Best Happy Valentines Day Chart

Happy Valentines Day Chart

Valentine’s Day is maybe the most awkward holiday of the year.

If you’re single, it’s a friendly reminder of that fact. If you’re married, dating, or special friends, then the pressure is on to do something extra special for your significant other.

It’s not always easy to tell someone how much you love them. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words for how you feel.

Well, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But what about a beautiful chart? Sure, you could give your special someone a typical old card, but sometimes it’s nice to spice things up a bit with a snazzy chart.

(Yes, I DID just say that giving someone a chart will spice things up. I don’t know. It might. You never know. Lots of people like charts, OK? Moving on.)

If you’re a painfully awkward person who has trouble putting their feelings into words, or if you and your special someone just appreciates the functional elegance of a beautifully made chart, then maybe a Valentine Day chart will be just the thing you need.

1. It’s not always easy to come up with a gift for someone

Infographics: V-Day Venn

Everybody likes getting money, right?

2. They say that love completes you

Infographics: Other Half

Even if you didn’t realize you felt incomplete before.

3. They also say that love makes you a better person

Infographics: Better Me

Even if you didn’t realize you weren’t a good person before.

4. Finding the perfect thing to do on Valentine’s Day can be a challenge

Infographics: V-Day Flowchart

How about a long, romantic Netflix binge?


5. Relationships take a lot of trust

Infographics: True Love

Not even my mom knows all of my passwords.

6. Relationships also require prioritization

Infographics: Things I Love

Seriously, you’re a big deal.

7. The longest lasting relationships even out in the end

love line

Ah, the sweet feeling of settling.

8. The key is to not take your partner for granted

Infographics: Gift


How about a nice card and firm handshake?


9. It’s the same old, same old, but way better

Infographics: My Days

Eat, snuggle, sleep, repeat.

10. Because when you’re in love, your partner can still make your heart skip a beat

Infographics: Skip A Beat

Translation: you’re still cute.

11. Every day is a bit more bearable when it’s with someone you love


Plus, you always have someone to rant about your day to.

12. Even when you’re not with them, they’re on your mind

Infographics: On My Mind

Thank goodness someone puts up with my ramblings.

13. As the years go by, they still manage to hold your interest

Infographics: Netflix Love

People just really love Netflix, OK?


14. Out of anywhere you could be in the world, you would rather be with them

Infographic: Side by Side

Same with Chipotle…

15. It’s classic expectation management

Infographics: Expectations

I bet you weren’t expecting a nice card and a handshake, am I right?

16. Because love can be a bit cheesy

Infographics: Cheesy


Very few people get such amazing privileges.

17. SUPER cheesy

Infographics: Pizza Love

Relationships are give and take, OK?

18. It’s important to be comfortable with your partner

Infographic: Getting Comfortable

Is there such a thing as TOO comfortable?

19. Especially when you get on each other’s nerves

Infographics: So Many Things

Love is an exercise in patience.

20. But despite all the imperfections, you still think they’re A+

Infographics: 5 Stars

I fully endorse your face.

21. And your love for them just keeps growing

Infographics: How I Love You

My feelings for you are at an all-time high.

22. Look, we’ve all got needs

Infographics: My Needs

I need you like I need pizza (always).

23. And hopefully your partner will meet most of your needs

Infographics: My Time

We don’t always realize what we need until someone else points it out to us.

24. Sometimes (often) what we need is chocolate

Infographics: Chocolate

I don’t need anyone to point that out to me.

25. Face it, nobody is perfect

Infographics: Love Actions

I’m a person of many flaws but loving you isn’t one of them (wink wink).

26. But you’re more than perfect for someone

Infographics: Perfect

Remember that when you’re mad at me. 😀

27. And now no ordinary human will do for you

Infographics: High Bar

You are SUPER awesome.

28. Because out of everyone in the world, they mean something special to you

Infographics: One

You’re one in 7.5 billion.

29. But remember that you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to tell someone you love them

Infographics: Valentine's Day Reminder


In case you weren’t sure.

30. In fact, every day is a good day to let someone know you care about them

Infographics: When to Say ILY

Psst: I like you!


You might not believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day, and that’s fine. If anything, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to eat chocolate. So eat chocolate and be merry. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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