Best 70 Beach quotes

Everyone just loves the beach especially the sand and the water, two things that just shout: vacation mode.
Everyone is anticipating when they can visit the beach once again.
It is so easy to lift your spirits up there and lie down and let the sun to kiss your skin while you bury yourself in the sand.
There are different reasons why each of us goes to the beach, some to have fun, some to forget, some to let go while some to celebrate but no matter what reason you have, going to the beach is an activity that you can do alone or with your friends and family.
Here are some quotes about the beach that you can relate to our find amusing.

 There is just something so relaxing and serene about going to the beach every single day here.

 My plan is to chill, to keep things cool and to just have some fun altogether, that is the truth.

 I want one day where I can go undisturbed by work, when I cannot hear the phone at all.

 I went here because I am tired of waiting for the phone to ring, hoping that maybe it is you.

 One can never collect to many sea shells and I make it a point to gather up some for myself.

 Every visit, something new is there, something I can never get enough of is new things, really.

 I feel special in here, like every moment counts, like I am able to be myself for a few hours.

 There are life lessons waiting to be learned here and that is what I love the most about it.

 This place is one to remind me of the best memories of my life together with my family, dear.

 The beach is where my heart is, it must have fallen somewhere along the way, I guess it did.


 One day, I will know that the mountain would be high enough but I can land here eventually.

 A place for relaxation and for healing is what this place is now and will always be for me.

 When I had my very first heart break it is on the shores that I went, on that shore I let go.

 There is something about the ocean and how staring at it for hours makes you just forget.

 I wanted to forget and it landed me right where I should be, on the shore watching the sunset.

 When words are not enough to make me feel okay, I do something like lying on the sand, girl.

 How do I tell you that being on this place feels just right to me, that it always comforts me.

 Somehow, the beach comforts me, it helps me with the pain here inside me, here in my heart.

 I never want to go back from the beach again, I just want to stay here forever and ever, dear.

 When you are at the beach there are no worries, all you want to do is have some great fun.

 Wearing a bikini is something that makes me feel like I am back there even when I am not.

 I can honestly say that this place is my happy place, one I will never ever get tired of, ever!

 Anywhere I can see some body of water is a place for me the sun and the sand are bonuses.

 Love at first sight is what it was the day that I met the sand and the ocean at the same time.

 Every sea shell seems so precious so I decided that I will keep every single one of them, today.

 The moment I start collecting sand and sea shell is the day I decided to love the ocean for life.

 There is so much life waiting to be discovered deep below and I want to be one who does.

 Eventually I will have to go back to my normal life but for now, I will let myself to just enjoy.

 I hear a voice that speaks to me telling me that this is my home now and I let it tell me more.

 As the waves crash on the shore, I lie down on the sand and listen to the melody it makes.

 I miss never having to care what the day is but just that I can get so much of the sun I needed.

 The palm trees is what makes me want to go back, to just take one summer off and have fun.

 It feels that it calls to me, telling me that I can live here, that I can actually live off of phones.

 It is the waves around the beach that makes me long for it even when I am too far away really.

 Whenever I am here, I turn off my phone and just have all the fun that I can ever get, for sure.

 Every single day that I spend here is a day filled with all the happiness in my world, really.

 All I wanted was to be beautiful just like those mermaids in the big deep and wild ocean down.

 The sea makes me feel that I am independent that I can do things as long as I want to do them.

 When I am here, I know what it feels like to be free, not to worry about anything at all, really.

 I hope I can tell you the words you wanted to hear the most to just drown in your thoughts.

 This was the place where he bent down on one knee and proposed to me a year ago, today.

 It is on the shore that we had so much fun and whenever I go here I still look back on those.

 I wanted to share this to you, the beauty that it has and so I did and you loved it just the same.

 When I hear the word summer I am easy to associate it with the word beach, that is the truth.

 Going to the beach has always been fun so I make to do it every vacation that I can ever get.

 There I can get a sun kissed skin and so I did, I spent the whole summer trying to get tanned.

 The ocean is so beautiful that I still cannot get enough of it up until this very moment, really.

 I do not think I can ever have too much, I want to just keep calm and keep on relaxing here.

 If there is so much as something that I love about this place, it’s the view, so picture perfect.

 How do I tell you and show you what I love about the place when it feels like heaven to me?

 Anywhere I can lie down and just think of the wonders of the universe is a place I want to be.

 Let me be the person to guide you on your stay here, to show you where the right places are.

 If I can just show you the world, I would but this here, the sand and the ocean are my worlds.

 There is only so much that you can try out but this is one of the best things I have stumbled on.

 I do not fear solidarity and sometimes a walk at the beach does just that for me often than not.

 Whenever I feel sad, I drive down here and try to forget the world around me, that is the truth.

 How do I tell myself that I have had enough when in reality I am enjoying it way too much?

 I wish I can tell you that there is nothing here for you to find but my heart you have left behind

 There is nothing I can wish for right now but to be teleported to the most beautiful place here.

 It is with so much passion and love that I tell you to take some time off and just have some fun.

 Walking on the beach is one of the best activities I have ever done in my whole life, I love it.

 If you just let yourself take a vacation, I will show you all the best places that I know of, dear.

 I want to spend every waking hour here, enjoying what I am seeing, the serenity just as well.

 How do I tell you that I have fallen in love with the place with no thoughts of going back?

 When you are barefooted and just running through the beach, it feels like you can do it all.

 You are free and that is what the beach stands for, your freedom, everything you have here.

 The beach is really good at trying to keep me happy and I am just so amazed about it always.

 I am found of enjoying the view on the beach especially to see the sun setting in the west, girl.

 If you ask me what vacation is I will tell you it is when you go to the beach and never go back.

 Eventually you will feel that the beach really is a second home for those who still wander.

 If you want a tan skin the best thing to visit is not a tanning salon but really a beach, my girl.

 There are moments when I just dream of being a beach bum, to just laze around the place.

 I have this urge to go to the beach ever since this morning because I wanted to swim far away.

 How do I tell myself not to go back to the beach when it holds all our good memories, boy?

 A beach is a collection of the creatures of the sea, the sand, and a whole lot more, honestly.

 It seems to me that the sun only shines on the beach and nowhere else in this life that I live.

 I just love the beach and how calm and peaceful it is especially during the summer days, boy.

 One of my favorite places is the beach, because of the water and the heat of the sun on it.

 There in my bucket list is the beach for I have never gone there and I definitely plan to enjoy.

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