Best Happy New Year Creative Ads

Happy New Year Creative Ads

Let’s face it — 2021 was a tough year but this past year had a silver lining. More new customers are shopping online than ever before and the pandemic has accelerated the ecommerce industry.

As we enter 2022, the marketing landscape has changed dramatically. Holiday season sales rose by 3% YoY and online sales rose by 49% compared to 2019.

While this definitely is a shot in the arm for small businesses, there’s still a lot that you can do to attract new customers and generate even more sales.

As the world welcomes 2022, consumers will already be in the holiday shopping spirit and it’s the perfect time for a good promotion that can further encourage them to buy from you.

Even if you haven’t started ideating your digital marketing campaign for New Years, it’s not too late. We have several New Year’s marketing ideas through which you can boost sales.

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Best New Year’s Marketing Ideas for 2022

Move over cliches like “New Year, new beginnings.”

Taglines like these won’t win over your potential customers anymore. New Years is a great opportunity to give your marketing campaign a refreshing twist.

To help you crush your New Year marketing promotions, we’ve got some digital marketing campaign tips and tricks for you.

Following is our list of the top New Year’s marketing ideas that you can use to grow your business.

1. Send a New Year Email

When it comes to New Year’s marketing ideas, there is nothing easier than sending an email. There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than by wishing happiness to the people you care about.

For small businesses, these people are your customers. Through your New Years greetings, you need to show them that you care.

So, how do you stand apart from the rest?

By sending customers an email before New Years instead.

There are greater chances of it being noticed as people’s inboxes are usually flooded with emails on New Year’s Day.

It’ll also make consumers feel that your brand prioritizes them and cares about them. This way, you can use email marketing to your advantage.

How to Achieve it:

You can leverage email marketing tools like Sendinblue to create professional-looking New Years emails. Personalize each of the emails by adding your target audience’s contact details and dynamic content specific to each recipient.


Image via Sendinblue

Your contacts get so many New Year emails. By personalizing yours, you can stand out and create authentic interactions with your audience.

Sendinblue also lets you A/B test and send your emails at the right times to each of your contacts.  Their “Send at the Best Time” algorithm improves with each engagement. It predicts and helps you send at the perfect time, when you are likely to get the most engagement with each customer.

Want to sweeten the deal?

Offer customers a discount code or include another promotion in your email. You could also organize a giveaway contest for a select few, loyal customers.

Make sure they know that you’re doing this exclusively for them so that they feel special. This can help increase your brand loyalty.

For example, J.Crew sends out offers in emails for New Year’s Day. Combining the offer and the occasion works well for them.

J.Crew New Year Marketing Ideas

Image via Pinterest

Email Marketing Tools That I Recommend Using:

  • MailerLite
  • SendX
  • GetResponse
  • Moosend

2. Welcome the New Year on Social Media

Social media is definitely one place where you cannot miss out on marketing. You want to get your brand noticed all over social media and the New Year is a great time to get the conversation started with social media posts.

You can use social media posts to get your customers excited about your brand in 2022. This is why welcoming the New Year on social media channels is second on our list of top New Year’s marketing ideas.

New Year’s is also a great time to come up with a new avatar for your brand on social media.

How to Achieve it:

You can start off by using PixTeller.

This tool provides easy ways through which you can create an avatar for your social media pages from scratch or choose from their highly enriched profile pictures. Choose a new year theme and edit it according to your liking and brand colors.


Image via PixTeller

This can definitely catch the attention of your social media audience and increase brand awareness on social channels. It’ll also put your brand’s name on the top of their minds at the right time so that you can start off strong in the new year.

What’s more?

You can use social media for marketing new products that you may be launching on New Year’s Eve. And if you have products specific for New Year’s, you can promote them through social media posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

New Year’s marketing ideas such as these can help your business get traction. Not only will your sales increase but so will your brand awareness.

Amazon, for example, wished their followers a Happy New Year in a simple manner on their social media pages.


Image via Twitter

Social Media Marketing Tools That My Team Recommends:

  • SocialOomph
  • Crowdfire
  • HashtagsForLikes
  • Kicksta

3. Run an Inspiring Quotes Contest

New Year’s Day is also the day when people make New Years resolutions. Many people make resolutions at the beginning of the New Year. While the resolution of every person is unique, each resolution needs inspiration.

One of the best New Year’s marketing ideas is to run an inspiring quotes contest.

