Best Black Widow Quotes 2021

Black Widow is a fictional superhero from marvel comics who used to be a KGB operative in the past.

She was also one of the founder members of S.H.I.E.L.D. Also known as Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow was extremely close to Clint Burton, Hawk-Eye who had saved her life back in the days.

Black Widow’s bio-technological procedure made her immune to ageing and most diseases. She is also an excellent athlete and martial artist. She is also able to psychologically manipulate people without showing her true emotions. She has excellent leadership qualities and can process information and facts without losing track. In the comics world, Black Widow first appeared in the feature ‘Iron Man’ in 1964. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the role of Black Widow is played by Scarlett Johansson. She has appeared in eleven MCU movies. The twelfth movie will be released in 2021.

Marvel Black Widow Quotes

Quotes by Natasha Romanoff are very calm, composed and level-headed.

These Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff quotes will make every MCU lover’s day.

1. “ You could use some of that right now.”

-Black Widow,  ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, 2018.

2.”Doctor Banner…Bruce, you gotta fight it. This is just what Loki wants. We’re gonna be okay. Listen to me. We’re gonna be okay, right? I swear on my life I will get you out of this!”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘The Avengers’, 2012.

3. “Even if there’s a small chance that we can undo this, I mean, we owe it to everyone who is not in this room, to try.”

-Black Widow, ‘Avengers: Endgame’, 2019.

4. “Before I worked for SHIELD, I, uh…Well, I made a name for myself. I have a very specific skill set. I didn’t care who I used it for, or on. I got on SHIELD’s radar in a bad way. Agent Barton was sent to kill me.”

– Natasha Romanoff, ‘The Avengers’, 2012.

5.    “Well done with the new chest piece. I’m reading significantly higher output and your vitals all look promising.”

-Black Widow, ‘Iron Man 2’, 2010.

6. “We don’t want to kill you, but we will.”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, 2018.

7. “Hey, fellas, either one of you know where the Smithsonian is? I’m here to pick up a fossil.”

-Black Widow, ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, 2014.

8.“I get emails from a raccoon, so nothing sounds crazy.”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘Avengers: Endgame’, 2019.

9. “I have no place in the world.”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’, 2015.

10.  “I used to have nothing. Then I got this. This job…this family. And I was…I was better because of it. And even though…they’re gone…I’m still trying to be better.”

-Black Widow, ‘Avengers: Endgame’, 2019.

Black Widow Marvel Quotes

Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, movie quotes are extremely engaging and thrilling.

Here’s some shortlisted Natasha Romanoff quotes that will raise your mood for the day.

11. “That’s not a question I need answered.”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’, 2015.

12. “We have what we have when we have it.”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘Captain America: Civil War’, 2016.

13.  “After the whole Accords situation, he and Scott took a deal. It was too tough on their families. They’re on house arrest.”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, 2018.

14. “All my friends are fighters, and here comes a guy avoiding a fight ’cause he knows he’ll win.”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’, 2015.

15. “You know, if you’re about to tell me to look on the bright side – I’m about to hit you in the head with a peanut butter sandwich.”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘Avengers: Endgame’, 2019.

Black Widow Movie Quotes

Hand-picked Natasha Romanoff quotes will make you more eager for the ‘Black Widow’ movie release.

16.  “One thing’s for sure. It’s gonna be a hell of a reunion.”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘Black Widow’, 2021.

17.  “Family, back together again.”

-Alexei Shostakov, ‘Black Widow’, 2021.

18.”We have unfinished business.”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘Black Widow’, 2021.

19. “I’ve lived a lot of lives. But I’m done running from my past.”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘Black Widow’, 2021.

20. “You’re fooling yourself. We are still both trained killers.”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘Black Widow’, 2021.

21.  “I used to have nothing. And then I got this job, this family. But nothing lasts forever.”

-Natasha Romanoff, ‘Black Widow’, 2021.

Black Widow Quotes From Comics

These are the best quotes by Natasha Romanoff from your favourite marvel comics that will bring out the geek in you. Read on for funny, inspiring and fierce quotes from this amazing character.

22. My name is…Madame Natasha…but you…can call me The Black Widow!”

-Natalia Romanova, ‘Earth-616’.

23. “Close the web.”

– Black Widow, ‘Web of Black Widow’, Vol 1 (5).

24. “Vodka. Of course there is. To Ivan Petrovich Bezukjhov…as promised — a toast. And that’s all.”

-Black Widow, ‘Deadly Origin’, Vol 1 (4).

25. “Zip up and return to your barstool, wino. Anyone in this alley is probably about to die.”

-Black Widow, ‘Infinity Countdown: Black Widow’, Vol 1(1).

