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10 “Behold, The Coagula.”

Bradley Whitford in Get Out

Chris and the audience finally get an explanation of what sort of evil is going on here after he is shown an informative video on the history of the procedure. The video shows the grandfather of the Armitage family explaining how he has found a way to put an older mind into a younger body.

The video is eerie in just how normal Mr. Armitage talks about the procedure. But when he looks to the skies and says, “Behold, the coagula,” it adds an even creepier cult feel to the whole thing that makes it all the more unsettling.

9 “I Want Your Eye, Man.”

jim hudson

Following the informative video, Chris is introduced to the man who will be taking over his body, the blind Jim Hudson. Chris previously met Jim at the party and the two bonded over their love of photography, a hobby Jim lost when he lost his sight.

Jim explains to Chris that he is not like the others in this community. He does not care about race whatsoever, but he is actually just envious of Chris’ talented eye for photography and wants it for himself.

8 “Black Is In Fashion.”

Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out (2017)

One of the creepiest scenes in the movie is when Chris attends the garden party at the Armitage’s house where he is the unwilling center of attention. All the guests make small talk with Chris, wasting little time bringing up his race in ways that they seem to think are progressive and respectful.

One particular guest starts talking to Chris about how he imagines it is beneficial to be a Black man in the current era and how it is somehow fashionable. It is one of the film’s cringiest moments as Chris is forced to listen to such offensive ignorance with a smile on his face.

7 “Get Out!”

One of the most unforgettable moments in the movie is when Chris meets a fellow Black man at the garden party, though the interaction is not what he was hoping for. Andre (Lakeith Stanfield) was seen in the opening scene of the movie getting captured but now appears to have a totally different personality.

When Chris sneaks a picture of Andre, something triggers in the young man and he begins shouting “Get out!” at Chris. What seems like an attack is later revealed to be a warning.

6 “Sex Slave!”

Lil Rel Howrey in Get Out (photo Universal Pictures)

One great element that Jordan Peele included in the movie was the character of Rod, Chris’ best friend. Rod acts as the much-needed comic relief throughout the movie, diffusing a lot of the tension with some big laughs.

Rod is much more suspicious of this meet-the-parents scenario than Chris is and he is even warier when Chris tells him about Andre. The first theory that pops into Rod’s head is “sex slave!”

5 “I Mean, I Told You Not To Go In That House.”

Peele manages to subvert expectations and comment on the horror genre without ever falling into parody. During the final sequence when Rod comes to save the day, he says the same thing countless horror fans had been screaming at countless horror movie characters over the years.

Chris is beaten and horrified by his experience and all his friend can say is “I mean, I told you not to go in that house.” Indeed, Rod was the voice of reason the whole time.

4 “Now, You’re In The Sunken Place.”

One of the most horrific concepts introduced in this movie is the idea of the sunken place. When Missy Armitage offers to hypnotize Chris to cure him of his smoking habit, she ends up putting him in a deep trance in which he cannot move, then tells him to sink.

The visual image of the so-called “sunken place” is stunning and terrifying all at once. It makes the audience feel the sensation of being a passenger in one’s own body.

3 “You Know I Can’t Give You The Keys, Right, Babe?”

Allison Williams as Rose in Get Out

Chris finally decides this visit has gone on long enough and he needs to make a quick exit. He gets Rose to pack her bags and then attempt to leave the house. But when they come downstairs, the rest of the family is much more sinister, and they close in around Chris.

He tries to back them off as Rose desperately searches for the car keys. Then in a devastating switch, Rose drops the act and says, “You know I can’t give you the keys, right babe?” finally revealing the trap.

2 “I’m TS-Motherf*****-A. We Handle S***.”

Lil Rel Howery as Rod in Get Out

After Chris is put through so much in the movie, Peele was wise enough to leave fans with a triumphant ending. As Chris stands over the bloodied Rose and several other dead bodies, he suddenly sees flashing lights and audiences immediately suspect the worst outcome.

Thankfully, it is revealed to be Rod coming to rescue Chris in his TSA car. When Chris asks his friend how he found him, Rod replies “I’m TS-motherf*****-A. We handle s***.”

1 “By The Way, I Would Have Voted For Obama For A Third Term, If I Could.”

One of the most fascinating aspects of the movie was highlighting the racism that comes from those who see themselves as progressives. The best example of this is with Rose’s father who bends over backward to make it seem like he is really an ally to Black people despite doing the bare minimum.

