Best Happy Valentines Day Birthday

Happy Valentines Day Birthday

A birthday is a really special occasion. Valentine’s Day is also a pretty special occasion. But when someone’s got a birthday that’s also on or near Valentine’s Day, now that’s an EXTRA special occasion!

So when it comes time to writing something meaningful and appropriate in a greeting to that unique Valentine baby—whether it’s a general birthday eCard or a specific Valentine’s Day eCard—you may find yourself at a slight loss for words. No longer.

The editors at Blue Mountain offer their suggestions for sentiments that will help convey your feelings exactly. Whether you’re searching for a message that’s fun and lighthearted, or something a bit more serious and conventional, we’ve got just the right Valentine’s Day birthday wishes for you. How sweet is that!

Cute & Sweet

  • From delicate lace to candy and cakes, nothing is finer or sweeter than you. Happy Valentine’s Day Birthday!
  • Hope your special day is just as sweet as you. Happy Valentine’s Birthday!
  • Hugs and kisses x2 on your Valentine’s birthday!
  • Sending you a double dose of sweet joy and happiness on your Valentine’s Day birthday!
  • Your heart is always filled with so much love, which explains why you were born on Valentine’s Day! Hope your special day is extra happy.
  • May your birthday be filled with all the sweetness in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day Birthday!
  • Only special people are born on the day the world celebrates love. Happy Valentine’s Birthday to special you!
  • Wishing you a valentine birthday sprinkled with happiness, laughter, and love!
  • Two of the sweetest days rolled into one: your birthday and Valentine’s Day. Happy happy!
  • Wishing you a doubly love-filled day! Happy Valentine’s Day Birthday!
  • How sweet that your birthday falls on Valentine’s Day. You get cake, ice cream, presents AND chocolate!  Happy birthday!


Traditional & Heartfelt

  • Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day birthday filled with lots of love and laughter!
  • Sending extra love on your Valentine’s birthday!
  • February 14 is a special day for a special person: you! Happy Valentine’s Birthday!
  • Wishing you a double joyous celebration. Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • May your special day bring you twice as much happiness in every way. Happy Valentine’s Day Birthday!
  • Heartfelt wishes for a magical double celebration. Happy Birthday! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Hope your Valentine’s Day birthday is filled with lots of love and happiness.
  • Enjoy every moment of your double-special day. Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Sending you wishes for a fun-filled day with those you care for the most. Happy Valentine’s Birthday!

May today be just the start of a year filled with every happiness your heart could dream of. Happy Valentine’s Day Birthday!

Birthday is one of the special days in everyone’s life. Everyone feel excited about their birthday. If someone’s birthday is falling on the valentine’s day then it is the special thing that happens. Wish your friend a birthday with a touch of love from the valentine’s day. Your friend will really like all of these wishes. Send birthday wishes to your friend who was born in the lovely season of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day And Birthday Wishes

Have a lovely birthday on Valentine. We hope you will manage in between your Valentine’s day date and Birthday Party


Happy Birthday, friend, Your Birthday party must be grand. Because everyone will have to cancel their Valentine’s Day Date to attend that.


I always used to thought why you are so loveable.
Now I realize It is because of your birthday is on Valentine’s Day.


You were always very fast my friend.
Because you were born on the same day
when other kids were just being planned.


Happy Birthday, Friend. Please accept my gift and handle it with care.
Because for buying it I have to cancel my girlfriend’s gift.


Happy Birthday to the love of my life on the Birthday


Happy Birthday Friend, you are so special to me,
that I sent birthday wishes to you first
and now I will send valentine’s day wishes to my girlfriend.


So many years before you became the center of attraction on Valentine’s Day with your birth, Now you are the center of attraction due to your beauty.


I  hope you will get as many proposals on your birthday as the number of people present in your birthday party, Because you are so beautiful and lovely and the great thing is that yuu will have so many choice .


Enjoy Valentine’s Birthday full of Gifts and Proposals.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Your Birthday is on Valentine’s Day,
That’s why you are no more a birthday boy,
You are Valentine’s Boy.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Sorry Happy Birthday
Don’t take me wrong.


Your Birthday is a lovely moment and your Birthdate is the Proof.


There are two things that are necessary in love and happiness.
Your Birthday Brinbgs both of these things together .


Have a lovely and sweet Valentine’s Birthday,
May you enjoy your Birthday in the happy memories.


Get ready to get the double dose of love and happiness on your birthday.

Happy Valentine’s Birthday to you, Thanks for always being a lovely friend.


You started your life at a lovely note, i hope you will continue it throughout you life.


May you get all the love on your birthday . And this day will give birth to More love in your life .


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