Best Happy New Year Egypt

Happy New Year Egypt

The merry season is not far and celebrating the New Year in a new way is truly a great idea. Out of a lot of destinations in mind, one can even plan a New Year in Egypt. And now you must be wondering how to celebrate the New Year in Egypt 2022?

Egyptian New Year and calendar have been based on the solar cycle and forms the basis for the modern western calendar. Like any other country Egypt too is getting ready for various celebrations in the coming New Year’s Eve. Egypt is a splendid and beautiful country with lively individuals and an upbeat soul. All through Egypt, almost in every region, you’ll get the vibe of the New Year season.

How To Celebrate New Year In Egypt?

Witness the entrancing desert campfire, cruise along the Nile on a conventional felucca, learn Egyptian New Year traditions, relish cuisines, and wander around the historical locations. There are a plenty of options to enjoy New Year’s Eve in Egypt that too in a unique way.

1. The Sphinx – Click A Kissing Photo

kissing photo at the Sphinx

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You may have seen numerous Instagram pictures of voyagers kissing this legendary pouting creature! The enormous limestone figure represents a Sphinx which is a mythical creature, that is a part lion and part human. Despite a millennium of erosion from sand and wind, one can still see distinct features.

It is the oldest known fantastic sculpture in Egypt and you must definitely see it on your visit to Egypt. It can be quite crowded with everybody trying to get their kissing shot done perfectly, however, it’s worth viewing. You can get a decent photograph of the Great Sphinx with the Pyramids as a backdrop.

2. Bonfire – Dance Around


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Let us disclose to you a secret! Egyptians really know how to dance, and that they do it really well! You can appreciate a touch of the Egyptian culture by shaking your leg around the bonfire and tuning in to drums and adoring those talented dancers. They are perfect in showing their skills through the exotic belly dance. And this experience can be lived best with friends! Imagine doing belly dance with your buddies and spending the night with the ultimate fun. What could be more better on a vacation? So, set yourself to enjoy some great dance affair and say Happy new year in Egypt out loud!

3. Dahab – Take A Dive

Diving in water

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The Sinai Peninsula is a distinct region apart from the mainland Egypt, and famous for its fabulous diving events. There is no doubt that enjoying underwater at the Red Sea is one of the amazing activities to try during the New Year holidays in Egypt. The resort of Sharm-El-Sheikh is apparently the most popular spot, but the small town of Dahab which is up the road is unbelievably superior!

It is an ideal destination for solo voyagers to spend a New Year’s Eve around the Red Sea. This little town is filled with cafes, dive shops, and hostels which are available at some astonishing prices. You can certainly spend long holidays at just this particular place which is packed finely with endless delicious hummus eating, enjoying diving, and swimming along with relaxing oneself with yoga, and sunbathing on a few of the best rooftops you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Egypt!

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4. White Desert – Explore

Landscape Desert white

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Only a few hours away from Cairo lies a desert which will at first give you a feeling as if you’ve arrived on the moon’s surface. Composed by centuries of sandstorms and corrosion, these bizarre calcium rock formations are spread all over the panorama like fabulous abstract sculptures. A few of them look like food and thus, have been given titles like “ice-cream cone,” and “mushroom” while others have animated more flamboyant names, like the “Inselberg” and “Monolith”.

In this White Desert, is an unusual and awe-inspiring natural chalk-rock museum, seen nowhere else in the world! Also, several people choose to do a night camping at the White Desert with Bedouin guides. You’ll absolutely get to enjoy the sunset in this desert. As the sun sets, the calcium sea appears to reveal all the oranges and fuchsias in the sky. What a glowy night indeed!

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5. Nile – Tour The Famous River

Nile river

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Heading to celebrate the New Year party in Egypt and not going for a Nile tour is seriously foolishness. Take a cruise up the Nile which is one of the quintessential adventures in Egypt. And if you’re apparently thinking how expensive this famous tourist experience might be, then do not worry folks! This spectacular event is completely convenient even for those on a budget. There are a lot of tours providing this marvelous adventure to tourists in every budget range.

