Best 70 Fun quotes for enjoyment and fun

They say that time flies when you are having fun and that is true indeed.
There are a lot of fun things that you can do or you can try to have fun while not doing anything.
Sometimes the fun that you get depends on the person you are with.
Having fun is something that you should always prioritize because being happy is definitely one of the best choices you will ever make.
So here is to having fun and having a fun filled life, here are some quotes that talk about fun and having fun.

 The thing about having fun is that you really need not to get out of the house to do just that.

 I want you to know that my definition of happiness is something that always includes you, boy.


 When you get to achieve your goals and dreams that is the real moment to be really happy.

 As long as I keep on working and try to see the good in what I am doing, I will be just fine.

 I am actually being happy when I do the things that I do and I am really glad for everything.

 I chose myself because I knew that I am going to be a lot happier when I am with me today.

 It is important to keep yourself filled with happiness, it is certainly the key to a happy life.

 And when the day ends, I hope you remember the highlights of your day, every nice time.

 Do not estimate the moment where you have had a good laugh, it might just be your last.

 The truth is that fun is just around the corner, it is just up to you to make it happen, my dear.


 Go for the things that makes you laugh and for the people as well and you will live just fine.

 Just enjoy the life you living and so you can actually succeed on what it is you are doing.

 Do not forget to play, it is okay to keep working, just keep on enjoying what you do, dear girl.

 Sometimes you need to forget the rules and focus more on what you are doing with your life.

 There is something so pleasurable about not doing anything at all and it is so much fun, dear.

 Life is going to be challenging, you just have to keep on being yourself no matter what you do.

 Sometimes, you need to challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and just have fun.

 The truth is there are times when keeping it simple are so much better than complicating it.

 You may feel like you are not enough but sometimes putting a smile on your face would be.

 It would be fun to actually try something new, so might as well go for the things right now.

 It may be just true that you are going to have twice the fun if you are with your set of friends.

 It is a funny thing when I think about it, how people actually have different sides to their souls.

 I want to make things a whole lot better, I just do not know where I should start but I will.

 Eventually the path to the right things will be clearer it may not be now but it will be soon.

 Your hobbies and passions are the key to your heart so be sure to actually keep them near you

 I want you to know that creativity will eventually make you a better person than you are.

 My life is going to be better and I am never going to stop in pursuit of my happiness for sure.

 All I really want is to be able to see you, to hold you and grab on to you, it makes me happy.

 When the time comes when you will have to go away, may you know I will always be there.

 If I got everything I wanted there would not be that much thrill to it by then no point anymore.

 It is the rivalry between us that makes me want to become a better person that is the truth.

 If you are not having fun at this moment, you might have to recheck it with yourself, really.

 I never get what I want and I do not blame anyone for that, I am happy enough as I am now.

 I want you to learn to appreciate yourself, your body, everything that is in you right now.

 If life would try to keep us from getting all we need and want then things will not be as okay.

 May you keep on wishing everything that you believe in, it will be alright, just believe me.

 Someday, you will reach the path you want to take so stop hesitating on where you are now.

 He makes me feel like I can do anything and so I have decided to step out of my comfort zone.

 I believe that I am going to be okay and so I will, I want everything to be just fine from today.

 There is always going to be a room for self-improvement and so I will try my best to get that.

 I want to be the person you turn to when it seems nothing is going fine in your life, my dear.

 There are some things that are fun enough if you just try to seek them, that is the truth.

 You are the person I think of the most when I hear the word happy, when I want to be happy.

 Let me know if you understand this but the truth is that I care for you, I love you, you matter.

 And at the end of the day, what matters most are the words we have never even said out loud.

 Fun is actually good if you are immersed in it that is just the way it is with life, honestly.

 It’s funny how one thing can lead to another, how things work is still a big mystery to me.

 The truth is that I am aware that people will hurt me but I do not want to believe it at all.

 There is no perfect person in this world but you can love someone as perfectly as you can.

 Stop it with the mind games that I am totally not good at anyway and just keep believing.

 When I told you that I cannot, I mean that I want to but it just seems so hard to do that.

 I want a future that I can look forward to, something I can be proud of, that is what it is.

 Most of the fun things in life are those you can count upon when everything else fails, girl.

 It is through rejection and appeals that we realize some things are not meant for us to hold.

 Whenever I see you, I am reminded that there are things in life yet to be explored by me.

 And when the day comes, I wish I am able to smile at you and tell you I loved you once.

 There was a moment I thought I love you but I was really just having the moment of my life.

 It was with you that I have enjoyed my life, most of it anyway and I am happy to know you.

 Rejection should not be a reason to stop believing that you can do great things, trust yourself.

 Never stop being a child at your heart and never stop trying to actually have fun, my brother.

 More than anyone else, it should be you who should have more understanding of yourself.

 Above anyone in this world, your happiness should always come as your top priority, my dear.

 And when the time comes, I hope you would realize the things your friends did for you, love.

 I have respect for people who wakes up early and still are able to be happy about things.

 Occasionally I would love to have a day off where I do certainly nothing at all in particular.

 I wish I am able to tell you how glad I am that you are here with me today, you make me smile

 Truly, it is by faking a smile that you can actually start to smile and then it will get fixed there.

 You deserve to have as much fun as you can get because you have worked so hard, anyway.

 When you are having fun you do not feel any fear at all, that is the truth on that, I guess so.

 I have decided to have fun until I am too old to actually try new things in this life I have now.

 When you are good at what you are doing you will actually have fun in doing it, that is true.

 One day you will see that the person you think I was is not the real me, I hope you get that.

 Just let me know if you need me and I will always try to be there, that is what I want to be.

 When the day ends, it is those who had a lot of smiles that are able to call it off as that.

It is actually up to you to decide whether you will have fun or not, that is the bottom line of it.

Go out there and have some fun just like the good old days, I bet you would feel much better.

When you’re having fun, you certainly forget every bad thing that has once happened to you.

I think I am better of having fun by myself than trying to actually share happiness to others.

I wish I can be as fun to be with like you think I am, but the truth is I am not a bit like that.

The truth is trying to do what seems impossible is what I think to be the most fun to do of all.

When you have fun doing what it is you are meant to be doing, everything will seem lighter.

Do the things that you love and I bet you will definitely have fun while you are doing them.

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