26. “Your friend, Sergeant Cole-Alves, she is going to die for you, Captain. She will be found guilty in the eyes of the law and they will execute her.”

-Black Widow, ‘Punisher: War Zone’, Vol 3(2).

27. “I owe you a great debt, Logan. Someday, somehow……I will make it up to you.”

-Natalia Romanova, ‘Wolverine: Origins’, Vol 1(9).

28. Okay. The urgency of the mission may have made me…a bit premature. But you said someone hired you, Wade. Who pointed you at us and pulled the trigger?

-Black Widow, ‘Domino: Hotshots’, Vol 12.

29. “The money we can recover…but the Russian earth loves blood.”

– Black Widow, ‘Fury / Black Widow: Death Duty’, Vol 11.

30. “Do you remember it ever being ‘just talking’ with us?”

– Black Widow, ‘Web of Black Widow’, Vol 12.

31. “Your friends die or go mad. You never know whom to trust. You’ll never have a normal relationship. And if you do find love, remember one rule. Never have kids. Never.”

-Natalia Romanova, ‘Earth-616’.

Black Widow Quotes

15 “Let Me Put You On Hold.”

Though she’s introduced before the heroes team up, Natasha makes a huge impression when she’s reintroduced in The Avengers. Tied to a chair with several criminals around her, the group has to stop their interrogation when one of them gets a call from Phil Coulson for Natasha.

She takes the call, of course, and throws this line to Coulson after he reveals that Clint Barton has been taken. The line is accompanied by a nod to the man who thinks he’s interrogating her, and Natasha proves just why she’s so highly valued by SHIELD. She takes out everyone in the room in a matter of seconds and retrieves her shoes and phone to take on the mission.

14 “I Don’t Judge People On Their Worst Mistakes.”

Black Widow And Hawkeye In Avengers Endgame

Natasha has a dark past, one that’s only been touched on in the MCU so far. She knows what it means to do horrible things that people will judge her for, which is why she tries not to judge other people who have already proven themselves over and over when they make their “worst mistakes.”

She still takes Wanda Maximoff under her wing despite her leading to Ultron terrorizing Sokovia. When Natasha says this line, it’s to Clint after he’s gone on a rampage killing criminals all over the world. He might think he’s a horrible person who can’t be pulled back from the edge, but Natasha knows better.

13 “I’m Always Picking Up After You Boys…”

Black Widow in Avengers Age of Ultron

Said with a wry smile while she picks up Captain America’s shield from the street, this line is played for laughs. It’s a pretty true sentiment for her in the films.

Natasha is introduced as an undercover agent with SHIELD working at Tony Stark’s company. She’s employed to keep an eye on him and diffuse his volatile situations by Nick Fury. In The Avengers, she’s tasked with getting Bruce Banner on board for the team up and tracking down Hawkeye. Natasha doesn’t just literally pick Steve’s shield up from the road, she also figuratively picks him up and keeps him going when everyone turns on him. Natasha is the one who is always picking up after her teammates as the first female on the team.

12 “Even If There’s A Small Chance We Can Undo This, I Mean, We Owe It To Everyone Not In This Room To Try.”

Natasha Romanoff In Avengers Endgame

When what’s left of the team gets back together in Avengers: Endgame, it’s the end of an era. They’re missing half of the teammates they’ve come to know, and after years of trying to find a solution to defeating Thanos, they find an incredibly risky route to take.

Natasha, just like all of the Avengers left, knows the risks. They are all willing to put their lives on the line to get those people lost back to them; she just happens to be the one to voice that fact.

11 “This Is Just Like Budapest All Over Again.”

It remains a lingering mystery in the MCU: just what happened in Budapest. Hawkeye and Black Widow have a long history that predates their teaming up in the MCU, and they reference it while battling the Chitauri in New York.

The duo seems to have very different perspectives on just what happened in Budapest. So many theories abound about just what mission – if any – they were on, and fans speculate that the audience will finally know the answer in Black Widow’s solo movie.

10 “Either One Of You Know Where The Smithsonian Is? I’m Here To Pick Up A Fossil.”

Scarlett Johansson in Captain America Winter Soldier Fossil Scene

When Natasha teams up with Steve Rogers in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, audiences really get to know her for the first time. She shows who she is outside of her uniform – and not while playing a part undercover.

Early in the film, Natasha meets up with Steve while he’s chatting with Sam Wilson. Demonstrating her wry sense of humor, she calls him a “fossil” before taking him into SHIELD for a mission. It’s one of the first times the audience sees she’s genuinely funny.

9 “Love Is For Children. I Owe Him A Debt.”