During the luxury cruising, you can take full advantage of boat facilities including restaurants, relaxing by the swimming pool, or being on the top deck of the ship floating at the world’s most famous river and appreciating the views. You can also opt for the traditional Egyptian felucca which is equally enjoyed by every tourist in Egypt as they are flawless. Appreciate the breeze while sailing along the river as well as view the breathtaking sunset. You can rent a felucca for some hours to have a party moment with your family and friends for celebrating New Year’s Eve. While cruising, you’ll be passing by the city of Kumambo and Edfu. It would be an absolutely tranquil journey!

6. Pyramids of Giza – Check Out

All Giza Pyramids

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How can’t we not talk about one of the seven wonders of the world, when in Egypt? The Pyramids of Egypt or Pyramids of Giza are Cairo’s most beloved tourist attraction. Undoubtedly, this place attracts thousands of visitors year-round. These pyramids have survived the test of time, outlasting for roughly 4,500 years.

You’ll be delighted to explore the pyramids adjacent to the Great Sphinx and you can also enter inside the pyramids on paying additional fees. On-site restrooms and a gift shop are also available here. Planning to pay a visit to this fabulous place is really worthwhile during the New Year to avoid the scorching heat of Egypt.

So, what’s special that you get to enjoy here during New Year’s Eve? Egypt welcomes the New Year with festivities in front of these iconic pyramids with policemen guarding on camels. Fireworks explode and lights shine above the pyramids during the festivity time.

7. Islamic Cairo – Have A Good Time

outstanding place

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It’s a twisted complex mile between Bab Zuweila and the exit from Cairo’s protected center, known as Islamic or medieval Cairo, through the Bab al-Futuh entryway. You’ll get to discover the authentic charm of medieval Cairo from this spot. Numerous of the residents occupy premises settled right beside some of the world’s most historically significant mosques and monuments.

In the middle of it is a universe of compressed trade and sharp corners, where during the night time one can see the sparkle of amazing minarets and terraces of shaded glass. Have a great time there on New Year’s Eve in Egypt.

Shisha Bazaar Khan El Kalili

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What better way than to conclude your holidays but with shopping? A souq(bazaar or market) in Egypt, Khan el-Khalili is one of the largest in Cairo. Settled at the site of a 10th-century tomb, Khan el-Khalili was an owner of a vigorous history, and in the 16th century, for the first time became a point for Turkish traders.

Today, it is a vibrant marketplace which will take any visitor back in time to the ancient Arabic bazaars, organized chiefly for travelers with stalls selling various keepsakes and souvenirs. Additionally, Khan el-Khalili is still home to several legendary artisans who design and trade their wares in the market. Visitors here along with shopping from merchants, can also take a bite from one of the street food stalls, or simply relax at any of the beautiful traditionally styled bistro within the souq.

9. Egyptian Cuisine – Savour

Delicious Egyptian food

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No doubt about festivity being just about merry dancing but is also meant for good food. While visiting Egypt, you’ve to soothe your appetite with Egyptian cuisine to make the most of your mood. Somewhat like Middle Eastern meals, the Egyptian meal typically comprises bread, rice, and vegetables. One must taste local dishes like Aish Baladi(Egyptian-style pita bread), Molokhia(chicken stew with garlic and a leafy green vegetable), Hamam Mahshi(wheat or rice-stuffed pigeon).

You can dine at restaurants such as Felfela and Abou El Sid. Additionally, for fine dining and a more upscale ambiance at Egyptian restaurants go to Sequoia and Sabaya. You can also relish fish from the Nile river which is served in several restaurants. In case your stomach starts fussing over in between the meals, eat street food favorites like Ful Medames(mashed fava beans along with seasonings) or Koshari(a meal with rice, lentils, and pasta cooked in a thick tomato sauce).

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