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Cruella De Vil fans, listen up!

“More good women have been lost to marriage than to war, famine, disease, and disaster. You have talent darling, don’t squander it.” Quotes from Cruella De Vil, coupled with her despicable attitude, make her one of the most iconic villains.

Cruella De Vil is a fictional character portrayed as an iconic villain in the ’56 novel ‘101 Dalmatians’. Cruella De Vil has beautifully portrayed the idea of self-loathing and greed that loses at the end, yet we hold love for her character. She has a great sense of style, creating a grand image of her villainous character. She often says she “lives for fur”, which is her vice and why people find her so evil.

She was indeed one glamorous, greedy and sinister London heiress who stole 97 or 99 Dalmatian puppies for her fur coat from when she came out to be such an evil character. Cruella De Vil is, in fact, so wealthy she is on the fictional Forbes rich list!

She had received sympathy from many fans when Emma, in ‘Once Upon A Time’, killed her with her powers while trying to save her son, Henry, from being killed by Cruella in the Cruella series. Here are the 10 best Cruella De Vil Quotes, which are truly iconic.

Best Cruella De Vil 101 Dalmatians Disney Movie Quotes

Cruella De Vil has won our hearts like many other fictional villains in the world of fantasy. Here are the most fascinating Glenn Close Cruella De Vil quotes for you to cherish and remember when your dog turns mischievous.

Cruella De Vil 101 Dalmatians quotes are still extremely popular.

1. “Ugh, if only your wits matched your looks.”

– Cruella De Vil, ‘101 Dalmations’.

2. “Anita: Cruella, isn’t that a new fur coat?

Cruella De Vil: My only true love, darling. I live for furs. I worship furs! After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn’t??”

– ‘101 Dalmatians’.

3. “If I’d known it was this cold, darling, I’d have grabbed two more puppies and made mittens.”

– Cruella De Vil, ‘101 Dalmations’.

Best Cruella De Vil Quotes From 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is one of the most popular movie franchise and stars some of the best actors. The movie is full of adventure, good winning against evil, and of course, features all the cute dogs. Here are the best quotes by Cruella De Vil and Glenn Close quotes from the movie ‘101 Dalmatians’ that you ought to note down using a pen and paper.

Cruella De Vil is an iconic negative character.

4. “Sweet, simple Anita! I know, I know! This horrid little house is your dream castle! And poor Roger is your bold and fearless Sir Galahad!”

– Cruella De Vil, ‘101 Dalmations’.

5. “ Oh, well, in that case I’ll take them all. The whole litter. Just name your price, dear!”

– Cruella De Vil, ‘101 Dalmations’.

6. “Work your way south on the side roads. I’ll take the main road.”

– Cruella De Vil, ‘101 Dalmations’.

Evil Quotes By Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil was one evil character full of selfishness and greed for many a thing. Fur was one of the items that she was crazy for. Here are some of evil and villainous quotes by Cruella De Vil.

7. “You idiots! You…You fools! Oh, you imbeciles!”

– Cruella De Vil, ‘101 Dalmations’.

8. “”Fifteen puppies stolen”. They are darling little things?”

– Cruella De Vil, ‘101 Dalmations’.

9. “Why you horrid nan…You…You…Alright, keep the little beasts for all I care! Do what you like with them! Drown them!”

– Cruella De Vil, ‘101 Dalmations’.

10. “Fifteen. Fifteen puppies! How marvelous! How marvelous! How perfectly! Oh, the devil takes it, they’re mongrels. No spots! No spots at all! What a horrid little white rat!”

– Cruella De Vil, ‘101 Dalmations’.

Cruella De Vil’s Most Wretched Quotes

15“Anita, Don’t Be Ridiculous. You Can’t Possibly Afford To Keep Them. You Can Scarcely Afford To Feed Yourselves.”

Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmations

Cruella decides to attack Anita and her life with Roger when Anita tries to tell Cruella that the dalmatian puppies are not for sale at any price and the couple intends to keep the puppies.

