Best Fifth Element Quotes 2021

‘The Fifth Element’ movie was co-written and directed by Luc Besson.

The movie was a hit and collected more than $263 million worldwide. It also won many awards like the British Academy Film award, the Cesar award, etc.

The film’s plot is set in the 23rd century, and Korben Dallas, a taxicab driver, fights to save the earth after a humanoid woman named Leeloo tells him about the impending danger. Dallas joins hands with Leeloo, who is regarded as the fifth element, recovers four mystical stones, and saves the earth.

‘The Fifth Element’ Movie Quotes

Gary Oldman played the role of Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg. He is the main villain in the movie, and the Zorg quotes listed here will throw some light on his evil character.

1.” BRAVO! Bravo! My compliments, little lady. Thank you for doing all the dirty work. I couldn’t have done the job myself. Hand over the stones.”

-Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg.

2. “Priest Vito Cornelius: I try to serve life. But you only… seem to want to destroy it.

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg: Oh, Father, you’re so wrong. Let me explain.  Life, which you so nobly serve, comes from destruction, disorder and chaos.”

-‘The Fifth Element’.

3. “You see, Father, by creating a little destruction, I’m actually encouraging life. In reality, you and I are in the same business. Cheers.”

-Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Gary Oldman).

4. “Torture who you have to. The President, I don’t care. Just bring me those stones. You have one hour.”

-Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Gary Oldman).

5. “Zorg’s secretary: Mr. Zorg’s office.

Aknot: It’s Aknot.

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg: I’m so glad to hear you, Aknot.

Aknot: The mission is accomplished. You have what you asked for a few hours.

Jean-Baptiste: Good. I’ll meet you at my factory.”

-‘The Fifth Element’.

6. “Evil begets evil, Mr. President. Shooting will only make it stronger.”

-Father Vito Cornelius.

7. “Priest Vito Cornelius: Because it is evil, absolutely evil.

President Lindberg: One more reason to shoot first.”

-‘The Fifth Element’.

8. “I know she’s made to be strong, but she’s also so fragile, so human. Know what I mean?”

-Priest Vito Cornelius.

9.” Where’s the robot to pat you on the back? Or the engineer? Or the children, maybe? There, you see now, how all your so-called power counts for absolutely nothing now, how your entire empire can come crashing down because of one… little… cherry.”

-Father Vito Cornelius.

10.” Zorg: Voila! The ZF-1.

Zorg: It’s light. Handle’s adjustable for easy carrying, good for righties and lefties. Breaks down into four parts, undetectable by x-ray, ideal for quick, discreet interventions. A word on firepower. Titanium recharger, three thousand round clip with bursts of three to three hundred, and with the Replay button – another Zorg invention – it’s even easier.”

-‘The Fifth Element’.

11.” I hate warriors, too narrow-minded. I’ll tell you what I do like though: a killer, a dyed-in-the-wool killer. Cold blooded, clean, methodical and thorough. Now a real killer, when he picked up the ZF-1, would’ve immediately asked about the little red button on the bottom of the gun..”

-Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg.

Chris Tucker ‘Fifth Element’ Quotes

'The Fifth Element' science fiction movie set in the 23rd century.

Chris Tucker played the role of Ruby Rhod. He is a talk show host who helps Dallas in his fight against evil. ‘The Fifth Element’ Ruby Rhod quotes listed here will make you understand his nature.

12.” Father Vito Cornelius: It’s a…

DJ Ruby Rhod: No. ‘Cuz if it was a bomb, the alarms would go off ‘cuz all these hotels have bomb detectors, right? [the alarms go off].”

-‘The Fifth Element’.

13.” And now we enter what must be the most beautiful concert hall of all the universe! A perfect replica of the old opera house! …But who cares?”

-Ruby Rhod.

14.” What’s wrong with you? What you screamin’ for? Every 5 minutes there’s somethin’, a bomb or somethin’. I’m leavin’. bzzzz.”

-Ruby Rhod (Chris Tucker).

Leeloo And Korben Dallas Quotes

Bruce Willis movie quotes for all his fans.

