Best Boss Baby Quotes

Boss Baby Quotes

1. “When I was a kid the days lasted forever, but the years, well they went by so fast. Before you know it you’re all grown up. It even happened to me.” -Tim

In the opening scene, fans get to reunite with Tim Templeton now all grown up. Adult Tim is thriving in his life as a father, and he loves his family very much.

His observation about how time passes is very relatable. For kids, time passes very slowly and they can get impatient, but once you grown up you realize how fast the years go by.

This quote is a sweet reminder to savor every moment because before you know it you will grow up.

2. “The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!” -Ted Jr.

The Boss Baby is always ready with corporate jargon to motivate his team. When Ted and Tim team up on a mission to save all parents, they get into some trouble.

Top 10 Quotes from The Boss Baby: Family Business

Separated from his brother, Ted Jr. has to inspire a group of babies to work together so he can get out of the classroom and complete the mission. With inspirational lines like this one, Ted leads the group of babies in a great escape plan!

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3. “We may be small, but we’re about to teach grown ups a big lesson.” -Dr. Erwin Armstrong

Even though Dr. Erwin Armstrong has an evil plan to get rid of parents, he makes a good point here. Just because someone may be young or small, it does not mean that you can’t learn from them.

Tina is a great example of someone small who teaches grown ups a big lesson. This is because she reminds her dad and her uncle of the importance of family.

4. “I’m a lot taller in my mind.” -Tim

Tim is hanging out with Tabitha in her bedroom when he tries to sit on the bed. Used to his taller grown up body, he accidentally lands on the floor instead.

With his quick thinking he simply chuckles and says, “I’m a lot taller in my mind.” This line is funny and also lets audiences in on the joke that Tim is used to actually being taller.

5. “Never abuse the snooze button!” -Wizzie

Tim’s childhood alarm clock Wizzie is full of helpful advice. While it is very important to never abuse the snooze button, Wizzie’s line also has another meaning.

After being in storage for years, Wizzie feels that Tim does not value their friendship. He is reminding Tim to take care of the people in his life and to not take them for granted.

6. “It’s all our parents fault so we’re all doomed!” -Pageant ensemble

Tim’s daughter Tabitha goes to the best school in town, but this makes for an interesting school Winter Pageant. The children sing songs about all of the winter holidays and the parents are thrilled.

However, they also sing about global warming. The dark humor is hilarious and the song is lots of fun, but it is also a shock to the parents.

7. “That’s really dad? I said a lot of stuff to that kid.” -Tabitha

Tabitha becomes friends with a new boy in her class named Marcos Lightspeed. However, Marcos is actually her dad Tim as a child.

Tim encourages Tabitha to practice her solo for the Winter Pageant, and she tells him about her insecurities and wanting to make her dad proud.

Once Tabitha finds out that Marcos Lightspeed is actually her dad, she realizes that her dad knows everything she shared with Marcos.

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8. “Never touch another man’s pony.” -Ted Jr.

Once again, Tim’s baby brother Ted is giving out great advice. His pony, Precious, is a loyal steed and an important part of his missions.

Ted is very protective of Precious and he reminds Dr. Armstrong that it’s not polite to touch other people’s things. While this line itself may sound silly, it still sends a good message to audiences.

9. “Childhood doesn’t last forever but family sure does!” -Tina

Ted’s youngest daughter Tina also works for Baby Corp. However, her main mission is reuniting her father Tim with her uncle Ted.

After succeeding, she happily joins her dad and his brother to celebrate. Tina reminds audiences that even though we cannot stay kids forever, your family will always be there for you!

10. “Isn’t it great to see them fighting again?” Ted Sr.

While watching Tim and Ted Jr. have a snowball fight, Ted Sr. observes how happy he is to see his sons fighting. Ted Sr. knows how his sons were close in childhood, and he is happy to see them play-fighting and being friends again.

No matter your age, it is always a good idea for a snowball fight with your family!

Best Quotes from The Boss Baby

But being a dad is the coolest job in the world. – Tim

We have our ups and we have our downs – but we always stick together. – Tim

He always remembers to send inappropriately lavish gifts on special occasions. – Tim

I’m trying to do my homework, or I’m doomed. – Tabitha

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, you’re only a kid once. – Tim

Dad, my schedule is brutal tomorrow. – Tabitha

At long last, the sweet breath of freedom. – Wizzy

Hey, you wanna scare the crap out of mom? – Tim

You sleep butt dialed me? – Ted

Take it from me, you have to be aggressive if you want to climb the corporate ladder. – Ted

After all, the only thing holding your child back is. . .you. – Dr. Armstrong

Ahhh, my texting hand!!! – Ted

I’ve got to lose this baby fat. – Tina

I guess we’ll just have to melt down your big ol’ statue and turn it into participation trophies. – Tina

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It’s not that she hates you Tim, she just doesn’t respect you. – Ted

Woah, this place even looks evil. – Tim

This is my emotional support plant. – Tim

Here at the Acorn Center we believe that all competition is healthy competition. – Dr. Armstrong

His brain certainly doesn’t move at light speed. – Nathan

Alright, who wants to play Shawshank? – Ted

The difference between try and triumph is just a little “umph.” – Ted

On my signal, unleash heck. – Ted

What’s up y’all?  School is stupid. – Tim

They always say, if you want something done right you have to do it without your brother. – Ted

What the frittata?!? – Ted

I did things with glue that I’m not proud of, but I made it. – Ted

The only thing you’re going to succeed at is being alone. – Tim

Is this some kind of a ninja boy band? – Ted

What maniacal underground fortress doesn’t have ninjas? – Ted


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Are you going to let grownups push you around? – Dr. Armstrong

Why do parents get to be in charge anyway? – Dr. Armstrong

I’ve been on hold so long, I’ve got a tooth growing in. – Tina

What happens on the playground stays on the playground. – Tim

What a bunch of diaper sniffers! – Tina

The photos will spread like a diaper rash. – Tina

The truth is, it’s lonely at the top. – Ted

A very wise person once told me that just because you grow up doesn’t mean you have to grow apart. – Ted

Hold onto your chaps, pal! – Ted

I’ve got something better than a partner.  I have a brother. – Ted

It’s night of the living boomers! – Ted

You know, childhood doesn’t last forever, but family sure does. – Tina


“If I don’t succeed here with this mission, I will live here forever with you!”

Baby Boss

“Do you know who else wears diapers, astronauts and NASCAR drivers, that’s who. It’s called efficacy.”

Baby Boss

A memo can change the world.” 

Baby Boss

“How do we get past the guard? … I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life… Ugh!”

Baby Boss

“If people really knew where babies came from they would never have them. Same for hot dogs, by the way.”

Baby Boss

“Your father is a hippy.”

The Boss Baby to Tim

“Let me get this straight – this is a story about cannibalism and burning people alive?”

The Boss Baby considering Hansel and Gretel

“Hate is a strong word. It’s the RIGHT word, but still . . .”

Boss Baby

“We could share.” Tim
“You obviously didn’t go to business school.” The Boss Baby

“What? You’ve never been tickled? What about your parents? I’m sorry, I forgot. You didn’t have parents, did you?”


You can’t miss what you’ve never had.

Boss Baby

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