During the contest, you can ask your customers to share a quote that inspires them. A great place to host this contest would be on social media. It will help generate buzz for your New Year announcements if any.

You can ask fans to share their quotes and messages on all social media channels. Additionally, you can come up with a unique branded hashtag as well. This can further help increase brand awareness.

What’s more?

These quotes can also become valuable resources for your brand as you can create content around them too.

Ask customers to get as many likes, comments, and shares on their posts with the quote and use these metrics to select the winners. Based on the engagement, you can then give them cool prizes. You can even ask them to share their experience of the contest with you and post that on social media as well.

How to Achieve it:

To monitor mentions, track your hashtags, and engage your customers, use HubSpot Social Media software. It helps you monitor mentions so that you can easily engage in conversations that matter to your brand.

Hubspot Tool
Image via Hubspot

You can reply to comments on any of the social channels via HubSpot, making it easy to increase social visibility and engagement.

You can also easily share your contest content or schedule it for later using the platform. You also get suggestions for the best time to post and can publish when likely to get the most engagement.

HubSpot reports let you find out how well your contest content performs and how your target audience engages with it. You can then optimize content to achieve better ROI.

And the best part?

This New Year marketing idea can get you loads of quotes. You can compile them and share them with your audience. This will make them want to keep coming back to you whenever they need some inspiration.

Pro Tip: To make your contest successful, ensure that you deliver on what you promise. It’s critical that you abide by the due dates of the contest and also deliver the prize to the winner.

You can also launch other forms of contests and giveaways on social media using tools like VYPER. You could then direct them to your landing page to generate leads from the contest.

4. Go Traditional

New Year’s marketing ideas shouldn’t be just restricted to online marketing.

While you may be doing a cracking business online, it’s a great idea to incorporate traditional marketing as well.

If you have a brick-and-mortar presence, you can deck up your display window with a New Year’s theme. This is one of those underrated, but important New Year’s marketing ideas that you should implement this festive season.

This could be something like a New Year’s party theme in which your products or services are being used. It’s sure to catch the attention of people passing by. You can even choose to place posters and banners at places with high visibility.

This could include places such as malls and shopping markets where people go to buy New Year’s goodies. If they see your banners there, your products may just stick in their minds. This can help you generate brand awareness, which could eventually result in sales.

How to Achieve it:

For maximum impact, make sure that your banners are absolutely top notch. For this, you need to leverage designing tools such as Canva that can help you create content like attractive banners.

Using these tools, all you have to do is select a template and start customizing it using the drag and drop designing tool.

Image via Canva

Designing Tools I Find Useful for Banners:

  • Visme
  • Envato
  • PixTeller

5. Have a New Year’s Day Sale

Even if you’re not launching a new product, it’s a great idea to have a special sale on New Year’s Day. The promotion should ideally be New-Year-centric to generate buzz among consumers.

While your holidays and sales may have just ended, there may be customers who are waiting for better bargains. This is the perfect time to give those customers a shot at buying your products or services.


By using flash sales.

Flash sales are amazing New Year marketing ideas and they can help you clear out your holiday inventory.

The customers who purchase during these flash sales may not end up becoming repeat customers. However, they can definitely be used to your advantage to get rid of unnecessary inventory in a way that’s not wasteful.

Want to boost your 2022 sales?

Give out discount coupons to your customers during the sale. This can even help increase brand loyalty.

Dillards, for example, has a New Year’s Day Clearance Sale. During this period, they sell products at huge discounts

Dillards New Year Marketing IdeasImage via ConfettiStyle

Sale Related Tools I Recommend Using:

  • Leadpages
  • Everflow

6. Make a 2022 Calendar

Another one of the top New Year’s marketing ideas is to make a calendar for the coming year.

Consider creating a customized calendar and sending it out to your loyal customers. You could even offer this as an add-on to your customers’ holiday purchases.

How does this help your business?

Your customers can use the calendars throughout the year. This can help keep your business at the top of their minds all year long. This is one of the most easy-to-implement and simple New Year’s marketing ideas that can help you grow your brand.

For instance, Betabrand created a pantsuit calendar. This calendar featured their popular dress pant yoga pants.

Easy-to-Use Calendar Designing Tools:

  • Canva
  • Visme
  • Envato
  • PixTeller

7.Launch a Post New Year Sale

Sales do take a dip after the holidays.