Bruce Willis played the role of Korben Dallas, and Milla Jovovich played the role of Leeloo in ‘The Fifth Element.’ Some exciting and funny Bruce Willis and Leeloo quotes are listed below for you to enjoy.

15.” I only speak two languages, English and bad English.”

-Korben Dallas.

16.”Leeloo: Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass.

Korben Dallas: Yeah.

Leeloo: Mul-ti-pass.

Korben Dallas: Yeah, multipass, she knows it’s a multipass. Leeloo Dallas. This is my wife.

Leeloo: Mul-ti-pass.

Korben Dallas: We’re newlyweds. Just met. You know how it is. We bumped into each other, sparks happen…

Leeloo: Mul-ti-pass.

Korben Dallas: Yes, she knows it’s a multi pass. Anyway, we’re in love.”

-‘The Fifth Element’.

17.” You no trouble. Me… Fifth element… supreme being… me protect you.”


18.” Police Officer: Sir, are you classified as human?

Korben Dallas: Negative, I am a meat popsicle.”

-‘The Fifth Element’.

19.”Milla Jovovich : Senno ecto gammat.

Bruce Willis: I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Milla Jovovich : ecto gammat.

Bruce Willis: When she woke up, she said a bunch a stuff. I didn’t understand any of it but — what does ‘ecto gammat’ mean?”

-‘The Fifth Element’.

20.” Korben Dallas: What’s your name?

Leeloo: Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat.

Korben Dallas: Good. That… that whole thing’s your name, huh? Do you have, uh… a shorter name?

Leeloo: Leeloo.”

-‘The Fifth Element’.

21.” I don’t know love. I was built to protect not to love, so there is no use for me other than this.”


22.”You’re right, you’re right, I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.”

-Korben Dallas.

23.” What’s the use in saving life when you see what you do with it?”

-Milla Jovovich.

24.” Leeloo: Everything you create, you use to destroy.

Korben Dallas: Yeah, we call it human nature.”

-‘The Fifth Element’.

25.” Look lady, I’m all for a conversation but maybe you can just SHUT UP for a minute.”

-Korbean Dallas.

  • “- Father Vito Cornelius: I’m really sorry to have to resort to these methods, Mr. Willis!
    – Korben Dallas: Dallas.”

  • “- President Lindberg: Mrs. Dallas, this is the President. On behalf of the federation, I would like to thank you…
    – Korben’s Mother: Oh, please. That doesn’t even sound like him! The President’s an idiot, you don’t sound like an idiot.”

  • “- Police: Are you classified as human?
    – Korben Dallas: Negative, I am a meat popsicle.”

  • “Don’t watch that stuff all day, sweetie. It’ll rot your brain.”

    to his cross-eyed cat, as it watches television


  • “Life, which you so nobly serve, comes from destruction, disorder and chaos. Now take this empty glass. Here it is: peaceful, serene, boring. But if it is destroyed…
    [pushes the glass off the table. It shatter on the floor, and several small machines come out to clean it up]
    Look at all these little things! So busy now! Notice how each one is…” 

    there’s an empty glass on the table


  • “- Korben Dallas: What’s your name?
    – Leeloo: Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat.
    – Korben Dallas: Good. That… that whole thing’s your name, huh? Do you have, uh… a shorter name?
    – Leeloo: Leeloo.”

  • “You’re right, you’re right, I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.”

    Korben Dallas kisses Leeloo. Leeloo swipes his gun and holds it to his head


  • “- Father Vito Cornelius: It’s a…
    – DJ Ruby Rhod: No. ‘Cuz if it was a bomb, the alarms would go off ‘cuz all these hotels have bomb detectors, right?
    [the alarms go off]”

    they see a bomb stuck to the door


  • “- Leeloo: Everything you create, you use to destroy.
    – Korben Dallas: Yeah, we call it human nature.”

  • “- Mactilburgh: It’s an honor to meet you sir!
    – President Lindberg: Yes, it is.”

