Best Beautiful Disaster Quotes

Beautiful Disaster Quotes

“We’re both drunk,”
“This isn’t right,” he said.
“I want you.”
“I need you to say it,” he said.
“I’ll say whatever you want.”
“Then say that you belong to me. Say that you’ll take me back. I won’t do this unless we’re together.”
“We’ve never really been apart, have we?”
“I need to hear you say it. I need to know you’re mine.”
“I’ve been yours since the second we met.”
“Say it again,”he said.
“I’m yours,” I breathed. Every nerve, inside and out ached for more. “I don’t ever want to be apart from you again.”
“Promise me,”
“I love you. I’ll love you forever.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“After climbing off his bike, I smacked his shoulder. “Did you forget I was with you? Are you trying to get me killed?”
“It’s hard to forget you’re behind me when your thighs are squeezing the life out of me.” A smirk came with his next thought. “I couldn’t think of a better way to die, actually.”
“There is something very wrong with you.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Mare. You know you want to see my ring.”
“And your tat,” she said, a smile in her voice.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“You don’t really think I’m going to let her yell at my wife, do you?”
“You’re getting pretty comfortable with that term.”
“I guess it’s time I admit it. I knew you were going to be my wife pretty much from the second I met you. I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t been waiting for the day I could say it…so I’m going to abuse the title. You should get used to it, now.” He said this all matter-of-factly, as if he were giving a practiced speech.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“I turned to see his expression. When I saw that he was serious, I shot hum a dubious look. “Sleeping in between the toilet and the tub on a cold, hard tile floor with a vomiting idiot was one of your best nights? That’s sad, Trav.”
“No, sitting up with you when you’re sick and you falling asleep in my lap was one of my best night.” (…) “Thanks, Trav. I won’t make you babysit me again.”
He leaned against his pillow. “Whatever. No one can hold your hair back like I can.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“He won’t hurt you, Pigeon,” Travis said. “I won’t let him.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“I’ll never love anyone the way I love you, Pigeon.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“You’re everything I’ve ever wanted, Pigeon.”
“Just remember that when I take all of your money in the next poker game,” I said, pulling off my shirt.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“I stared at the couch with revulsion. “She’s someone’s daughter, Travis. What if, down the line, someone treats your daughter like that?”
“My daughter better not drop her panties for some jackass she just met, let’s put it that way.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“But Travis Maddox wasn’t afraid to fight, or to defend someone he cared about, or to look into the humiliated and angry eyes of a scorned woman.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“He walked away from me, and I swallowed, trying to keep the tears at bay. Travis stopped and came back, leaning into my face. “That’s why you said I wouldn’t miss you after today! You knew I’d find out about you and Parker, and you thought I’d just…what? Get over you? Do you not trust me, or am I just not good enough? Tell me, damn it! Tell me what the fuck I did to you to make you do this!”

I stood my ground, staring straight into his eyes. “You didn’t do anything to me. Since when is sex so life or death to you?”

“Since it was with you!”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster

