Best Happy Valentines Day Birthday Party

Happy Valentines Day Birthday Party


We have Valentine’s day party ideas that are great for preschoolers and bigger kids!

We put together an amazing list of Valentine’s day activities for kids, Valentine’s day party decorations, and my favorite, Valentine’s day party food ideas.


1. Be My Valentine Penguin

Teach kids good habits with this recycled “Be my Valentine” craft. It is one of my favorite cute things to do on Valentine’s day. Not only can you spend time with your child making this adorable Valentine’s day penguin, but if you wash the container out well, you can easily fill it up with candy!

Valentine's day crafts for preschoolers using an International delight bottle that you put black paper, googly eyes, yellow paper as a beak, with a red and white bow tie, holding a pink straw with a white and red heart saying be my valentine penguin.
Awww. Your valentine will definitely say YES!

2. Valentine’s Day Heart Bingo

Here’s a classic Valentine’s Day party idea kids will love: Valentine’s Day heart bingo by Teach Mama. Not only is it fun, but you could even make it sweet! Use Sweetarts or M&M’s as counters!

3. My Heart Is Bursting Game

Balancing Home’s “My Heart Is Bursting“ activity looks like such a FUN game for kids to play for a classroom Valentine’s Day party, or even at home! Each cup has a surprise! Fill the cups with Valentine’s day cards, candy, or toys! There are so many different ways to make each cup special.

4. Easy Heart Doily Valentine Craft

I never understood the point of doilies. I remember my grandmother had them, but this is such a wonderful use for them! Learn beginner printmaking skills in this easy Valentine’s craft using heart doilies! You could turn your child’s art into a homemade Valentine’s day card.

5. Toilet Paper Roll Love Bug Craft

Red Ted Art’s toilet paper roll love bug craft is so adorable for Valentine’s Day! The sparkly legs, big googly eyes, colorful painted wings, make them not only cute, but a lot of fun to make for kids. Add stick-on gems, stickers, or designer tape! Plus, it reuses a toilet paper roll so it is a great way to recycle as well.

6. Valentine’s Day Bags

How cute are these Valentine bags? All you need is a paper bag and a few craft supplies you probably already have on hand. This is also a great way to help children work on their fine motor skills! Cut out the big heart and work the paper to make crinkly legs and arms. This will hold all of your little one’s Valentine’s day cards and treats.

Easy Valentine Bags using a brown bag, purple handles, legs, and arms, with a great pink heart with googly eyes. It is a great way to hold all your Valentine's day treats.
Kids of all ages will definitely want to have one!

7. Heart Shaped Marshmallow Activity

Build with marshmallows by Buggy and Buddy! Kids will enjoy inserting toothpicks into heart shaped marshmallows and making their own creations with this fun idea. Make towers, houses, or different shapes! This is a great STEM activity and a tasty one as well!

8. Valentine’s Day Snowflakes

Use tissue paper or construction paper to make Valentine’s Day Snowflakes of Red Ted Art. You can use any color or even use tissue paper with sparkles! Plus, you can make lovely heart designs, but these Valentine’s day crafts for preschoolers are a great way to work on your child’s fine motor skills.

9. Reader Favorites Valentines Day Crafts and Activities

A craft table is always popular with kids; stock it with heart shapes, stickers, sequins, paper lace, washable markers, google eyes, etc. and let them make funny Valentine characters. You can get some more Valentine’s Day craft ideas here.

30 Awesome Valentine’s Day Party Ideas For Kids!
They look lovely and fun to make!


10. Valentines Day Party Decorations

Make these pretty heart trees by I Gotta Crete for your Valentine’s Day party. I absolutely love these! They’re cute, festive, and there are so many ways to make these special! Make some garland that holds candy or even little toys or trinkets.

11. Valentine’s Day Tree

Move over the Christmas tree, it’s time for a Valentine’s Day tree! You can either decorate a tree outside with these beautiful heart cut outs or decorate your room! Pick up various branches and sticks and put them in a vase and decorate them with these colorful hearts.

12. Heart Banner

Be sure to check out Premeditated Leftovers’ dollar tree paper lace banner. It’s super easy to make, and looks adorable! All you need is some ribbon, heart doilies, and a hot glue gun. This is a fun decoration to not only make, but it doesn’t break the bank either!

13. Valentine’s Day Handprint Keepsake Decoration

Make Valentine’s Day handprint keepsakes by Teach Me Mommy and decorate the classroom! Parents can take them home after the party. Keepsakes are one of my favorite decorations. We all want to remember our children when they were little and this decoration lets us do just that!

14. Valentine’s Day Heart Stones

Painted stones are super popular right now, but most people don’t know what to do with them (This post contains affiliate links). You can create a bunch of Valentine’s Day Heart Stones, and place them in a glass bowl for an easy DIY centerpiece. A vase also works or you can hide them around the room!

valentines heart stones craft. Ur Loved. You are loved
Easy, simple yet remarkable!

15. Puzzle Hearts Decoration

Use puzzles with missing pieces to make Freshly Found’s puzzle hearts craft for your Valentine’s Day party. It is a great way to recycle these puzzles that kids don’t use anymore, plus they are super cute! Use the colored side, or the backside, or make it your own and paint each piece!