  • “- Fog: I’ve never negotiated before.
    – Korben Dallas: Do you mind if I try?
    – Fog: No, sure, sure, sure.
    – Fog: We’re sending somebody in to negotiate!
    [Korben Dallas walks into the room and shoots Aknot between the eyes]”

    Aknot is holding hostages and wants someone to negotiate with


  • “- Mr. Kim: You’re not gonna open it? It might be important.
    – Korben Dallas: Yeah, like the last two I got were important. The first one was from my wife, telling me she was leaving. The second was from my lawyer, telling me he was leaving… with my wife.”

    Korben Dallas has received a message


  • “I don’t like warriors. Too narrow-minded, no subtlety. And worse, they fight for hopeless causes. Honor? Huh! Honor’s killed millions of people, it hasn’t saved a single one.”

  • “I only speak two languages, English and bad English.”

  • “- Korben Dallas: …And the third one?
    – General Munro: Of all the members of your unit, you’re the only one left alive.”

    Korben Dallas asked the reasons why General Munro has chosen him for the mission



    “- Head Scientist: Anticipation denotes intelligence.
    – Father Vito Cornelius: The most terrible intelligence imaginable.”


    “I know this music…
    [plants a bomb]
    Let’s change the beat.”

    listening to people screaming and panicking

    The Fifth Element Quotes

    Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas

    • (Bruce Willis) “Whoa, lady, I only speak two languages, English and bad English.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for conversation, but maybe you could just shut up for a moment?”
    • (Bruce Willis) “You’re right, you’re right, I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.”
    • (Milla Jovovich) “Senno ecto gammat.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”
    • (Milla Jovovich) “ecto gammat.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “When she woke up, she said a bunch a stuff. I didn’t understand any of it but — what does ‘ecto gammat’ mean?”
    • (Priest Vito Cornelius) “Uh — never again, without my permission.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “That’s what I thought.”
    • (Mr. Kim) “You got a message.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Yeah”
    • (Mr. Kim) “You’re not gonna open it? It might be important.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Yeah, like the last two I got were important. The first one was from my wife, telling me she was leaving. The second was from my lawyer, telling me he was leaving — with my wife.”
    • (Mr. Kim) “Ah, that’s bad luck. Grandfather say it not rain everyday. This is good news, guaranteed. I bet your lunch.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Okay, you’re on.”
    • (Mr. Kim) “Come on –“
    • (Mr. Kim) “You are fired. Oh.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Well, at least I won lunch.”
    • (Mr. Kim) “Good philosophy, see good in bad, I like.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “The government sent me to help you. Just stay calm.”
    • (Priest Vito Cornelius) “I’m really sorry to have to resort to these methods, Mr. Wallace –“
    • (Bruce Willis) “Dallas.”
    • (Priest Vito Cornelius) “Er, Mr. Dallas. But we heard about your good luck on the radio, and we need your tickets for Fhloston.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Is this how priests normally take vacations?”
    • (Priest Vito Cornelius) “We’re not on a vacation, we’re on a mission.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “What mission is that?”
    • (Priest Vito Cornelius) “We have to save the world, my son.”
    • (Unnamed) “Oh, I get it. You wanna make make your only mother to beg. Is that it?”
    • (Bruce Willis) “No, I don’t wanna make you beg. All I want is an explanation. Look, I just got in. I just smashed my cab, I lost my job, I got mugged. Besides that, everything’s peachy. Thanks for asking. Now will you just settle down and explain this to me calmly.”
    • (Unnamed) “Oh, so you don’t know you won a trip to Fhloston Paradise for two for 10 days? And I suppose you’ll just leave me on the lunar surface to freeze my ass off?”
    • (Bruce Willis) “If I’d won a trip, I’d know about it. Somebody would’ve notified me.”
    • (Unnamed) “Corben, they’ve been blaring your name on the radio for the last hour, you big ape.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “How many are in there?”
    • (Lee Evans) “I-I-I-don’t –“
    • (Bruce Willis) “Let’s count.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Seven on the left, five on the right.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Four on the right, two on the left.”