To keep the momentum going, here is a tip:

Launch a post-New-Year sale. This sale can start off 2022 with cool offers, and you might be able to attract customers to your brand.

Even if you don’t want to try something fancy, you can have a simple promotion that offers a fixed discount. You can advertise the promotion through social media and other modes of marketing as well.

This type of promotion may not get as many sales as you may get during the holiday season because people have been spending so much already. However, it can still help you reduce the dip in sales that takes place as you enter the new year.

For example, came up with a 20% discount offer for the 2020 holiday season and they continued it well into 2021 to incentivize their prospects to book hotels and flights with them.


Image via

8. Cater to Impulse Purchases

When you make a lot of sales during the holiday season, make sure you’re prepared for the post-holiday returns. Many of the products that you have sold may be returned by the customers due to varying reasons.

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store or an ecommerce store, you need to come up with a strategy to deal with these returns and get them to impulse buy from you.

Think about everything that a customer might need during their returns.

You can then put up all these items at locations where they go to return their purchases. For every return that they make, you can encourage them to purchase some other product. This may just get them to buy it on an impulse.

I Recommend Using These Ecommerce Tools:

  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce

9. Have a Body-Positive Promotion

Yet another innovative New Year marketing idea is that of launching a body positivity promotion for your audience.

A lot of New Year’s resolutions are about weight loss. In fact, about 31% of Americans wanted to lose weight as a part of their New Year’s resolutions for 2022. Additionally, 44% of them want to exercise more too.

You can leverage these resolutions as an opportunity for marketing your products or services. Having a promotion that specifically targets this group of customers can work greatly in your favor.

Image via Statista

You can create an atmosphere where your customers will be empowered to love their body as it is. At the same time, you can promote a healthy lifestyle through the marketing campaign. You can run promotions on clothes of all sizes and even market them in such a manner.

Aerie, for instance, markets their clothes with photos of models of all sizes. They don’t retouch any of their photos to push for body positivity.

You can even add products to your promotion that will help customers reach their resolution goals. For instance, an electrical appliances brand can advertise smoothie makers that can help improve diets.

Make sure that you share these promotions through all the modes of marketing available.

You must also make sure that the promotion is for a specific product that is related to the resolution. By highlighting its benefits and offering a discount, you can push the customers to take action.

10. Launch New Products

One of the most popular New Year’s marketing ideas for businesses is to launch new products at the start of a New Year.

A great New Year marketing idea would be to have heavy marketing campaigns throughout December, which will eventually lead to the product launch. You can launch the product as soon as the clock hits midnight.

This post-midnight sale can be a great way to sell your new product as you will have built up a lot of buzz about it. The sale must explain what the new product is and how it is better than the past products. You must also try to offer customers a deal on their first purchase.

But, that’s not all.

Additionally, you can offer discounts on your older products too or conduct special New Year giveaways as well. New Year’s marketing ideas such as this one can help you generate buzz around your brand.

As mentioned above, make sure that you promote such sales well to ensure that you can get enough traffic to your product page. A great way to drive traffic is through Google Ads and social media ads.

Here’s another valuable tip — you can also tie in your marketing for the product with New Year resolutions to further increase your chances of success.

Reebok, for instance, created a “New Year, New Gear” promotion through emails. The idea was to sell their new workout gear.


11. Have a New Year’s Party

No list of New Year’s marketing ideas could be complete without a New Year’s Eve party idea.

Parties and New Year’s Eve are synonymous.

Everyone wants to ring in the New Year with some sort of celebration. Pubs and restaurants charge a fortune to attend a New Year’s Eve party. However, not everyone wants to shell out so much cash to celebrate.

You can use the occasion to your advantage by throwing a party for your loyal customers. The party doesn’t necessarily need to have DJs and a special menu. It can be anything related to your business too.

For instance, you could let the guests try out your latest products at the party.

These events end up giving a memorable experience to your customers and can make them feel special. Such New Year’s marketing ideas can go a long way to help you to increase brand loyalty. Just make sure that you advertise the event well. Be it on social media or brick-and-mortar locations, such events can be a big draw for people.

You could even partner with influential names to host or promote the party.

Ciroc, for example, collaborated with Sean Combs for their ads. He even hosted a New Year’s party with the hashtag #CirocTheNewYear. This party was sponsored by them and helped them reach out to more people too.

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