Best 70 Backstabber Quotes With Pictures

There are those backstabber type of people who goes on criticizing you behind your back or telling lies to your friends when you are not there.
People hate those backstabber persons and if you encounter a backstabber, you might as well just confront that person and tell her or him that you do not like what he or she is doing.
Backstabber people are practically a parasite to the country.
Here are some quotes about backstabber that you might want to look at.

Dear backstabber, I hope you try to see your faults first before actually telling on to others.


You are so conniving you have got me fooled, I thought you were kind but really I was stupid.


Here I am, blaming myself because I actually believe in your web of lies I was totally trapped.


I wonder how hard it must be for you to put on makeup since you have but two faces in you.


Maybe you can stop finding faults in me and instead focus on improving yourself, my dear.


I find it totally funny when other people talk shit when I am not there, I am actually aware.


You are so stupid to think you can fool me, I know how you move, I know those eyes, girl.


Don’t you even dare try to lie to me because I have been with liars and I know one when I see.


The thing with betrayal is that it is from the people who are the one closest to you, just sad.


I find it difficult to discern which of my friends are real from fake, a lot are just good liars.



I hate you, that is the truth, I do not like your attitude and I wish you can take it far away.


Forget the hugs, the kisses because you are nothing but a fake, I do not want your friendship.


You backstabber, I thought you were my friend but it seems I really do have nothing to lean to.


Time will come and I hope you will regret all your actions by that time, I sincerely hope that.


No one is your friend but yourself, because at one point they just pretend to be kind and nice.

I have been stuck in the middle trying to sort out my friends by worth, because no one has it.


They say love hurts but the truth is that not knowing if someone is real or not is what hurts.


If you have any problem with me or what I do just tell me instead of telling someone else.




I am telling you, be careful on who you tell your secrets to because they might betray you.


You are like a penny for you actually have those two faces and you are worthless, really.


I do not need you if you are going to be that friend who lies to me in front of my face.


Here is a knife for you, backstabber, I hope you are happy with what you just did, you stupid.


How do you get offended when I am just treating you the same way you actually treat me?


There are those people in this world who’ll show you that people are not meant to be trusted.

Be kind to others even when they are fake because they might be having some problems too.


You try to be nice but I can see envy in your eyes, I know your disguise, I won’t give this up.


If you think you can fool me with the way you act, forget it because you will not, I tell you.


You should at least try to make one of your two faces pretty, so you can be pretty as well.

Your dark heart is what gives you out because no one can be as perfect as you seem to be.


Forget those people who only pretend to be nice to you because they are not worth your time.


The thing is that those liars are trying their best to find a flaw in you, go ahead, be perfect.


How come you seem to be such a liar when all I have ever shown you is but kindness, dear?


I am too lazy to walk around so I am just going to sit here and let you talk all your lies, okay?


Never give out too much information about yourself because otherwise you will regret it.


I wonder how they can actually try to betray other people, I just hate those backstabber ones.


How could you be a backstabber after all the love I gave you and what all I have done for you, I can’t believe you did it.


I do not often say this but I guess I should, never trust anyone anything, when you wouldn’t.


The people who have been there for me are those I treasure the most, forget the liars, girl. Keep your love to yourself.


Thank those people who stabbed you in the back because you will know who the real are.


Hard times will just keep on revealing who your real friends really are, that is the thing.


You may curse these moments but they are the ones to treasure, golden friends will come out.


Forget them and their insults, you are going to be just fine, believe me when I say that, dear.


You were so powerful when I had my back turned but powerless when I looked to you.


It is not going to be my loss if you decide to walk out of my life because I did not do anything.


How can you actually try to do the bad things knowing it will hurt other people, I wonder.


You do things on purpose and they are not even good, how can you actually stomach that?


I’ve sacrificed everything to keep you as my friend and yet you turned out to be a backstabber.


Are you happy now, backstabber, that you have ruined who I am to all of my friends, huh?


It is far better to have that enemy who pronounces she is than a friend who backstabs you.


It will hurt you when a friend turns her back on you but remember it is not your loss, my dear.


Stop manipulating people to follow your wishes and just remain someone that is trust worthy.


I wonder which one is worse, those who believes in my lies or those who lie to me in reality.


A real friend would not sell out his friend’s secret no matter what the situation is, I know that.


I am a friend who will be true to you under any circumstance, I am that type of person, really.


You know nothing about me and yet I have heard you say a lot about me, what the hell is that?


You told me you will always have my back, little did I know you meant it for stabbing, damn.


I will slit your throat until you have nothing left in that stupid voice of yours, I hate you for it.


I wish I can just tell you that I will not forget this moment that I have figured out your lies.


You are such a liar and a cheater and I promised myself I will never ever take you back.


Again and again I have told myself to just forget you, to just let you go for you are but a liar.


You’ve decided you want what is mine and so you attacked as a backstabber, I hate your guts.


You even stab your best friend in her back you lying, backstabber, I just cannot stand you.


Everyone is going to lie to you at one point you need to find the ones worth keeping still.


Lying to me occasionally is okay especially for good intentions, I am telling you that now.


I seem to only exist in your life right when you need something from me, it is stupid, really.


I have no problem if you do not like me just stop pretending that you actually do, girl.


Don’t give me that bullshit, you either hate me or you like me, it is as simple as that one.


All questions are mostly answerable by yes or no, if you dislike me tell it in my face.


You need not go that far, to actually manipulate my friends away from me, they aren’t.


If you think you can make them turn their backs around me, then for all I care go for it.


I do not want to be anywhere near a backstabber, get me out of here right now, I beg of you.


We all hurt and we all get pained but it is worse when you realize you have a backstabber.


And then your best friend turns out to be a backstabber and your whole world crushes down.


The sad thing about having a backstabber is the fact that you never expect it to be your friend.


When your close friend turned out to be your backstabber of course it is going to hear you so.


Those people who have the backstabber syndrome are those insecure and not being loved people, trying to get you.


Do you hate yourself as much as I hate you because I really do not like a backstabber friend.


You betrayed me in the worst way possible when I learned that you are another backstabber.


We talked about those who stabs other people’s back and then you became a backstabber.


I find it sad when I realize that one of my dear friends is but a backstabber, willing to sell me.


You sold me out and I can never forgive you for that backstabber trait that you have in you.


I’ve had a knife stuck here in my back and then you just added another one, dear backstabber.


When will you realize that being a backstabber will never let you gain anything at all, dear.


I hope one day you will see that a backstabber won’t ever have real friends and real love, in her entire life.


Maybe you can just tell me out front instead of being such a backstabber, it just sucks, really.


And the backstabber in you heaves a heavy sigh and tells you maybe it is time to just stop.

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