“Don’t even think about it, Travis. She’s like my sister,” America warned.
“Baby,” Shepley said, “you just told him no. He’s never gonna stop, now.”
“You’re not her type,” she hedged.
Travis feigned offense. “I’m everyone’s type!”
I peeked over at him and smiled.
“Ah! A smile. I’m not a rotten bastard after all.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“Fuck no, Trav, you’re not pulling this shit! You’re in love with Ab…,” his eyes focused and he recognized his mistake, “…by. Hey, Abby.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“Look at him,” she said, shaking her head. “Travis Maddox: Mr. Mom.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“I didn’t say you’re a bad person. I just don’t like being a foregone conclusion for the sole reason of having a vagina.”
― jamie mcguire, Beautiful Disaster
“Marry me,” I said without hesitation. I was surprised at how quickly and easily the words came.
His mouth spread into a broad smile. “When?”
I shrugged. “We can book a flight tomorrow. It’s Spring Break. I don’t have anything going on tomorrow, do you?”
“I’m callin’ your bluff,” he said, reaching for his phone. “America Airlines,” he said, watching my reaction closely as he was connected. “I need two tickets to Vegas, please. Tomorrow. Hmmmmm…,” he looked at me, waiting for me to change my mind. “Two days, round trip. Whatever you have.”
I rested my chin on his chest, waiting for him to book the tickets. The longer I let him stay on the phone, the wider his smile became.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“I had died and woken up in High School Musical”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“She’s not just a Porsche. She’s a Porsche nine-one-one GT-three.
There’s a difference.Let me guess, it’s the love of your life?” I said, quoting Travis’
statement about his motorcycle.
“No, it’s a car. The love of my life will be a woman with my last name.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“He pulled my chin up so that I would face him. “I know you deserve better than me. You think I don’t know that? But if there was any woman made for me…it’s you. I’ll do whatever I have to do, Pidge. Do you hear me? I’ll do anything.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“He watched me rake my fingers through the tangles in my hair and smiled.
“Quit it. You’re fucking beautiful.”
“Just point me to the nearest eighties rock video,” I said.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“I can’t win with you. I can’t win with you! You say you’re done…I’m fucking miserable over here! I had to break my phone into a million pieces to keep from calling you every minute of the damn day–I’ve had to play it off like everything is just fine at school so you can be happy…and you’re fucking mad at me? You broke my fuckin’ heart!”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“I loved him, and no matter what my reasons were to live without him, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“I’d do it all over again, you know. I wouldn’t trade one second if it meant we were right here, in this moment.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“It’s a dove, an attractive girl, a winning card in poker, take your pick. You’re my Pigeon.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“Oh my God, Abby,” he breathed. He rocked into me again, another hum emanating from his throat. “Holy shit, you feel amazing.”

“Is it different?”

He looked into my eyes. “It’s different with you, anyway, but,” he took in a deep breath and tensed again, closing his eyes for a moment, “I’m never going to be the same after this.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster

“Everyone’s staring at you in this dress,” he said. I looked up, expecting to see a tense expression, but he was smiling. “I guess it’s kinda cool…being with the girl everyone wants.”
I rolled my eyes. “They don’t want me. They’re curious why you want me. And anyway, I feel sorry for anyone that thinks they have a chance. I am hopelessly and completely in love with you.”
A pained look shadowed his face. “You know why I want you? I didn’t know I was lost until you found me. I didn’t know what alone was until the first night I spent without you in my bed. You’re the one thing I’ve got right. You’re what I’ve been waiting for, Pigeon.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“Travis tapped my apple with his fork. “You gonna eat that, Pidge?”
“No, you can have it, Baby.”
Heat consumed my ears when America’s head jerked to look at me.
“It just came out,” I said, shaking my head. I peeked up at Travis, whose expression was a mixture of amusement and adoration.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“The suspense is killin’ me, Pigeon!” Travis called.
I walked out, fidgeting with my dress while Travis stood in front of me, blank-faced.
America elbowed him and he blinked. “Holy shit.”
“Are you ready to be freaked out?” America asked.
“I’m not freaked out, she looks amazing,” Travis said.
I smiled and then slowly turned around to show him the steep dip of the fabric in the back of the dress.
“Okay, now I’m freakin’ out,” he said, walking over to me “Okay, now I’m freakin’ out,” he said, walking over to me and turning me around.
“You don’t like it?” I asked.
“You need a jacket.” He jogged to the rack and then hastily draped my coat over my shoulders.
“She can’t wear that all night, Trav,” America chuckled.
“You look beautiful, Abby,” Shepley said as an apology for Travis’ behavior.
Travis’ expression was pained as he spoke. “You do. You look incredible…but you can’t wear that. Your skirt is…wow, your legs are…your skirt is too short and it’s only half a dress! It doesn’t even have a back on it!”
I couldn’t help but smile. “That’s the way it’s made, Travis.”
“Do you two live to torture each other?” Shepley frowned.
“Do you have a longer dress?” Travis asked.
I looked down. “It’s actually pretty modest in the front. It’s just the back that shows off a lot of skin.”
“Pigeon,” he winced with his next words, “I don’t want you to be mad, but I can’t take you to my frat house looking like that. I’ll get in a fight the first five minutes we’re there, Baby.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“Each time I did something to push him away, I was terrified it would work.”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster
“If this is really it…if you’re really done with me…will you let me hold you tonight? – Travis”
― Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster

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