    • (Unnamed) “You miserable bastard. I never should’ve pushed you out.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Ma?”
    • (Unnamed) “Oh, so you don’t know you won a trip to Fhloston Paradise for two for 10 days? And I suppose you’ll I was in labor for days, and this is how you repay me? I should’ve just gotten a robot.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Come on, Ma.”
    • (Unnamed) “Don’t “come on, Ma” me. I should be there, not you. I need a tan. I need a cocktail.”
    • (Priest Vito Cornelius) “What are you doing?”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Trying to save your ass so you can save the world.”
    • (Chief NY Cop) “Sir, can you put your hands in the yellow circles, please?”
    • (Neighbour) “Smoke you.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Wrong answer.”
    • (Chief NY Cop) “The police control is now terminated. Thank you for your cooperation. Have a nice day.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Leeloo — how do we open these stones?”
    • (Milla Jovovich) “Wind blows — Fire Burns — Water Falls –“
    • (DJ Ruby Rhod) “Korben sweetheart, what was that? It was BAD. It had no fire, no energy, no nothing. Y’know I got a Show to run here, and it must pop POP POP. So tomorrow from 5 to 7 will you PLEASE act like you have more than a two word vocabulary. It must be green, okay?”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Can I talk to you for a second?”
    • (Bruce Willis) “I didn’t come here to play Pumbaa on the radio. So tomorrow from 5 to 7 your gonna give yourself a hand, You green?”
    • (DJ Ruby Rhod) “Supergreen.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “We need to find the leader, Mangalores won’t fight without the leader.”
    • (Aknot) “One more shot, and we start killing hostages.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “That’s the leader.”
    • (Aknot) “Send someone to negotiate.”
    • (Lee Evans) “Uh, I-I’ve never negotiated before.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Do you mind if I try?”
    • (Lee Evans) “No, sure, sure, sure.”
    • (Lee Evans) “We’re sending somebody in to negotiate.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Anybody else want to negotiate?”
    • (Lee Evans) “Wh-where did he learn to n-negotiate like that?”
    • (Tom Lister Jr.) “I wonder.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Finger’s gonna kill me.”
    • (Fhloston Hostess) “We have twelve swimming pools, and two on the rooftop. All the restaurants are between level two and level ten. The planet Fhloston has 400 beaches, all accessible until 5 PM. Then, the airship goes higher, to offer you a better view with your dinner.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Is the Diva here yet?”
    • (Fhloston Hostess) “Not yet.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Are there any tickets left for this opera? I’m a really big fan –“
    • (Fhloston Hostess) “You have a seat reserved, front row, next to RU-BY RHOD. He’s so talented, don’t you think? I just love him — he’s so sexy –“
    • (Bruce Willis) “What’s your name?”
    • (Milla Jovovich) “Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Good. That — that whole thing’s your name, huh? Do you have, uh — a shorter name?”
    • (Milla Jovovich) “Leeloo.”
    • (Priest Vito Cornelius) “Yes?”
    • (Bruce Willis) “I’m, uh, looking for a priest.”
    • (Priest Vito Cornelius) “Weddings are one floor down, my son. Congratulations.”
    • (Priest Vito Cornelius) “I’m really sorry to have to resort to these methods, Mr. Willis.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Dallas.”
    • (Police) “Are you classified as human?”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Negative, I am a meat popsicle.”
    • (Priest Vito Cornelius) “Korben, I realize you that must be pretty mad at me, but I want you to know that I am fighting for a noble cause.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Yes, you’re trying to save the world, I remember. Right now, I’m trying to save Leeloo, father.”
    • (Priest Vito Cornelius) “Leeloo’s in trouble?”
    • (Bruce Willis) “When is Leeloo not in trouble?”
    • (Bruce Willis) “You guard this with your life, or you’re gonna look like this guy here. You green?”
    • (DJ Ruby Rhod) “G-green.”
    • (Bruce Willis) “Super green?”
    • (DJ Ruby Rhod) “Super green.”
    • (Tom Lister Jr.) “Is that your idea of a discreet operation?”
    • (Brion James) “Don’t-don’t worry, sir. I know my man. He’ll calm things down.”


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