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If it’s been a while since you last watched One Tree Hill, then you may have forgotten the pure awesomeness of Brooke Davis. The show’s smart, sassy cheerleader-turned-entrepreneur is one of teen TV’s best characters. Need convincing? Look no further than these Brooke Davis One Tree Hill quotes that still hold up to this day.

Times may have changed, but the wit and wisdom of Brooke never goes out of style. Unlike some of the show’s sartorial choices, there’s just no expiration date on good advice or badassery. And Sophia Bush’s character possessed plenty of both. Whether she was cheering on her best friend forever Peyton or touting her own indisputable cool credentials, Brooke always served up a dose of undiluted honesty to all those who had the privilege of being in her presence.

From her wild child teen years to her the time she spent as a total boss when the show’s time jump catapulted the characters into adulthood, Brooke spent nine seasons totally owning One Tree Hill. Even if you don’t have time for a full rewatch, these flawless quotes will remind you of just how amazing and candid Brooke Davis could be. She’s still one of the coolest people to ever grace your TV screen, and these timeless quotes will remind you why.

1. “There’s a day when you realize that you’re not just a survivor, you’re a warrior. You’re tougher than anything life throws your way.”

If Brooke says you’re a warrior, you’re a warrior, people.

2. “At the end of the day, you are who you are, and it’s probably who you’ve always been.”

This is such a beautiful ode to self-acceptance that it deserves to be on a poster.

3. “People are gonna label you. It’s how you overcome those labels, that’s what matter.”

Resiliency was one of Brooke’s defining traits, and quotes like this one illustrate why she was so amazing at picking herself up no matter what life threw at her.

4. “You think you know me but you don’t. And that means you don’t know what I can do.”

Sometimes it felt like everyone underestimated Brooke, but that was their problem because there was nothing she couldn’t conquer.

5. “Love can be for a boy or a girl or a place or a way of life or even for a family. Where you find it is up to you.”

Brooke’s love life had its ups and downs, but that’s exactly why she understood how important it is to surround yourself with people that you care about.

6. “First you’re gonna let go. Now were going to sit, and you are going to cry on my shoulder for as long as you need to.”

This will always be the ultimate best friend rallying cry.

7. “I am who am. No excuses.”

Owning who you are can be hard sometimes, but Brooke always made it look easy.

8. “You don’t get to have me, not my body, and sure as hell not my heart.”

Brooke standing up for herself will never go out of style.

9. “When you stop fighting, you stop living. We all need that thing that’s worth fighting for. Maybe it’s a certain someone, or a special place, maybe just an idea. So find your fight, and fight like hell, ’til your battle is won.”

This quote is pure motivation fuel. Read it, memorize it, and then live it, because Brooke knows what’s up.

10. “And once you lose yourself, you have two choices: find the person you used to be… or lose that person completely.”

Moving on is rarely ever easy, but Brooke understood the importance of starting fresh.

11. “If you had a friend you knew you’d never see again, what would you say? If you could do one last thing for someone you love, what would it be? Say it. Do it. Don’t wait. Nothing lasts forever.”

Brooke never shied away from handing out the hard advice.

12. “I used to be a bit of a b*tch just for the sake of being one, but now I am a b*tch for the sake of my friends and family. You do not want to test that!”

Face it: Brooke Davis is an actual queen.

13. “Sometimes my heart aches at how my life turned out… in a good way.”

Thank the TV gods for Brooke. Not only are her quotes timeless, so is she.

Brooke Davis Quotes To Live By

10“People Who Are Meant To Be Always Find Their Way In The End.”

Brooke Davis cheering at a Ravens game on One Tree Hill

When Brooke first attempts a relationship with Lucas Scott, she assures him that people who are meant to be with one another will always find their way back to each other. Of course, she’s then referencing Keith and Karen, but Lucas applies it to him and Peyton.

Brooke was wise when it came to love even as a teenager, and knew she deserved better than Lucas despite not wanting anyone but him. Her advice rings true for many of the best and power couples of One Tree Hill, including Nathan and Haley, Keith and Karen, and Lucas and Peyton. These couples had a hard time making it work at first but always found their way back because they were meant to be.

9“Everyone Should Have That. A Place That Makes Them Happy.”

Mouth McFadden and Brooke Davis at the deejay station at TRIC

Tree Hill was home to a lot of scary activity over the course of nine seasons. There were murders, fires, stalkers, and more in the small North Carolina town. However, Brooke Davis loved Tree Hill more than any other place in the world, and always found her way back to her childhood home with the red door.

