Belmont Stakes Appetizers

Plan the ultimate Kentucky Derby party with this menu, featuring dozens of traditional southern appetizers, bourbon-soaked desserts and boozy cocktails. Read on for more than 50 delicious Kentucky Derby party food and drink recipes.

Put on your fanciest hat and grab a mint julep! The Kentucky Derby, which kicks off the race for the Triple Crown, is the perfect excuse to throw a party.

collage of food and drinks for a Kentucky Derby party

In honor of race day and the Run for the Roses, I’ve curated the ultimate collection of Kentucky Derby party food and drink recipes — so many delicious things to serve while watching the horse race.

These appetizer, cocktail and dessert recipes are perfect for the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes, too!

Whether you want to make a classic mint julep, a bourbon-soaked chocolate pecan pie, a Kentucky hot brown sandwich, cucumber Benedictine sandwiches or pimento cheese party spread, you’ll find the recipe here.

This collection includes more than 50 delicious snacks, desserts and beverages to serve at a Kentucky Derby party.

You’ll find even more Kentucky Derby cocktail recipes here for a tailgate or viewing party.

Ready for the Kentucky Derby party food & drink recipes? Just keep scrolling or use the table of contents below to skip ahead to a particular section.

Kentucky Derby Party Appetizers

Fancy finger foods are standard fare at the Churchill Downs on race day, and they’re the pefect choice for a Kentucky Derby party.

Delicious appetizers, sweets and drinks to serve at your Kentucky Derby Party. Click for a collection of more than 50 Kentucky Derby party food & drink recipes. #kentuckyderby #partyfood #kentuckyderbyparty #derbydayparty #derbyday #partyideas

When planning your own Kentucky Derby party, you can’t go wrong with finger sandwiches, cocktail meatballs, savory snack mixes and classic southern appetizers like deviled eggs and country ham biscuits.

Country Ham Scones

Southern country ham is baked into these homemade scones for a twist on a brunchtime favorite.

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cucumber tea sandwiches with benedictine spread on a glass plate

Cucumber Sandwiches with Benedictine Spread

A fresh, creamy sandwich spread made with cucmbers, dill and onions. Serve it as a dip or as a spread for cucumber tea sandwiches.

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Old Bay Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs recipe are simply to make, and they’re a party favorite. This version uses Old Bay seasoning instead of paprika. Just wait until you try them.

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Mini Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwiches

A riff off of the popular open-face sandwiches served at the Brown hotel in Kentucky, these Mini Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwiches are an easy homemade version.

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Herbed Shrimp on Grits Cakes

Shrimp and grits are a southern classic. This refined recipe is perfect for teatime.

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candied pecans with dried cherries in a green jadeite bowl

Sweet & Spicy Bourbon Glazed Pecans

Made with bourbon, dried cherries, orange zest and spices, these glazed candied pecans taste like an old fashioned cocktail with a spicy, peppery kick.

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Bourbon Meatballs

Tender juicy meatballs smothered in a sweet and spicy bourbon glaze. These will definitely give your next cocktail hour or Kentucky Derby party an upgrade!

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grit fries on parchment with a spicy crema dipping sauce

Crispy Grit Fries

Crispy cheese grit fries, seasoned with sea salt, are a delicious side for sandwiches and fried chicken. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to use leftover grits.

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pimento cheese topped with jalapeno peppers

Three-Cheese Pimento Cheese Party Spread

Made with three different kinds of cheese and roasted peppers, this pimento cheese party spread is delicious on crackers or on a sandwich. It has a sweet-heat kick thanks to the addition of honey and jalapenos. You’ll love this fancy take on a simple salad spread.

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Kentucky Hot Brown Dip

Kentucky Hot Brown Dip is an easy southern-inspired appetizer recipe for Derby Day. You’ll love this cheesy snack!

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Horseshoe Shaped Tea Sandwiches

Traditional Benedictine served in festive horseshoe-shaped tea sandwiches.

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Kentucky Hot Brown Appetizer

These bite-sized, open-faced toasted sandwiches are topped with turkey, tomatoes, bacon, cheese and Morney sauce.

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Maple Bourbon Roasted Pecans

Crunchy pecans roasted in a sweet maple bourbon sauce.

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Ham-Stuffed Biscuits With Mustard Butter Recipe

Stuff these homemade biscuits with your favorite sliced, baked ham and slather with mustard butter for your next breakfast or brunch event.

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Bourbon Shrimp

Delicious sauteed shrimp in a cajun-spiced bourbon marinade cook in about 3 minutes! Serve them with creme fraiche on cucumber slices.

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Cheddar Cheese Straws Recipe

Savory and rich with the perfect amount of peppery kick.

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Caprese Skewers

These caprese skewers combine tomatoes with basil, mozzarella, olive oil and balsamic for an appetizer that’s both easy and impressive!

