Best ‘Footloose’ Quotes 2021

The ‘Footloose’ movie plot was based on a true story that happened in 1979 in the city of Elmore in Oklahoma. The story revolves around a teenager who tries to overturn a town council’s ban on dancing.

Two movies were produced with the same name, ‘Footloose’, one in 1984 and another in 2011. Both are based on a similar story that works to remove a ban on ‘rock and roll’ music and dancing. In the first movie, Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon) tries to remove the ban on dancing which was enforced by a local minister (John Lithgow). In the remake, a student who moves to the town finds dance was prohibited and protests against it.

‘Footloose’ Quotes

Reverend Shaw Moore persuades the town council to ban dancing. His persuasion comes after his son gets killed in an accident after a dance party. Here are a few ‘Footloose’ quotes from the 1984 movie.

1.”Aren’t we told in Psalm 149 ‘Praise ye the Lord. Sing unto the Lord a new song. Let them praise His name in the dance’? And it was King David – King David, who we read about in Samuel – and what did David do? ”

-Ren MacCormack, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

2.”David danced before the Lord with all his might… leaping and dancing before the Lord.”

-Ren MacCormack, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

3. “People think she’s a hellraiser.”

-Willard, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

4.”You figured where there’s smoke there’s fire, right?”

-Ren McCormack, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

‘Footloose’ 2011 Quotes

'Footloose' 2011 movie  quotes for all those passionate dancers

‘Footloose’ (2011) was remade with a similar plot as it’s classic version. However, here the protagonist is seen protesting the anti-dance laws imposed by the local council.

5.’Ren : You ever heard them?

Willard : No, but I seen them.

Ren : Where, in concert?

Willard : No, behind you.'”

– ‘Footloose’, 2011.

6.”I talk funny? You should hear from my end.”

-Ren McCormack, ‘Footloose’, 2011.

7.”You won’t get any dancing here, it’s illegal.”

-Willard, ‘Footloose’, 2011.

Quotes From ‘Footloose’ Movie

Initially slated to be produced by 20th Century Fox, ‘Footloose’ was made by Paramount Pictures after a ‘Pay or Play’ deal. Shot in different locations around Utah, here we bring you some iconic quotes from the movie.

8.” Up on the roof, oh yeah. 100 proof, oh yeah. I’m feelin’ fine, oh yeah. Drink cherry wine, oh yeah.”

-Ren MacCormack, ‘Footloose’.

9.’Bobby spent his whole life trying to make you proud. Now nobody remembers the good things about him! All they remember is that dang accident!

-Ariel, ‘Footloose’.

10. “Is that what I get, huh? I treated you decent.”

-Chuck, ‘Footloose’.

11.”Hey, hey. What’s this I see? I thought this was a party! Let’s dance!”

Ren McCormack, ‘Footloose’.

‘Footloose’ 1984 Quotes

Paramount Pictures initially hired Herbert Ross to direct this movie. However, their negotiations were stalled due to unknown reasons and was replaced by Michael Cimino as the movie director. After a failed attempt by Cimino, Herbert Ross was reinstated to take up the project. It was nominated for two Academy Awards the following year.

12.”Not in this town. There are eyes everywhere.”

-Ariel, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

13.” How come you don’t like me?

-Ariel, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

13.’Andy Beamis : Where you from?

Ren : Chicago.’

-‘Footloose’, 1984.

‘Footloose’ Dance Quotes

In an interview Kevin Bacon admitted that he had a double to do the dance steps despite him knowing a little. Kevin Bacon revealed that while shooting, his wife told him not to touch her.

14. “Ecclesiastes assures us that there is a time for every purpose under heaven. A time to laugh and a time to weep. A time to mourn and there is a time to dance.”

-Ren McCormack, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

15.”From the oldest of times, people danced for a number of reasons. They danced in prayer… or so that their crops would be plentiful… or so their hunt would be good. And they danced to stay physically fit… and show their community spirit. And they danced to celebrate.”

-Ren McCormack, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

’80s Movie Quotes

Best quotes from the 'Footloose' classic movie .

Elizabeth Gorcey as Wendo Jo, Frances Lee Mccain as Ethel McCormack, Dianne Wiest as Vi Moore, Willard as Chris Penn and Sarah Jessica Parker as Rusty played important character roles in ‘Footloose’, 1984. Here some of their classic quotes.

16.”Ren: You like Men at Work?

Willard: Which man?

Ren: Men at Work.

Willard: Well where do they work?

Ren: No, they don’t, they’re a music group.”

–  ‘Footloose’, 1984.

17.”No, Ren did most of the driving.”

