Best Estranged Siblings Quotes 2021

Sibling relationships are beautiful and strong. They can also be trying and tedious. Just because you share DNA with someone doesn’t ensure that life together will forever be smooth sailing. If you and your sibling are estranged, but you still have so much love in your heart for them, one of these estranged sibling quotes might sum up your feelings about them to a tee.

Estranged Sibling Quotes for Siblings Who Are Rebuilding

You and your brother or sister were once close, but then a rift grew. You weathered life’s storms, and together you are rebuilding and redefining your sibling relationship. These quotes are perfect for siblings who are coming back together after a period of estrangement.

  • The greatest thing I ever did was pick up the phone and dial your number.
  • After years apart, I realized that a life without you in it wasn’t much of a life at all.
  • I didn’t realize how much I missed you until I had you back in my life.
  • Sister/Brother, I am eternally grateful that you chose to take the steps towards reconciliation with me.
  • Rebuilding our sibling relationship has not been easy, but it has been worth it.
  • Sister/Brother, we can not get back the years we lost, but we can make up for it now that we are rebuilding.
  • Every day I am grateful that we continue to put one foot in front of the other and find each other again.
  • In the end, the bond that we have was stronger than the anger we developed.
  • Sister/Brother, I am forever focused on making forward and seeing what we can become.
  • We were once strong, then broken, and now we are growing stronger than ever. So proud of us, brother/sister!
  • Whatever we create is totally and wholly ours. I can not wait to see what our new sibling bond becomes.
  • I see only one future, and it is one with my brother/sister in it.
  • We could have stayed broken but chose to repair. I am so proud of us.

Quotes for Estranged Siblings Separated by Distance

Often there is no big blow up or fight that creates sibling estrangement. Sometimes people move apart, grow apart, and essentially start to live apart, disconnected from their brothers or sisters. When distance separates two people, estrangement can occur. These quotes illustrate a sibling bond that fizzled over time and distance, and while still estranged, highlight that hopes for reconciliation is still possible.

  • Parted by miles, we are, but in our hearts, we will always be family.
  • We can not see each other or hold each other, but we can always work on loving each other.
  • Space and years have come between us, but if you ever need me, I will come running.
  • The adulthood years have put us on different paths, but the childhood memories live on in my heart.
  • Apart by thousands of miles, we are. Let the love we once shared be twice as strong as the separation we are experiencing.
  • I can not see you, but in my heart and mind, your smile still lights up my life.
  • Someday the distance between us will shrink, and our sibling bond will once again grow.
  • Much has come between us, but still, I love you more than anything in this world.
  • I think of you often, sister/brother, and hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, happiness surrounds you.
  • While our lives have gone in different directions, know that wherever you are in the world, I am here beside you in your heart.

Quotes for Estranged Siblings Missing Their Brother or Sister

You are estranged, and picking up the phone and dialing your sister or brother’s number seems impossible right now. There may be hurt, anger and resentment, but down in your core, you love your sibling and miss what you once had.

  • The absence of you in my life has left a gaping hole that I am desperate to fill.
  • I miss you, sister, with every part of my being.
  • Tell me what to do, and I will fix it. For you, I will try anything.
  • Mistakes have been made by both of us, but mistakes are there to fix. I miss you and wish for reconciliation, sister/brother.
  • I miss what we were and will do anything to find what we have lost.
  • No one can fill the role you had in my life. I miss you, sister/brother.
  • Whatever step needs to be taken so that we can come together again, I’ll take them. I’ve missed you so much.
  • Let’s look past the hurt and start fresh. I miss you dearly, sister/brother.
  • I will cease-fire if it means putting an end to the pain that is missing you in my life, sister/brother.
  • When I look in the mirror, I see you, and my heart breaks all over again. Missing you, brother/sister.

Quotes for Estranged Siblings Who Grew Up With Challenging Families

One risk factor of sibling estrangement is when one sibling is close with the parents, and the other siblings have anger towards them. It can be hard to wrap your mind around how your brother or sister can stay connected to a set of people who you feel deeply hurt by. These quotes are for siblings who might feel differently about their upbringing or their parents than their brothers or sisters do.

  • We didn’t have it easy, and our childhood was rocky, but the beauty of adulthood is that we get to do things our way. Let’s start by making a bond that is all ours.
  • Let’s not let their issues become our issues.
  • Sister/brother, whatever happened in the past is in the past. The future is ours. Let it be bright.
  • In a family history dotted by storms and clouds, you were always the sunshine sister/brother.
  • I’m sorry for your hurt, and I acknowledge your pain. I only want to make things better for you if you’ll let me.
  • Loving two people at war is hard. While you and (dad/mom) don’t speak, I am still here and ready to talk.
  • The damage has been done, and maybe being a family is too hard right now, so let’s try to be friends first.
  • Know that when the other family doors feel closed, sister/brother, mine is always open.
  • They did their best to raise us, but let’s do better.
  • We grew up to become anything we wanted, despite the odds we were handed, so let’s grow up to be closer.
  • Forget them all. Right now, it is just you and me against the world, sister/brother.


Estranged Siblings Quotes

 It’s especially difficult when siblings leave the nest and grow into their own person, often apart from other siblings and parents. The ones we shared so much with growing up we suddenly have nothing in common with, it seems. 


 I can’t say it’s not painful being estranged from most of my family. I wish it could be otherwise. 

LaToya Jackson

 Old friendship get estranged, couple words might get exchanged. Knew ani…s since diapers, oh well guess shit don’t changed. 


 There is not so agonizing a feeling in the whole catalogue of human suffering as the first conviction that the heart of the being whom we most tenderly love is estranged from us. 

William Henry

 Politics makes estranged bedfellows. 

Goodman Ace

 Realism, whether it be socialist or not, falls short of reality. It shrinks it, attenuates it, falsifies it; it does not take into account our basic truths and our fundamental obsessions: love, death, astonishment. It presents man in a reduced and estranged perspective. Truth is in our dreams, in the imagination. 

Eugene Ionesco

 My siblings think I’m lame; they’re right. 


 Just out of curiosity, are your parents siblings? 


Im Better Than You quotes
 Friends are the siblings God never gave us. 


 Children know when they are being treated differently than their siblings. 


 Manipulating your siblings by saying ‘I’m going to tell mom what you did’ …When in fact, you don’t even know anything that they did. 


 Days had come, winters had gone, and we gamboled like siblings in Paradise. 


 All your life you get compared to your siblings, to your friends, and to your cousins. 


 Always being treated differently from you’re other siblings isn’t fair. 


 Here’s to the kids who love their siblings. No matter how annoying they are. 


 Be good to your siblings…They’re your closest link to your past & the ones most likely to be there with you into the future. 


 Fake friends and siblings, like to wish you well but aint never flip the nickel in. 

Cyhi Da Prynce

 I love the relationship I have with my sisters. I don’t understand siblings who are not close. Like that’s all you have. 


 I have 5 siblings and I only live with 1. I kinda wish I lived with all of them, I’m really family oriented but then again I’d probably go crazy. 


 Your siblings are the only people in the world who know what it’s like to have been brought up the way you were. 

Betsy Cohen

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