Anita and Roger aren’t as wealthy as Cruella and Cruella immediately tries to put her down and manipulate Anita into selling the puppies. Cruella says that Roger and Anita can’t even afford to feed themselves let alone several dalmatian puppies.

14“Sweet, Simple Anita! I Know, I Know! This Horrid Little House Is Your Dream Castle! And Poor Roger Is Your Bold And Fearless Sir Galahad!”

Roger and Anita meeting in 101 Dalmatians

Roger and Anita live a simple yet happy life and the two care deeply for each other, but Cruella doesn’t see it that way at all. She chooses to poke fun at Anita and sees Anita as a failure in life because she hasn’t found riches or prominence.

Cruella doesn’t understand how Anita could be happy with her simple existence and instead of keeping it to herself or letting Anita live the life she wants she instead chooses to voice her opinion of disgust just to try to upset Anita.

13“When Can The Puppies Leave Their Mother? Two Weeks? Three Weeks?”

It’s clear from the beginning of the movie that Cruella de Vil does not want Roger and Anita’s dalmatian puppies so she can care for them. It’s much more sinister than that as she wants all of the puppies to make fur coats.

This quote is especially cruel as she pesters the couple about the earliest time she could possibly buy the puppies from them. Thankfully, the couple declines the offer, but it just launches Cruella into a more devious plan to take them all.

12“Congratulations. You’ve Just Won Gold, Silver, And Bronze In The Morons Olympics!”

Jasper and Horace in 101 Dalmatians

Cruella spends a lot of the movie ordering around her two henchmen Horace and Jasper who are attempting to steal the puppies from Anita and Roger so Cruella can make her precious fur coats.

She constantly yells at them for messing up her perfect plan and thinks that they’re complete fools and isn’t afraid to tell them exactly how she feels. Calling the people who work for her morons it’s a typical day for Cruella de Vil.

11“Now Go And Stand Somewhere Until I Need You.”

Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians

Cruella is known for being cruel and short with everyone she interacts with and this quote is no different as she uses her usual demeanor to tear down everyone in her path.

Cruella typically thinks she’s above everyone else and treats whoever she interacts with like a fool who doesn’t understand how to do anything. She thinks she has to do everything herself but she still enjoys bossing people around anyway.

10“You Idiots! You…You Fools! Oh, You Imbeciles!”

Cruella, Jasper and Horace sitting in the wreckage of the car in 101 Dalmatians

Jasper and Horace hit Cruella’s car from the side, sending all three people over the side of the hill, and thus ending their pursuit of the puppies, who get away safely.

Cruella doesn’t take the loss easily as she calls her hired help a few different names, and by this time, Horace and Jasper are done with their employer and Jasper tells her to “shut up” as she cries into the snow. Cruella got her karma, and it was a lesson she needed to learn.

9“Well Now, What Have We Here? So They Thought They Could Outwit Cruella?”

When Cruella comes upon the dog tracks in the snow on the road, she’s more than delighted by their trail, though Pongo tried to cover it. She utters the quote above, proud of herself for her detective skills, and, as always, underestimates the intelligence of the fleeing dogs.

She doesn’t immediately see through their disguise, courtesy of soot, while in the village, and she certainly failed to understand how far Pongo and Perdita would go to retrieve their beloved puppies, alongside all the other puppies that Cruella had intended to turn into coats.

8“Fifteen. Fifteen Puppies! How Marvelous! How Marvelous! How Perfectly Ugh! Oh, The Devil Take It, They’re Mongrels! No Spots! No Spots At All! What A Horrid Little White Rat!”

Cruella 101 Dalmatians

Cruella is disgusted by the fact that the puppies don’t have their spots right away. If they don’t look absolutely perfect, they’re just “mongrels” to her. The puppies were newly born, and instead of commenting how cute they were, Cruella said the exact opposite.

