Bad relationship quotes

And once in your life, you may get into a bad relationship and that is going to be really sad.
When you think about it, was it really what you want, to be in a bad relationship? You must not let yourself be stuck in there, find a way to get out.
Here are some quotes about a bad relationship that you might want to check out so that you can figure it out for yourself.

 Stop letting yourself be stuck in a bad relationship, you need to get out of it before it is worse.

 When you do not have trust between the two of you, what you have will never get to last, girl.


 Boy, if you think she is cheating on you, then you do not trust her enough, start thinking again.

 If you truly love someone, you will not assume unless you are told so otherwise, believe me.

 Falling in love should be by choice, not by force, nor by any obligation, trust yourself on it.


 I still think that it is your fault that you are tolerating a bad relationship that it hurts you so.

 In a relationship, one of the most important thing is love and learning to lower your pride.

 I think that you should never change for anyone, not even for the person who loves you most.

 The one who truly loves you will never ask of you to change but will accept you whole, boy.


 When you get into a bad relationship the best thing you can do is get out of it as soon you can.

 You are not a stereotype, you are not an object, always try to be the best person you can be.

 Someone, someday will love you for exactly who you are, for the person you show people.

 No matter how hard you try to mask your emotions, some will spill, find someone who sees.

 When you put on a façade and someone sees through it, find that someone and love that one.

 When there is no trust at all between the two of you, then you do have a bad relationship then.

 One sign that you are not in a good relationship is when he is always too jealous of others.

 Without any trust between the two of you, nothing will ever be the same again, believe me.

 When you are in love, you give instead of taking advantage, you give it all that you have then.

 Only bare your soul to the one who truly loves you, forget the ones that just pretends they do.


 A bad relationship is a poison to the body, it will slowly kill you right from the inside out, girl.

 Start trying to see if the other person is giving your love back as much as you do or not, baby.

 Most relationships do not have a foundation that is strong which is why most of them fail.

 It is when your spouse is concentrating on things you are missing that hurts you the most.

 When you are in a bad relationship, your feelings never get reciprocated no matter what.

 If you think that he is reckless with your heart, you should definitely leave him, I tell you now.

 Don’t keep staying with someone who is taking you for granted leave him alone, let him know.

 Jealousy is not always a good sign to show someone you love them, it can invade freedom too.

 I think you are better off being on your own than with someone who just wants to hurt you.

 What else do you expect from a bad relationship than miseries and pain, I am asking you now.

 The death of one relationship always start with the small arguments and then the suspicions.

 May you not be reckless when dealing with other people’s hearts, that they won’t hurt yours.

 Stop being another option when the rest of the world wants to be a priority to someone now.

 What you need to is to start asking your real worth in life so you know what you deserve.

 Stop letting other people keep on taking you for granted, you are far better than that, dear.

 If you are in a bad relationship, I hope that you can escape from it as soon as possible, girl.

 What you must do now is not let yourself to be taken for granted again, stand strong and firm.

 If you do not feel in control of your relationship, you might love your partner more than he do.

 When you are angry, tell your partner, do not hide it for that will start a poison inside of you.

 The real poison in one relationship is when you try to hide things from the one you love most.

 When what you have between you gets toxic, the best thing that you can really do is to leave.

 The problem with a bad relationship is that you feel like it is your fault even when it is not.

 You know you are in a bad relationship when you always fight for no apparent reason at all.

 He was but a cheat and a liar and all he gave you was pain, I hope you get to be okay again.

 I know now that you have never loved me at all for if you did then we would not be here now.

 All the pain you have caused me hurt twice for now I know you have cheated on me as well.

 I think it is a bad relationship when you get blamed for the things that makes you who you are.

 You broke my trust and that is something that cannot easily be given back at that, believe me.

 You lied to me when I trusted you the most and that is what really hurt me, that is the truth.

 I wish I never have met you and I never have been hurting this way over you right now then.

 If I keep on staying in this relationship, will I keep on hurting as well, I should walk away.

 When your spouse focuses on your mistakes all the time, girl, you are in a bad relationship.

 I want to be given some time to finally heal myself of all the wounds you have caused me.

 I wish that I had never met you for you have hurt me in more ways than one, believe that.

 I am struggling to make what we have work but you are denying me of the chance to try it.

 Again, I have tried to be with you but all you do is to keep on pushing me away and it hurts.

 Once you realize you are in a bad relationship, I suggest you get out as fast as you can, dear.

 I think I have had enough of the pain you have kept on causing me, I am gonna move on now.

 I am slowly going to walk away from you and all the pain you have caused me, believe that.

 There is nowhere else I would rather be right now than away from you and the pain of us.

 You are not even making any effort to make me the least bit happy so why should I make any?

 Not all bad relationship can still be mended, sometimes all you really need to do is to end it.

 You abused my weakness and turned me into someone I barely recognize, it is truly sad.

 I feel like I am alone even when we are together, I should have figured that one bad sign then.

 I used to believe that the people who are meant will end up together, but we never were.

 I am a strong believer that a bad relationship must be brought to an end, no matter how.

 I used to think that no one is going to love me the way you do but all you did is hurt me thru.

 I am so afraid to leave what we have when it is not even the least bit a right relationship.

 I will stop allowing someone like you to corrupt my thoughts on love, my view on the truth.

 I am done putting up with all your antics when you have never once considered how I feel.

 I believe that you should never try to enter a bad relationship, you’ll know it from the start.

 You never did consider how I feel, all you thought about was yourself, it was all about you.

 From the very start, a relationship was meant for two but what we have is all about you alone.

 I wish I have seen it right from the start, that you were always a judge, never the listener too.

 There is no reason to believe that a bad relationship can be fix, sometimes you have to let go.

 What I want the most right now is find a way to quit you, to get rid of you, to leave out of this.

 It hurts me when I look in the mirror and see the person I had become because of you now.

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 I do not want to waste any more of my efforts into pleasing you, this time I am pleasing me.

 I wish I had known back then how you were really like, then we’d never had been here now.

 I am going to stop wasting my efforts on someone who does not really care about me at all.

 Forget about trying over again, a bad relationship needs to be rid of so you must start now.

 We do not even feel like telling each other how we feel and that is one of our fatal flaws.

 Indeed, our relationship is slowly dying, decaying until we are left with nothing, sadly.

 It is eating us inside and out, how we are no longer feeling like we are meant for each other.

 I wish I can tell you that my love for you is as real as it is ever going to get, that is the truth.

 I wished over and over for you to take me for who I am but you never did, not even once.

 When you are in love more than your other person then you are in a really bad relationship.

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