Best Dabo Swinney Quotes

Always remember, the goals that we have achieved pale in comparison to the daily commitments it took to get there. Dabo Swinney

No, we don’t control who our parents are. We don’t control what color we are. We don’t control what home we are born into. But we control our attitude. We control our work ethic. We control our drive and our commitment. Dabo Swinney

Continue to do common things in an uncommon way. Continue to be ‘all in.’ Continue to apply ‘best is the standard.’ Continue to be a person of excellence in everything you do. Dabo Swinney

Everybody runs, but only one wins first prize. So, run your race in such a way as to win. Dabo Swinney

God creates us to compete. He creates us to win. It matters. But you’ve got no chance if you don’t do your best. Dabo Swinney

My dad was a great man, and I loved him, but he had some demons he fought. It was tough to see some of those things as a kid, but I believe God doesn’t save you from things; he saves you through them. Dabo Swinney

I’m not trying to be like everybody else. I want to be Clemson, and Clemson’s not for everybody. Dabo Swinney

We’re all going to experience death and failure and setbacks and disappointments and cancer and, you know, it’s a really difficult world. And for me, God has always – in my relationship with Christ – He’s given me hope and peace. Dabo Swinney

You better have an anchor in life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Division I head football coach or Joe Schmo from Okemoh. Bad things happen. If you’re not anchored, you’re going to be washed away. Dabo Swinney

I always tell people, good coaches are a dime a dozen. Good coaches that are good people, good husbands, good fathers, that love their players and are passionate about doing things in a way that I believe is important, that pool gets real small. Dabo Swinney

In recruiting, you talk about anything and everything a recruit wants to talk about that seems relevant. Dabo Swinney

I’m a big believer in the student-athlete part. I value the education and what it provides for you. Football is a vocation. Only 1.67 percent of these athletes go on to the NFL. An education provides you an opportunity for a career. A lot of people just don’t get that. To say they aren’t getting anything is misinformed. Dabo Swinney

I have an MBA, but my Ph.D. is in people. Everything I do is about relationships. Dabo Swinney

There’s a lot of good police officers. There’s thousands of perfect traffic stops. Lot of good men. Lot of good women. But those don’t get the stories. Dabo Swinney

Trust me, people that know me know I ain’t perfect, but I do try to live my life in a way that hopefully can be pleasing to my maker because I know I’m going to meet Him one day, and He’s not going to pat me on the back and talk about how many wins I had or how many Coach of the Year trophies we got or how much money I made. Dabo Swinney

I’m not a sympathetic guy when I see people throwing their lives away and using their life’s obstacles as excuses to fail. I just don’t buy into that. Dabo Swinney

I’ve had people say things to me like, ‘Don’t change.’ I don’t know how to be anything other than myself. Dabo Swinney I’m the biggest pansy you’ve ever seen. Dabo Swinney

I’ve never seen myself as a second-class citizen. Dabo Swinney

I am who I am. At the end of the day, you’ve got to be who you are. Dabo Swinney

I’ve always really respected Mark Richt. I think he’s a great man, first of all, and I think he’s a great coach and a guy that truly cares about the players and always has. Dabo Swinney

I think we have a sin problem in the world. It’s so easy to say we have a race problem, but we got a sin problem. Dabo Swinney

It’s hard for me to come up with a plan and hold my players accountable until I self-evaluate and hold myself accountable. Dabo Swinney

I love the trips that I’ve experienced as a player and a coach. Dabo Swinney

I’m just telling you: I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about – I’m just an old funky college coach – but Deshaun Watson is the best by a long shot. Dabo Swinney

I don’t think it’s good to be a distraction to your team. Dabo Swinney

Everyone will be judged one day, but it’s not up to me to judge somebody. Dabo Swinney

I hate the fact that, all of a sudden now, it’s not cool to go to the Gator Bowl. Are you kidding me? I don’t like that mindset. Dabo Swinney

I just look back at my entire life. You know, my faith. I knew that I was where I was supposed to be. Dabo Swinney

I’ve never really hired anybody that people thought I should hire. Dabo Swinney

No matter what’s behind us in the rearview mirror, it’s always about what’s next. Dabo Swinney

I’m not perfect. I don’t claim to be perfect. So, when people point out I’m imperfect, so what? That’s just who I am. Dabo Swinney

You got to be a champion on the inside. Dabo Swinney

When you get a young group of people that believe, are passionate… and committed to a single purpose, you better look out. Great things can happen. Dabo Swinney

The key to coaching is love. It’s not knowledge; it’s not discipline. If you love ’em, you can discipline them. If you love ’em, you can yell at them and laugh about it later. Dabo Swinney

For me personally, joy comes from focusing on Jesus, others, and yourself. Dabo Swinney

I’m always just focused on being great where I’m at and blooming where I’m planted. Dabo Swinney

For me, and I’ve been on record saying it, let’s create two leagues: one for players who want the college football experience, and another for those that want to get paid, have the NFL help fund it, whatever. Guys who don’t want to go to school to get an education, let them go to work. Dabo Swinney

It’s the journey to get there. It’s that moment in that locker room when you’re with a group of people that have gotten it done. There’s nothing like it. If you could bottle that up and take that out in the world, you’d dominate. Dabo Swinney

I’m counting every silver lining I can get. Dabo Swinney

We work too hard to be miserable. Dabo Swinney

There’s nobody tougher on the players than me. Nobody. Dabo Swinney

You may not have any interest in Clemson whatsoever, but if Clemson calls, and they want to pay for you to come, and feed you and put you in a hotel, well, who doesn’t want to go do that? Sign me up. Let’s go, man. Dabo Swinney

The thing I enjoy the most about being the head coach is that I get to create the climate. I get to control the environment everybody comes to work in every day, and I’m very in tune to the chemistry, the morale of my staff, my support staff, my secretaries, the guy cleaning the building, the players, the walk-ons. Dabo Swinney

I was one of those kids who watched the Bear Bryant Show every Sunday, and every time Alabama played, I was listening on the radio. I’d fight you if you talked bad about Alabama. Dabo Swinney

You’re looking at a guy who grew up in the state of Alabama, and my dream was to play there. Dabo Swinney

If Alabama were 8-4, they’d still be dominating the conversation. Dabo Swinney

I’ve never failed at anything in my life. Dabo Swinney

Sometimes fans… they want more and more and more, and they think you win a national championship every year. It doesn’t work that way. Dabo Swinney

I had a lot of time as a kid to dream. There wasn’t much else left to do. Dabo Swinney

My vision is for other schools to be like Clemson. My vision is to build a model program. Dabo Swinney

All I know is, there’s nothing we can’t do at Clemson. I don’t have to go somewhere else to win at the highest level, to recruit great players, to have great support – I really don’t. I’m just really fortunate. Dabo Swinney

My driving force in this business is to create and build great men, and to do that, you have to have great relationships. Dabo Swinney

My entire life, nothing’s been easy. This is the way it ought to be. Dabo Swinney

I don’t ever want to come in the locker room and have players in there pouting. Dabo Swinney

I’m a wimp. I’m from Alabama. I don’t like the cold.

Dabo Swinney

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