Did she really expect Roger and Anita to sell them after saying the things she did? Cruella certainly needs a filter, but at the same time, she was being herself. Neither Roger nor Anita expected any different, and audiences certainly weren’t surprised at Cruella’s behavior by this point in the film, either.

7“Why You Horrid Man…You….You…Alright, Keep The Little Beasts For All I Care! Do What You Like With Them! Drown Them!”

Cruella and Roger 101 Dalmatians

Considering what Cruella ultimately planned to do with the puppies, the above quote was a major red flag. Roger did good, standing up to her and declaring she’d never get any one of the puppies.

Cruella, however, clearly isn’t used to not getting what she wants. Her reaction to not getting what she wanted was quite dark and disturbing in itself.

6“My Only True Love, Darling. I Live For Furs. I Worship Furs! After All, Is There A Woman In All This Wretched World Who Doesn’t?”

Cruella’s one true love in life is fur. She never goes anywhere without her precious fur coat and matching handbag. Cruella often makes fun of Anita’s lifestyle; she doesn’t understand Anita’s appreciation and love for the simple things in life. She doesn’t need furs to make her happy, and that’s something Cruella could never relate to.

It’s quite sad that the only thing Cruella really loved was fur; it was she that was missing out on some of the greatest parts of life, not Anita. Though, she wouldn’t be the Disney villain audiences know and love if she were even the tiniest bit different.

5“Blast This Pen! Blast This Wretched, Wretched Pen!”

Cruella looking angrily at her pen 101 Dalmatians

Cruella doesn’t have a lot of patience. For anything. That includes a pen not working right away so she can write a check for Roger and Anita to purchase the newborn puppies. Plus, while trying to get the pen to work, she gets ink on Roger and Pongo, further irritating the two.

Though, the pen was the least of her problems at that moment. She really lost her temper when she found out she wouldn’t be getting a single puppy, declaring that she was “through” with all of them.

4“Oh No You Don’t! We’ll Find The Little Mongrels If It Takes Till Next Christmas. Now Get Going! And Watch Your Driving You Imbeciles, You Wanna Get Nabbed By The Police?”

Cruella talking with Jasper and Horace in 101 Dalmatians

Cruella isn’t about to lose her investment, and she refuses to allow Jasper and Horace to give up the search for the puppies.

The funniest aspect of this quote is the fact that, after she reprimands Horace and Jasper for their driving skills, she roars away herself, snow flying at Horace and Jasper in her wake. If anyone were going to be caught for their driving, it’d be Cruella.

3“I Don’t Care How You Kill The Little Beasts, But Do It, And Do It Now!”

Cruella yelling at Jasper and Horace 101 Dalmatians

Cruella doesn’t care about a lot of things, including dognapping and killing puppies. Though, she does obviously care about the police, as she urges Jasper and Horace to kill the puppies ahead of schedule.

She yells at and slaps her hired help, leaving with a threat that she’ll call the police if they don’t do what she asks by the time she returns. She doesn’t have much regard for other lives, whether they’re dogs or humans. Cruella runs the show, and she makes sure that everyone knows it.

2“Any Way You Like! Poison Them. Drown Them. Bash Them In The Head. You Got Any Chloroform?”

Cruella in her car talking with Jasper and Horace 101 Dalmatians

Cruella hired Horace and Jasper to do the dirty work, leaving them to do the dognapping as well as the killing, but she clearly has no remorse or second thoughts about any of it. She is the mastermind, and she doesn’t care what happens to the innocent puppies, as long as she gets what she wants.

Cruella was awful through and through, and quotes like this highlight just how little conscience she has. She didn’t even hesitate when listing ideas as to how Horace and Jasper could get “the job” done. She’s too casual about murder, and it’s quite troubling.

1“Miserable, Darling, As Usual. Perfectly Wretched.”

From her first appearance, Cruella de Vil was unforgettable. The above quote was her response to Anita asking how she was. Cruella certainly has a unique viewpoint; though she obviously has wealth, it doesn’t seem to mean much in terms of her happiness.

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