Best Happy New Year Bulletin Boards

The new year is a time to refresh, restart, and reflect. I love classroom decorations that inspire students and create an inviting school atmosphere. I’ve collected some of my favorite ideas for bulletin boards and door decorations to ring in the new year!

Hello 2021 New Year Bulletin Board

Hello 2021!

I think most of us are happy to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. This bulletin board kit includes large striped letters plus an optional reflection activity for students.

New Year Your Year

This is Your Year

This bulletin board design encourages students to make this year their own with so many inspiring messages. Some teachers have students write their own goals and add to this board.

Winter Blue Bulletin Board

Beat the Winter Blues

Wintertime can feel dreary, so this board uplifts students’ spirits with fun suggestions to keep a positive outlook!


Happy to See You

Have students been away for awhile? This eye-catching bulletin board welcomes them back and lets them know we are happy to see them!


Distance Makes the Heart

Another bulletin board to welcome students back from a break, this one says, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” It may be especially true this year!


Teachers are Heroes

Bulletin boards are a great way to show teacher appreciation. This one lets teachers, staff, and everyone who works at the school know how important they are!


New Year Door Decoration

No bulletin board?

A classroom door is a great place for decoration too. This one celebrates the end of 2020, ready for 2021!

Click any of the images above to find the kits that make these designs simple to create yourself. They each print on regular 8.5 x 11 paper, and you can use any colors you choose to make them your own. Brighten up your classroom for the new year!


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