Get Out Quotes

“See, my aim is not to survive but to be thrown to the wolfs with adrenaline still pumping in my veins and hear the gods laughing saying ”that was one hell of a youth” and everything I do I do in order to push my senses and levels of natural ecstasy. I want to be so awake that I pass out by exhaustion every night with a smile on my face and no thoughts of tomorrow because today was all I ever could make of it and I am sick and tired of boredom. Bored people slumbering boring words about bored habits and I want to get out.”
― Charlotte Eriksson
“Get out of your mind and become crazy about your future in a creative way!”
― Michael Bassey Johnson
“To lose a worthless friend is worthy of a testimony.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson
“There is no compromise when it comes to someones delicate feelings, the only way out is to stop pretending and set yourself free from someones life.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson
“Deeply immersed in a constant bubble bath of sin, you cannot communicate with Jesus Christ unless you are ready to get out of the bath. John 1:9”
― Felix Wantang, Face to Face Meetings with Jesus Christ 2 (Read Chapter One)): Astounding Biblical Mysteries revealed in his own words like never before in human history.
“Kanye West is not speaking incoherently. He’s speaking as if he is in the studio. He’s been communication through song for so long that he, simply, has forgotten how to talk. I’m wondering if he hears a beat.”
― A.K. Kuykendall
“Life is too short to mess things up. Go make shit happen.”
― Olawale Daniel
“It is my birth, my body, and my life; you shall neither comment me nor command me”
― P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar
“Every time you allow someone to make you feel less than, your give a bit of your personal power away. Unfortunately, some will not stop until they possess all of your power because they have none of their own,.” Pack up what strength you do have and get out while you can.”
― Christine E. Szymanski
“Every time you allow someone to make you feel less than, you give a bit of your personal power away. Unfortunately, some will not stop until they possess all of your power, because they have none of their own,.” Pack up what strength you do have and get out while you can.”
― Christine E. Szymanski

“Get Out” Quotes

  • “Life can be a sick joke. One day you’re developing prints in the darkroom and the next day you wake up – in the dark. Genetic disease.”

  • “- Rod Williams: I’m mad at you because you never take my advice.

    – Chris Washington: Like what?
    – Rod Williams: Like don’t go to a white girl’s parents’ house. What is she doin’? Lickin’ your balls or somethin’?”

  • “- Dean Armitage: You’re gonna love this. My Dad’s claim to fame. He was beat by Jesse Owens in the qualifying round for the Berlin Olympics in 1936. Those were the ones where…
    – Chris Washington: Where Owens won in front of Hitler.
    – Dean Armitage: Yeah, what a moment. What a moment. I mean, Hitler was up there with all those perfect Aryan…” 

  • “Fair skin has been in favor for, what, the past hundreds of years. But, now the pendulum has swung back. Black is in fashion!”
  • “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

  • “- Dean Armitage: What is your purpose, Chris?
    – Chris Washington: What?
    – Dean Armitage: In life. What is your purpose?
    – Chris Washington: Right now, it’s finding those keys.
    – Dean Armitage: Fire. It’s a reflection of our own mortality. We’re born, we breathe, and we die.
    – Chris Washington: Rose?
    – Rose Armitage: I’m looking.
    – Dean Armitage:…” 

  • “- Dean Armitage: By the way, I would have voted for Obama for a third term, if I could. Best President in my lifetimehands down.

    – Chris Washington: I agree.”

  • “Believe me, the irony of being a blind art dealer isn’t lost on me.”

  • “- Jim Hudson: Ignorance.
    – Chris Washington: Who?
    – Jim Hudson: All of ’em. They mean well, but, they have no idea what real people will go through.”

  • “- Georgina: I owe you an apology. How rude of me to have touched your belongs without asking.
    – Chris Washington: Oh, no. That’s cool. I was just confused.
    – Georgina: Well, I can assure you, there was no – funny business.”

  • “Please don’t lump me in with that, you know, I could give a shit what color you are. No, what I want is deeper. I want your eye, man. I want those things you see through.”

    talking to Chris Washington

  • “- Chris Washington: I didn’t get to met you, actually, up close. I’m Chris.
    – Walter: I know who you are. She is lovely, isn’t she?
    – Chris Washington: Rose? Yes, she is.
    – Walter: One of a kind. Top of the line! A real doggone keeper.”

  • “- Missy Armitage: Something to lighten the mood.
    – Dean Armitage: Yes, yeah, let’s get this party back on track. How about sparklers and Bingo?”

  • “- Chris Washington: Do they know I’m – Do they know I’m black?
    – Rose Armitage: No. Should they?
    – Chris Washington: It seems like something you might want to, you know, mention.
    – Rose Armitage: Mom and Dad, my black boyfriend will be coming up this weekend and I just don’t want you to be shocked that he’s a black man – a black.
    – Chris…” 

  • You know what I say? I say one down, a couple hundred thousand to go. I don’t mean to get on my high horse, but I’m telling you, I do not like the deer. I’m sick of it; they’re taking over. They’re like rats. They’re destroying the ecosystem. I see a dead deer on the side of the road and I think, “That’s a start”.

  • “All I know is sometimes, if there’s too many white folks, I get nervous, you know.”

  • “- Chris Washington: You’re all I got. I’m not going to leavehere without you. I’m not going to abandon you here.
    – Rose Armitage: You’re not?
    – Chris Washington: No. No, not. No.”


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