Hawkeye and Black Widow in Avengers

When Natasha has a conversation with Loki in The Avengers, she drops a lot of gems. Nearly her entire conversation with him while SHIELD holds Loki captive made a big impression on MCU fans.

When the conversation turns to Clint Barton, Loki is quick to insinuate something romantic between them. At the time, the audience doesn’t know he has a wife and children, so Natasha’s statement about love being for children could be taken in a variety of ways. This, however, is the first hint of how close she is to Hawkeye and his family.  Additionally, her debt to Hawkeye is a hallmark of Natasha’s character. She never wants to feel like she owes anyone. Anytime someone saves her life, she makes sure to repay the favor.

8 “Steve, You Know What’s About To Happen. Do You Really Want To Punch Your Way Out Of This?”

Natasha and Steve have very different styles in combat. While Steve prefers to take everything head-on, Natasha prefers to sneak around a problem to find a quiet solution. This exchange between the two in Captain America: Civil War reminds audiences of that.

Natasha tries to warn him against conflict with the government and his team, but his stubborn fixation on the best friend he grew up with prevents him from heeding her warning. Natasha sees that coming, and she tries to do the things that will result in the least amount of damage to the people she’s become friends with.

7 “You Want To Help? Keep The Car Running.”

Black Widow Iron Man 2 infiltating Hammer

Natasha is first introduced into the MCU in Iron Man 2 as a SHIELD “shadow operative.” As Natalie Rushman, she spends a lot of her time helping Tony Stark and Pepper Potts out of messes. Happy Hogan, on the other hand, doesn’t see how capable she is – even after she takes him down in a boxing ring 30 seconds after meeting him.

This line comes from Natasha as she prepares to infiltrate Hammer Industries. Happy drives her to the building and insists on coming in with her, still not realizing that she’s perfectly capable of handling herself. Natasha’s job as a spy means she’s used to being underestimated, but she’s clearly tired of it.

6 “I Only Act Like I Know Everything.”

There’s no question that Natasha is an incredibly capable spy. She’s more observant than most, can handle herself in a fight, can lie better than anyone else on the planet, and has a lot of technical knowledge that puts her on par with some of the best hackers. Despite all of those skills, she’s not all-knowing.

It’s something she points out to Steve Rogers when he doesn’t quite trust her yet in The Winter Soldier. He continually pushes for answers that she doesn’t have. It’s a prelude to the reveal that Nick Fury doesn’t tell her everything because even he isn’t completely sure he can trust her.

5 “We Have What We Have When We Have It.”

Civil War comes at a time when Natasha and Steve have already developed a pretty firm friendship. She tries to be there for him when Peggy Carter succumbs to age and illness.

Natasha is someone who has learned that you can’t dwell on the past. She enjoys what she has at the moment, and if it doesn’t work out, she keeps going. That sentiment isn’t one she’s able to hold on to in future movies, but it’s one she tries to impress the importance of at the time.

4 “I Get Emails From A Raccoon. Nothing Sounds Crazy Anymore.”

Avengers Endgame Black Widow

While this line is played for laughs in Avengers: Endgame, it’s really a sign of just how far Natasha and the other Avengers have come over the course of the decade.

At the start of the franchise, she’s a spy – a spy conditioned in a secret Soviet program, but a spy nonetheless. By the end of the franchise, she’s one of the leaders of a group of super-powered people and aliens trying to save all worlds. She gets to travel to space and see seemingly impossible things in her line of work, so, really, nothing is off-limits.

3 “I’ve Got Red In My Ledger. I’d Like To Wipe It Out.”

This one is another piece of information Natasha drops during her conversation with Loki in Avengers. Despite her focus on enjoying what you’ve got, she does dwell on some of the worst parts of her past. Natasha knows all of the bad things she’s done, and no matter how much good she does, it seems like she just can’t make up for it.

Black Widow’s superhero life is really a redemption arc for her time in Russia. Does she ever feel like she’s balanced the scales? Viewers might never know.

2 “She’s Not Alone.”

This small line has a big impact on Natasha – and on the women that she fights alongside. When Wanda Maximoff joins the fight in Avengers: Infinity War, Proxima Midnight thinks she’ll have the upper hand. She’s wrong.

Natasha reveals that Wanda isn’t alone as she, Okoye, and Wanda take the woman down in one of the first moments where multiple women in the Avengers get to team up in live-action. The line, and the experience, stays with Wanda. Even when Natasha is gone in Endgame, she remembers the backup she received and stands with the other women in the battle against Thanos to keep Captain Marvel safe.

1 “At Some Point, We All Have To Choose Between What The World Wants You To Be And Who You Are.”

This line comes to fans out of context for the time being. It’s featured in the trailer for the Black Widow movie, now set to be released in May 2021.

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