Best Big Girl Quotes 2021

  • Big girls need big diamonds.

    Elizabeth Taylor
  • I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.

    Marilyn Monroe
  • I really want women to throw their shoulders back and stand up straight and use their big girl voices and not feel like they’re compromising their femininity to be strong and smart.

    Katie Aselton
  • I’ve been labelled as the ‘big girl’ and I’ve not got a problem with that

    Michelle McManus
  • Just about anybody is a big girl in a small world but you gotta believe it on the inside, that you can be bigger than the rest of it.

  • My family advocates doing what fulfills your soul. They’ve always said, ‘You’re a big girl; figure it out on your own.

    Kidada Jones
  • When you’re a big girl like me, you want someone who makes you feel diminutive. I think fat guys are sexy.

    Hoda Kotb
  • I’m not going to say I’m a big girl. I’m a very small person, but I’m a healthy weight. That might be a little weird for Hollywood.

    Zooey Deschanel
  • What’s the worst that can happen? If it doesn’t do well I can put on my big girl panties, deal with it and move on.

    Halle Berry
  • If someone’s lying about something small, you don’t know what else they’re lying about. I’m a big girl, I can handle the truth – even if it’s not good news.

    Jennifer Morrison
  • A big girl once came up to me after a show and said “I think you’re fatist.” I said “No, no. I think you’re fattest.”

    Jimmy Carr
  • I discovered that men were just like everyone else, really. They liked you if you were good-tempered and easy to talk to. And being a big girl meant other females trusted you more and confided in you.

    Maeve Binchy
  • Having been away from competitive tennis for a while, I am looking forward immensely to getting back on the circuit … I am looking forward to playing the Big Girls. People have had expectations from me even when I was 10 years old. I try to switch off but you are right, it isn’t always easy to do that because the expectations are really mounting.

    Sania Mirza
  • I don’t like to run. I don’t like to jump up and down. Being a big girl and having a bosom, I injure myself! It upsets me, I have to hold my two things. I just can’t jog, there’s something in the way.

    Sophia Loren
  • I may cry ruining my make up, Wash away all things you’ve taken.. I don’t care if I don’t look pretty, Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking.

    Sia Furler
  • You gonna put on your big-girl panties and fight with the boys, now?” He looked over his shoulder as if he expected me to blush or something. “Who says I wear panties?” I was certain that he flushed red this time. Laughing, I left him shaking his head and went on inside to find the Kid. We had work to do.

    Faith Hunter
  • Pull up your big girl panties and just do it.

    J.R. Ward
  • I have all my ex-girlfriends lumped into one big girlfriend I called M.A.N.D.Y.: My, Another Neurotic Disappointment? Yes.

    Dana Gould
  • When I go to dance clubs, I always dance with big girls, so we finish at the same time.

    Gabriel Iglesias
  • Put on your big girl pants and deal.

    J.R. Ward
  • So every time I rap about being a big girl in a small world it’s doing a couple things: it’s empowering my self-awareness, my body image, and it’s also making the statement that we are all bigger than this, we’re a part of something bigger than this, and we should live in each moment knowing that.

  • Then after a long time Annie wasn’t a little girl anymore. She was a big girl and I was so much in love with her that I lived in a dream. In the dream my heart seemed to be ready to burst, for it seemed that the whole world was inside it swelling to get out and be the world. But that summer came to an end. Time passed and nothing happened that we had felt so certain at one time would happen.

    Robert Penn Warren
  • Sucker Punch’ is a big girl power movie.

    Carla Gugino  
  • Gabrielle Reece quote: Volleyball anchored me at a time in my life when I needed it...Volleyball anchored me at a time in my life when I needed it. It gave me a reason for being this big, big girl.

    Gabrielle Reece
  • I’m a big girl, Finn.

    Ridley Pearson
  • If I talk to a woman for more than five minutes I can tell you exactly whether she’s an Aidan girl or a Mr. Big girl. Aidan girls are more interested in nurturing relationships and building a nest while Mr. Big girls are more about show and having fun.

    Michael Patrick King
  • When you are old you can look back and see yourself when you are young. It is almost like looking down from heaven. And you see yourself as a young woman, just a big girl really, half awake to the world. You see yourself happy, holding in your arms a good, decent, gentle, beloved young man with the blood keen in his veins, who before long is going to disappear, just disappear, into a storm of hate and flying metal and fire. And you just don’t know it.

    Wendell Berry

Big Girl Quotes

  • “.. that terrible feeling that you’re not good enough to be loved by the people you love most, and eventually by anyone else.”
    ― Danielle Steel, Big Girl
  • “I’m one of them. The weirdos and the freaks. My point was that it’s ok to be different, and from now on we’d better be, if we’re going to make something of ourselves. It’s the one thing I learned in school. Different is ok. -Victoria”
    ― Danielle Steel, Big Girl
  • “.. All you know is your parents telling you that you’re not deserving, you’re not worthy, and no one will ever want you. Believe me, tapes like that play so loud, you can’t hear anything else. Even when it’s clear otherwise.”
    ― Danielle Steel, Big Girl
  • “Victoria heard across the wedding reception dance floor “You’re loveable”!”
    ― Danielle Steel, Big Girl
  • “I’m not the enemy, they are. I hear them. You’re not good enough so no one could ever love you. Come here,” he said, pulling her into his arms and looking into her huge blue eyes that were the same color as his own. “I love you. You are lovable. They’re idiots. And I love everything about you, just the way you are. Now that’s my message to you. It’s not theirs. It’s mine. You are the most lovable woman I’ve ever known.” As he said it, he kissed her, and tears of relief slid down her cheeks, and she sobbed in his arms. He had just told her everything she had waited to hear all her life, and had never heard before.”
    ― Danielle Steel, Big Girl
  • “People are so obsessed with that these days. As long as you’re healthy, what difference do a few pounds make? Crazy diets. Thirteen-year-old girls on magazine covers who wind up in hospitals because they’re so anorexic. Real women don’t look like that. And who wants them to? No one wants a woman who looks sick or like she;s been from a refugee camp.”
    ― Danielle Steel, Big Girl
  • “.. As far as they’re conserned, I’ve been kind of a poor second best all my life, or I don’t qualify at all compared to my brother. It’s rough being around them and feeling like you never measure up.” Collin”
    ― Danielle Steel, Big Girl
  • “Her father said, whenever the subject came up, that if she’d lose some weight, she’d find a boyfriend. She knew that wasn’t necessarily the case, since plenty of girls who had perfect figures and were half her size couldn’t find a boyfriend. And other girls who were overweight were happily married, engaged or had significant others.Romance, she knew, wasn’t directed tied to your weight, there were a lot of other factors.”
    ― Danielle Steel, Big Girl
  • “A man who really likes you and cares about you won’t care about your weight one way or another.”
    ― Danielle Steel, Big Girl
  • “Together they were more than they each were alone. They didn’t take away from each other, they added all that they were.”
    ― Danielle Steel, Big Girl
  • “time she decorated the nursery in neutral”
    ― Danielle Steel, Big Girl
  • “it’s not easy to meet good people”
    ― Danielle Steel, Big Girl
  • “true in eighth grade, when Gracie was in first grade.”
    ― Danielle Steel, Big Girl

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