-Ethel McCormack, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

18.”I don’t want you to see him anymore.”

-Rev Shaw Moore, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

19.’Reverend Shaw Moore: We’re losing her, Vi. Don’t you see that?

Vi Moore: No. I see you chasing after her and I see her running from you.’

-‘Footloose,’ 1984.

Ren Quotes

As a young student, Ren realizes that dancing is banned in the town, where he moved with his mother. He tries to figure out how to remove the ban.

20.”See, this is our time to dance. It is our way of celebrating life.”

-Ren MacCormack, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

21.” Well, I haven’t noticed a wet T-shirt contest in town yet..”

-Ren MacCormack, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

22.”Yeah it’s a great book — Slaughterhouse-Five, it’s a classic.”

-Ren MacCormack, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

Ariel Quotes

Playing Ariel Moore gave Lori Singer a much-needed break as an actress. An interesting fact about Lori Singer is that the prodigy child was accepted to do majors in music from the Juilliard Art School.

23″Hey MacCormick! When this hat flies in the air, you better have your butt in gear.”

-Ariel, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

24.”I’m no saint you know.”

-Ariel, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

25.”I just don’t know that I believe in everything you believe in. But I believe in you.”

-Ariel, ‘Footloose’, 1984.

Footloose Quotes

  • I don’t watch the movies I make, so I haven’t seen ‘Footloose’ since it came out. You see this young, hungry actor, it’s pretty fun. I was the only one they screen tested. It was an attempt by the director and producer to talk the head of the studio into hiring me because they didn’t want me.

    Kevin Bacon
  • Before Footloose, the things I’d done weren’t cute. In Diner I was an alcoholic.

    Kevin Bacon
  • I’m single, footloose and fancy free, I have no responsibilities, no anchors. Work, friendship and self-improvement, that’s me.

    Joel Edgerton
  • It should not be denied… that being footloose has always exhilarated us. It is associated in our minds with escape from history and oppression and law and irksome obligations, with absolute freedom, and the road has always led West.

    Wallace Stegner
  • I shot “Footloose” nearby and we used to hike. Very fond memories.

    Dianne Wiest
  • I’m surprised by how many people have not seen ‘Footloose.’

    Craig Brewer
  • In a day of footloose movements of people and of mixed marriages in the ancestry of the most desirable elements of the community we preach unabashed the gospel of the pure race.

    Ruth Benedict
  • Sometimes I feel that ‘Footloose’ is the rite of passage.

    Craig Brewer
  • A core part of the global market is what might be called the ‘Nike Economy’ – footloose companies that play countries against one another while seeking subcontractors with the lowest wages and cheapest conditions.

    John J. Sweeney
  • ‘Footloose’ is a fun movie. If you do it right, people should leave wanting to dance.

    Miles Teller
  • And out of all the movies, I don’t know what it is, I’ll always sit down and watch our ‘Footloose’. I cry, I get excited, I cheer, my heart pounds. I really enjoy it.

    Craig Brewer
  • That movie was my girlfriend. That was my girl.” I knew there was going to be initial anger. As a matter of fact, when I was deciding to do Footloose that was one of the first things that I had to realize. First of all, I had to figure out a human connection to it but then I also had to reconcile that I was going to get beat up a little bit on this a little bit.

    Craig Brewer
  • I was a dancer, and it’s not really cool for a boy to dance, so it was inspiring to see a movie like ‘Footloose’ where a guy is dancing masculine and had a proper reason behind it. It made me feel cool, and when these kids would make fun of me, I’d be like, ‘Oh, didn’t you see ‘Footloose,’ man?

    Kenny Wormald
  • I got a Walkman, I had the ‘Footloose’ soundtrack and I danced to it constantly.

    Craig Brewer
  • First play I ever did was ‘Footloose.’ I played the part of Willard when I was 16. I think I wore my drama teacher’s jeans and her belt – that’s how small I was. I know a lot of Willard’s back story from the musical that’s not explored in the film. Like he’s got this whole relationship with his mama, and he sings this song “Mama Says”.

    Miles Teller
  • I began to think that there was a place for ‘Footloose’ to get retold again, that there was actually a more conducive political climate, an emotional climate to explore a town that has experienced a trauma and a shock, and starts overreacting.

    Craig Brewer
  • In a world where routine production is footloose…competitive advantage lies not in one-time breakthroughs but in continual improvements. Stable technologies get away.

    Robert Reich
  • Prior to being bullied, I was a very footloose sixth-grader. You know, I was quirky, I was creative – I really felt good in my own body. And when I was bullied in seventh grade, my self-esteem tanked.

    Carolyn Mackler

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