When she finally made the life for herself she always wanted, including her dream husband and kids, she found a home that perfectly suited them and was in Tree Hill. She didn’t need a fancy place in LA or New York to feel settled, she just needed her family and a place that made her feel at home.

8“I Stopped Letting Boys Define Me And I Started Believing In Myself.”

One Tree Hill Brooke Davis

When Brooke goes back to Tree Hill High as an adult to show Julian around, she is reminded of who she used to be. She recalls the early seasons of the show in which her biggest problem was the love triangle between her, Lucas, and her best friend Peyton, and how she overcame the struggles that came with being a teenager.

It took a while, but Brooke realized that the only person she needed was herself. She tells Julian that she became her happiest one she started believing in herself and not relying on other people’s — mainly boys’ — opinions of her. Her words of wisdom are excellent for young women finding their place in the world.

7“Success Is Wonderful. But Finding Someone To Love And Having Them Love You Back. Love Is What It’s All About.”

Brooke knew from a young age that the thing she wanted most in the world was to have somebody by her side that loved her. She went from caring about being rich to craving love from others, as well as wanting to give that love back.

Because of her absentee parents, Brooke was constantly searching for validation from others. Once Brooke found her one true love, Julian, she realized that everything else she had been seeking in life; clothes, money, success, was irrelevant. Love was all she needed, and she had it in her friends all along.

6“He Should Be So Lucky, I Am Brooke Davis!”

Brooke talking to her nephew Jamie on One Tree Hill

In season 5, Brooke has an ice cream date with her young nephew Jamie Scott and the two discuss her disastrous love life.

She goes back and forth between blaming herself and placing blame on her current love interest, Owen. She then comes to the conclusion that she can’t make Owen like her, and he should consider himself lucky to even get a chance with her. She acknowledges her self-worth and Jamie chimes in by calling her “Brooke Penelope Davis!”

5“You Do Not Have To Compromise. Not If You Don’t Want To.”

There were a lot of things adult Brooke Davis said that would have been beneficial for her younger self to hear, and this quote was one of them.

For so much of her high school career, Brooke wanted to be liked best by anyone and everyone, constantly settling and chasing a boy who was never going to love her back and compromising for the sake of people she considered friends. It was nice to hear that as an adult Brooke knew that she deserved more, and was spreading that message to others.

4“At The End Of The Day, You Are Who You Are, And It’s Probably Who You’ve Always Been.”

Brooke Davis talking to Lucas on One Tree Hill

In a conversation with frenemy Rachel Gatina, Brooke explains that she doesn’t believe in people being able to change.

Her words are blunt and a bit harsh, but there’s a certain level of truth to them. She knows that if people behave a certain way one time, they are bound to do it again. It’s applicable in her romantic relationship with Lucas, where he left her to be with her best friend multiple times. She held out hope but was never able to change the situation. Lucas was always in love with Peyton, and there was nothing Brooke was ever going to be able to do to change that.

3“Let Me Tell You Something About Love. It Does Not Knock Often. And When It Does You Have To Let It In.”

An image of Julian proposing to Brooke in One Tree Hill

Brooke Davis was always a big believer in true love but spent so much of the series watching the people around her engage in it without ever experiencing it for herself.

When she finally did, she made sure to let her friends know to take the leap of faith that came along with falling in love. Had she not let her guard down and let Julian in, she never would’ve had her happily ever after and the family of her dreams. It was a big risk to take, and one she never could’ve taken had she not experienced past heartbreak and grown from it.

2“I Used To Be A B*Tch For The Sake Of Being One. But Now I Am A B*Tch For The Sake Of My Friends And Family. You Do Not Want To Test That.”

Brooke going off on the other cafe owner on One Tree Hill

In season 9, Brooke got a new enemy in the form of a rival cafe owner in Tree Hill. The woman, Tara, was looking to start trouble and grown-up Brooke Davis was not having any of it.

After being confronted by Tara, Brooke informs her that she used to be the mean girl in high school because she could, but now when she behaved that way it was to protect her loved ones. The quote brought out Brooke’s fiercely loyal side and reminded audiences to always stand up for the people they care about.

1 “I Am Who I Am, No Excuses.”

Brooke confronting Lucas on One Tree Hill

Upon meeting Lucas Scott for the first time in the backseat of his car, Brooke lets him know that she isn’t ashamed of who she is.

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