16. DIY Valentine’s Day Banner

Vicky Barone’s DIY Valentine’s Day banner is a must-have decoration! It is so easy to make and cute! This would be great for a classroom too! Let each child decorate a letter for the banner. This would make a fun Kindergarten Valentine craft that also works as an awesome decoration.

17. Valentine’s Day Class Party Set Up

Teach Mama’s Minute To Win It Valentine’s day class party is all set up for you with easy to follow directions. It helps parents and teachers coordinate and has ideas for decorations, games, and more! It helps keep the Valentine’s party organized and moving smoothly.

18. Valentine’s Sun Catchers

Make Valentine sun catchers for a Valentine’s Day gift that will brighten those winter windows! This is another craft that will help refine your child’s fine motor skills. They will be using hole punches to make heart confetti with colorful construction paper. It’s a cute hands on decoration.

Valentine's day classroom games like an valentine's day I spy game with various Valentine's day treats, Valentine's day bingo with foam hearts as markers, a love bug craft that has sparkly legs, and pink wings and big googly eyes, as well as Valentine's day snowflakes that stick to the window.
The kids will definitely love doing all these superb Valentine crafts!


Who doesn’t love rice krispy treats! They’re buttery, sticky, sweet, and delicious! These conversation heart rice krispies treats are even more yummy. Add frosting, decorating gel, and candy hearts to make them even more special.

19. Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats For School Parties

Let your kids’ friends know: “There are so many ‘raisins’ why I’m glad you are my friend” with Fantabulosity’s healthy Valentine’s Day treat idea. Worried that kiddos won’t like raisins? There are so many different flavor raisins like chocolate covered, yogurt covered, even sour candy coated raisins!

20. Valentine’s Oreo Pops

Chocolate covered Oreos are one of my most favorite treats. These Oreo pops by Happiness is Homemade look so pretty and yummy. They make a great treat to add to your Valentine’s Day party table! Don’t forget to add pretty Valentine’s sprinkles to make them even more special.

21. Valentine’s Day Popcorn

How about some Valentine’s Day popcorn from Two Sisters Crafting for your Valentine’s Day party? Check out this recipe. It is sweet and salty, two of the best combos! Enjoy buttery popcorn with sweet candies, marshmallows, and sprinkles! Oh, don’t forget the delicious coating for the popcorn!

22. Valentine’s Day S’mores

They are sooooo delicious! Kids will be begging for more Valentine’s Day s’mores! They’re sweet, buttery, and have all the great s’mores ingredients like chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers…they also have M&M’s, but that totally makes them better!

valentines day dessert smores bark
Sweet tooth alert!

23. Strawberry Hot Chocolate

Since it’s so cold out, how about making some strawberry hot chocolate for your Valentine’s Day party? It’s pink, festive, and still chocolatey with a kick of strawberry. Who doesn’t love chocolate strawberries on Valentine’s day?

24. Fruit Messages

Write fun or love-filled messages on fruit from Cake Whiz in this healthy Valentine’s Day inspired snack. It is a great way to let your child know that they are loved and that you’re thinking of them! Just be sure to use edible markers!

25. Love Bug Fruit Cups

The Melrose Family’s love bug fruit cups are almost too adorable to eat! All you need are sparkly pipe cleaners, sparkly pom-poms, foam, googly eyes, and a hot glue gun. Pick out your child’s favorite cup of fruit, apple sauce, or go all out and do a cup of Jell-O fruit. This could also work for cups of pudding as well.

Healthy Valentine's day treats for school parties like fruit with messages on it, fruit cups, and raisins, and Valentine's day treats like rice krispy treats that say smile, strawberry hot chocolate with whipped cream and pink sprinkles, white, red, and pink chocolate covered oreos with sprinkles, and a fort built out of pink heart marshmallows and wooden toothpicks.
You and your kids can taste how good and sweet they are already!


26. Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

Help kids pair up and race with this Valentine’s Day word scramble by Moritz Fine Designs. It’s educational and festive! There are 16 words to unscramble and figure out each Valentine themed word.

27. Valentine’s Day Word Puzzle

This is one of my favorite games. My mother used to play this with us when I was a little girl. You have to see how many words you can make in Resourceful Mama’s Valentine’s Day word puzzle. Loving this FREE printable.  It’s red with a nice little line for each word and the borders are little hearts, how cute!

28. Free Printable Valentine’s Cards

Boys will think these 21 FREE printable Valentines cards via Spaceships and Laser Beams are super cool! Sometimes we are on a budget, or let’s be honest, sometimes these tiny boxes of cards don’t have enough or there aren’t any good themes. Now you can find some that fit everyone!

29. Free Valentine Coloring Pages For Kids

Also check out these 25 FREE Valentine Coloring Pages for kids that will be great to add to your Valentine’s Day activities! This is great for at home or in a classroom, and there are so many to choose from!

30. Valentine’s Day Free Printable

Kids will love playing this classic “I spy” game via Live Laugh Rowe with a Valentine’s Day twist — and a FREE printable. These are great activities for a classroom or at home that will enhance their skills on problem solving and counting as well! Fun and educational, can’t get much better than that.

Valentine Party decorations using heart lace doilies, red and white heart cut outs on streamers, a Happy Valentine's Day banner with red and pink backing, and valentine's day trees made of red, pink, and purple upside down paper hearts.
Wouldn’t want to miss any of these!

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