cut a long, 1-inch-wide strip of seasonally appropriate fabric. Using a needle and thread, sew a long, loose running stitch along one edge of the fabric, leaving lengths of thread at either end. Pull thread and fabric to create a ruffle. Use extra thread to tie the ruffle around the top of the jar.

decorated valentines candy jar

Love Message Iron-on Dishtowels

Beautiful and utilitarian, these custom dishtowels will bring love and joy to the most used room in the house: the kitchen.

To make: On your computer, design imagery including photographs, if desired. Print on iron-on transfer paper. Cut out around imagery and iron on cotton dishtowels per manufacturer’s directions.

custom printed dishtowels

Valentine’s Day Suede Earrings

These handmade earrings will look seriously festive hanging from your sweetheart’s earlobes (and you can even make a pair for yourself!).

valentine's day suede earrings

Rustic Love Barnwood Sign

The best thing about this upcycled wooden sign is that you can keep it on display all year round.

rustic love barnwood sign

Scrap Ribbon Heart Tote Bag

No sewing is required to make this adorable (and amazingly easy!) decorated canvas tote bag.

scrap ribbon heart tote bag

DIY Lavender Lip Balm

This adorable DIY lip balm will ensure that both you and your Valentine have perfectly kissable lips on February 14.

lavender lip balm

Sweetheart Candies Valentines Flower

What could be sweeter than a little flower pot decorated with conversation heart candies?

sweetheart flower

Birdhouse Valentine Box

If you’ve got a Cricut Maker handy, then you can easily put together this pretty pink-and-red Valentine’s Day birdhouse for someone special.

birdhouse valentine box

Valentine’s Day Box

Likewise, a Cricut Maker can help you put together this mini Valentine’s Day mailbox in a snap.

valentine's day box

Valentine’s Day Terrarium

Use pink-and-gold sand and pretty pink air plants to create this easy (and totally unique!) craft.

valentines day terrarium

Conversation Heart Painted Rocks

A great craft for both kids and adults, these clever painted rocks serve as the perfect paperweight for your Valentine.

conversation heart painted rocks

DIY Valentine’s Day Embroidery Wine Bags

The only thing that could make this embroidered wine bag better is a bottle of wine to accompany it.

diy valentine’s day embroidery wine bags

Fabric Wrapped Valentine Wreath

For a gift that sends a message, put together this easy wrapped Valentine’s Day wreath.

fabric wrapped valentine wreath

Farmhouse Heart-Shaped Coasters

These easy farmhouse-style coasters are inexpensive and oh-so-easy to make as a Valentine’s Day gift.

farmhouse valentines heart shaped coasters

Valentine Candy Heart Centerpieces

These centerpieces will add a cute touch to any table or display (and they smell just like cotton candy!).

valentine candy heart centerpieces

EOS Love Bug Valentine

If you’re looking for a non-candy Valentine craft, then this adorable EOS lip balm love bug is calling your name.

eos love bug valentine

Painted Valentine’s Day Vase

This simple DIY vase will look even prettier when you give it to your sweetheart with a dozen red roses inside.

painted valentine's day vase

Heart Paper Flowers

Real flowers wilt all too easily, but these pretty paper flowers will last forever.

heart paper flowers

Easy DIY Valentine’s XO Pillow

This no-sew XO pillow only requires some felt, fabric glue, and a few minutes to make.

easy diy valentine's xo pillow

Valentine’s Day Cookie Dish

Use fine tipped Sharpie and your oven to make this gorgeous heart cookie dish.

valentine's day cookie dish

Valentine’s Day Love Hoop Art

This decorated embroidery hoop will look oh-so-adorable sitting on your mantel.

valentine's day love hoop art

Vintage Inspired Paper Heart Garland

Made using vintage-inspired fabrics, this cut-out paper heart garland is the picture of sophistication.

vintage inspired paper heart garland

Dollar Tree Love Shack

Turn a cute little wood-frame house into an adorable Valentine’s Day gift with some craft paper and a few other supplies.dollar tree love shack

Valentine’s Day Wall Art

You can put this clever craft to use all year round by swapping out the pink and hearts with other holiday decorations or photos.

valentine's day wall art

Valentine’s Day Succulents

These punny little succulent are so easy to care for (and even easier to make).

valentine's day succulents

Vintage Papier-Mâché Heart Boxes

Make a few of these vintage-inspired boxes to fill with treats for your favorite Valentines.

DIY Valentine Pom Pom Tray

This heart-shaped pom pom tray is ideal for holding candy or serving Valentine’s Day drinks.

‘You Mean the World to Me’ Globe

We love that this craft is both punny and beautiful. Place it on your partner’s nightstand for a welcome surprise on the morning of Valentine’s Day!

DIY Branch Heart Wall Art

Texture and color combine forces in this striking DIY. It’s the ultimate statement piece for any home.

Heart Table Runner

There’s something ultra-creative about this heart-shaped runner. It’ll look perfect on your Galentine’s Day table or set the scene at a child’s Valentine’s Day party.

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