Best Happy Valentines Day Activities For Schools

Happy Valentines Day Activities For Schools

There are many ways to incorporate fun Valentine’s Day theme into hands-on activities. In the activities below, you’ll find fun art projects, critical thinking activities, as well as science, math, and even spelling ideas.

20 Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

1 – Proud to Be Primary – Valentines Day Classroom Activities
I’ve written about activities for Valentine’s Day before, and you should check it out. I include games I like to play with my class, crafts we make, and even examples of printable valentines that are great for student gifts.

Valentine's Day activities for kids

2 – Proud to Be Primary – Valentines Day Heart Pockets
Which leads me to Heart Pockets. This is a fun craft that gets students to work on their fine motor skills. Once the pockets are made, we hang them on a bulletin board – making them visible and accessible for when it’s time for students to pass out valentines.

Proud to Be Primary - Valentines Day Heart Pockets

3 – Life over C’s – Valentines Day Cupcake Graphing
A great activity for students to do at their desks is Valentine’s Day cupcake graphing. Each student collects data based on what they roll with their paper die. This activity makes for great questions and critical thinking.

Life over C's

4 – Mom Inspired Life – Roll and Color Valentines Day Counting Game
This is another take on collecting information. By rolling dice, children will color in the number of hearts that comes up on their die. Using pink and red crayons will give this activity a nice Valentine’s Day touch.

Mom Inspired Life - Roll and Color Valentines Day Counting Game

5 – Buggy and Buddy – Heart Marshmallow Toothpick Structures
Creating marshmallow structures uses two supplies – heart-shaped marshmallows and toothpicks. Not only with the students have fun while being creative and building, but they’ll also be working on problem-solving. Snacking on a few marshmallows is a bonus.

Buggy and Buddy - Heart Marshmallow Toothpick Structures

6 – Mess for Less – Valentines Day Mobile with Tissue Paper Dyed Hearts
Bring a little magic to the classroom with this fun heart art project. Using tissue paper squares and a little water – children will decorate paper hearts. Once try, everyone peels off the tissue paper and will get a surprise as the color has transferred onto their white paper heart!

Mess for Less - Valentines Day Mobile with Tissue Paper Dyed Hearts

7 – Sugar Aunts – Valentines Day Noodle Garland
Craft projects with ‘unusual’ craft supplies are always a fun activity. Students will have a blast painting different shaped pieces of pasta that they can then use to decorate hearts.

Sugar Aunts - Valentines Day Noodle Garland

8 – Fun-A-Day – Fine Motor Valentines Craft – Beaded Name Hearts
Beaded name hearts will work those fine motor skills as well as letting your students be creative. And students love making personalized items – so this is one craft that will be a class hit.

Fun-A-Day - Fine Motor Valentines Beaded Name Hearts

9 – Pre-K Pages – Valentines Day Bubble Science Activity
Blowing Valentine Bubbles is a fun, hands-on project for students. Let them help you make the solution – you can even work in math questions!

10 – A Little Pinch of Perfect – “The Things I Love” Heart Activity
Pre-writing activities are a great way to get students thinking. This Valentine’s version is no different. By putting together pictures and words of items the students love, they’ll be strengthening their language skills.

A Little Pinch of Perfect - “The Things I Love” Heart Activity

11 – Powerful Mothering – Fizzing Hearts
Have some fun with a science activity this Valentine’s Day. This simple activity uses basic baking soda and white vinegar to create super neat fizzing hearts.

Powerful Mothering - Fizzing Hearts

12 – Hands-on as We Grow – Valentines Magnet Activity Table
Magnets are another great tool to have in the classroom – kids love them! This activity pairs paper clips with paper hearts in a fun activity your kids will want to do over and over again.

Hands on as We Grow - Valentines Magnet

13 – Life over C’s – Valentines Day Printable Read and Write Sensory Bin
Sensory bins are always great for students – but this one has an extra element added to it. Hearts with words on them are stuck and buried in the sensory bin. Your students get to dig around for the hearts where they then will practice reading and their penmanship.

Life over C's - Valentines Day Printable Read and Write Sensory Bin

14 – Mom Inspired Life – Valentines Day Wreath Alphabet Activity
This Valentine alphabet wreath not only works on letter recognition, but it gets students to work on their fine motor skills as well. Plus, when the activity is completed, each child will have a cute valentine wreath to take home!

Mom Inspired Life - Valentines Day Wreath Alphabet

15 – Math Geek Mama – Build a Tower with Conversation Hearts
Whether you love them or hate them, conversation hearts can be a fun supply to use. Try making these conversation heart towers with students. It’s a great opportunity for them to work on estimating, measuring, and engineering.

Math Geek Mama - Build a Tower with Conversation Hearts

16 – Teaching 2 and 3-Year-Olds – Easy Marble Painted Valentine Heart
Tons of fun to be had with marbles and paint! Just grab a box, paper, and paint and let kids get moving as they create this abstract valentine heart.

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds - Easy Marble Painted Valentine Heart

17 – Fun-A-Day – Valentines Day Straw Art
Who knew straws could be turned into hearts? This simple craft is sure to excite kids and create a cute display for any classroom bulletin board!

Fun-A-Day - Valentines Day Straw Art

18 – Buggy and Buddy – Measuring Candy Hearts
Kids can complete this simple measurement math activity with a small pile of candy hearts to make it extra special!

Buggy and Buddy - Measuring Candy Hearts

19 – Modern Preschool – Valentines Day Roll to Fill Hearts
This roll to fill math activity is filled with hands-on fun. Simply roll the dice and fill heart-shaped cookie cutters with pom poms!

Modern Preschool - Valentines Day Roll to Fill Hearts

20 – Pre-K Pages – Magnetic Valentine Sight Words
Kids can practice their sight words in Valentine’s Day literacy center with a few simple materials.

Pre-K Pages - Magnetic Valentine Sight Words

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