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bowl of homemade pimento cheese with a celery stick

Homemade Southern Style Pimento Cheese Recipe

A creamy southern-style sandwich spread made with American cheese, Duke’s mayonnaise, pimentos and a mix of spices.

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If those looked good, keep scrolling for more Kentucky Derby party food and cocktail recipes. Desserts and sweet treats are up next.

Kentucky Derby Desserts Ideas

A slice of Derby pie, made with pecans, chocolate and Kentucky bourbon is the quintessentail dessert to serve for the Kentucky Derby.

Plan the ultimate Kentucky Derby Party menu with this collection of delicious desserts and sweet treats, many of them bourbon-soaked. You'll also find recipes for mint juleps and other Kentucky Derby cocktails, as well as appetizers and savory snacks to serve while you watch the Run for the Roses. Click for a collection of more than 50 Kentucky Derby party food & drink recipes. #kentuckyderby #partyfood #kentuckyderbyparty #derbydayparty #derbyday #partyideas

Anything bourbon or mint julep flavored is also a good choice for a Derby party. And don’t forget about pecans and roses as you’re planning your dessert course.

These dessert recipes are sure to please horse racing fans.

baked Kentucky Derby pie

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

A trifecta of chocolate, pecans and bourbon, this pie is the perfect dessert to serve at your Kentucky Derby party. Even if you’re not into horse racing, you won’t be able to resist a slice of this delicious dessert.

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Bourbon Balls

These bourbon balls are sweet and sassy with crunchy pecans inside that will be a hit at your Kentucky Derby party! Make sure to wear a big hat!

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Kentucky Derby Cupcakes

Try this delicious brown sugar, pecan and choclate chip cupcakes with a brown sugar cream cheese frosting.

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Mint Julep Cupcakes

Mint Juleps are a “must serve” at any Kentucky Derby party, right? Well, now there’s another fun way to serve this traditional Derby favorite, in cupcake form.

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Bourbon Brownies

A few simple additions to a boxed brownie mix create the most decadent, festive, and easy Derby Day bourbon brownies. The moist, rich brownies are spiked with Kentucky bourbon whiskey and then topped with a creamy layer of bourbon frosting .

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Pecan Shortbread with Bourbon & Chocolate

A pecan shortbreaad cookie filled with pecan, bourbons and chocolate. The perfect sweet bite!

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Kentucky Butter Cake

This old-fashioned Kentucky butter cake is super moist, ultra buttery, and infused with the best butter-sugar sauce. It creates a sugary, crunchy crust that you won’t be able to get enough of!

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Grandmother’s Bourbon Balls

These no-bake bourbon balls are made with vanilla wafers and just a few other ingredients, and then rolled in powdered sugar.

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Chocolate Pecan Ice Cream

This dairy-free homemade chocolate pecan ice cream is also vegan and gluten free.

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slice of pecan pie cheesecake on a green plate

Pecan Pie Cheesecake Topping

These buttery, maple and brown sugar glazed pecans taste like traditional southern pralines, but they’re much easier to make. They’re great for snacking or as a topping for cheesecake.

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Chocolate Chess Bars

A fudgy chocolate chess filling baked atop a buttery shortbread crust. These decadent squares are a delicous holiday treat.

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Kentucky Derby Mini Chocolate-Pecan Cakes with Vanilla Bourbon Smash Ice Cream.

Mini chocolate pecan cakes, baked in mason jars, are topped with homemade bourbon-spiked vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauce.

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Mint Julep Brownies

Celebrate Derby Day with these Mint Julep Brownies flavored with bourbon and mint and covered with a smooth and creamy chocolate frosting.

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bowl of turtle pecan cookie dip

Turtle Pecan Cookie Dip

Like turtle pecan cheesecake without the work! The sweet cream cheese dip has chunks of chocolate candy and pecans and caramel in every delicious bite.

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Decorated Rose Cookies

These iced sugar cookies are a perfect addition to the dessert to serve while you watch the Run for the Roses.

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chocolate pecan pie bars on a red plaid paper plate

Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie Bars

Words can’t describe how good these chocolate chip pecan pie bars are! Basically, it’s like you put a chocolate pecan pie on top of chocolate chip cookies.

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Chocolate Covered Bourbon Soaked Cherries

Cherries soaked in booze and then dipped in chocolate. Does it get more divine?

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Rose Cupcakes

Transform any cupcake into a beautiful rose using this decorating technique and buttercream frosting.

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Mint Julep Bund Cakes

These mini bundt cakes showcases the flavors of the Derby’s signature cocktail: bourborn and mint.

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Bourbon Chocolate Chip Blondies

Inspired by the classic Kentucky Derby dessert, these Bourbon Chocolate Chip Blondies are decadent, and flavorful without any of the fuss of a Derby Pie!

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