Baby You are Perfect for Me Quotes

There is always going to be one person who will fit you perfectly, that one who’s flaws you do not mind because you are so in love with each other.
One day you will find her or him, you will find the one that you would see in a light different from the way you see other people, in that way that you just want to be.
You will see the person who is perfect for you and when you do you will think that he is just the one.
Here are some quotes that says, “you are perfect for me” that you should try to say to that person you love.

You are perfect for me no matter how I look into this relationship that we have, that is true.

I have long dreamt of a person whose hands will fit the spaces between my fingers perfectly.

I may be full of flaws but I hope you will have a good response when I tell you I love you so.


You do not have the perfect face, you may not be considered pretty but I find you perfectly.

I think that you belong to me, that you and I are truly but the perfect fit, thank you so much.

Missing you is the worst of it, having to remember every quirk that you have, that is the truth.

I promise myself that I am going to be more honest than ever and tell you that want you.

You are the girl that makes me want to kiss you and tell you that let us keep on going, love.

If I can change anything about you the truth is that I would never change a thing at all.

There is something so unexplainable about you that makes me feel I have found my match.

I want you to know that you are perfect for me and that you are the only one I love most.

You make me smile and I think that is enough reason for me to want to be with you always.

Suppose that I tell you that you are the ideal girl for me , would you believe me, really?

You are the best kind of person for me, you are kind as I am not, patient with my hot head.

Even when I tried to pull myself away from you the truth is that I cannot, I love you too much.


I must have underestimated you but hey you are the one for me and that is quite enough.

You have me so attracted to you, as if you have every quality in a girl that I am looking for.

If you ask me right now if I think you are handsome the answer is going to be no, that’s it.

The truth is that I love your flaws, I love every detail about you, my dear baby, that you are.

In this life I have never met anyone else who is as perfect as you are perfect for me, my dear.

You are perfect for me, you fit me in ways that no one ever has, and I would never let you go.

I swear to the heavens above that you are perfect for me, you make me laugh when I’m mad.

It is the way you can make me smile so easily that made me decide that you are the one for me.

You make me happy, you make me feel that I can keep being happy all the time, in this life.

Just thinking about you is enough to get me through the day, that is how amazing you are.

You keep me on my toes and I love that about you, making me feel like I have never before.

Let me be the one who will hold you at night, who will kiss you like you’ve never been.

I can change things if you let me, let me show you just how perfect you are for me, darling.

Even when I just stare at you I think that we are going to work out perfectly for each other.

There is just something about you that makes me want to have you ever since, that’s true.

You are perfect for me and you know me so well, all that I am and all that I might ever be.

If there is one thing in this world that I want to tell you right now, it’s: you are perfect for me.

This may sound really stupid but I don’t want anyone else in my life because they are not you.

You are the only one for me, you are the one that I want to be with for the rest of my life, baby.

Honey, will you let me hold you and show you what I mean when I said that you are the one?

I have been crazy before, letting you go like that, what can I do to have you back once more?

I want you with me whenever I do something major in my life for you are my strength.

You are the one who keeps me from telling myself I can no longer do it, you inspire me.

Although it may seem like I do not know it, the truth is that I do, you are my peaceful place.

You are perfect for me and I would not have you any other way, so please just stay the same.

No matter what happens, believe me, I will never get tired of you for you are the joy in my life.

I will be there for you because you have always been there for me, I am willing to do it all.

There are moments when I want to hug you and tell you not to worry about anything, baby.

I would hit the road, get up and go to you if you need me that is the truth so keep me going.

When you feel down and unloved, remember that there is someone here who loves you a lot.

I can lose myself just thinking about you every day, you’re in my mind every second of my life.

What you mean to me right now could never waver for you are the best person in this life.

My life was once lonely until you found me and now I am no longer lost, I have been found.

No matter what you do I would still think that you are perfect for me because I love you so.

I love you and that is enough to make me realize just how you are perfect for me, my darling.

Baby, you are perfect for me and I do hope I am acceptable enough for you, that I wish so.

You picked me up when I am so down that is how perfectly you fit in my life thank you.

I would do everything I can to keep you that is the truth, I want you here by my side, always.

There is nothing I would not do for you, all you need to do is ask you mean that much to me.

I am going to be honest with you, I care for you and I will keep caring for you until I die.

Things will never be the same as before for now I care for you way too much for you to know.

Let me be, let me love you hard, let me tell you that I care for you so much, my dear love.

I will show you that you are so special even when you think that you are not, I swear to do so.

My heart keeps telling me I should just confess to you but the truth is I am afraid to lose you.

Do not listen to what they tell you because the honest truth is that you are perfect for me.

These feelings I have for you can no longer be hidden, you had me the very first time we met.

You look me in the eyes as if I am the only person in your world, you make me feel special.

Thank you for always being honest with me, truth be told, you are the world to me, my girl.

You are the best person who has ever come into my life for you gave me direction, you do.

Let me tell you that life is not always going to be great but I swear to be there for you.

Dear you make me feel like I have never felt before and it just stirs up emotions inside me.

You make me want to run the iron mile because you are perfect for me, that you are, really.

You have me hooked up in your crevices and it makes me feel more alive than ever before.

I am so honored to have met you and to have been part of your life, let me there forever.

I hope you can see that we are the best match there can ever be, you and me, we belong.

We can be together forever and I will never get tired of showing you that I care for you.

It was so magical meeting you at that very moment when everything was at their right places.

And in the end of time I knew I would realize that you are perfect for me like no one else was.

You are perfect for me like how the moon cannot be without the sun, you fit me just like that.

I was just thinking about how you are perfect for me I hope you feel the same way, honey.

We are like jelly and peanut butter for you are perfect for me and I am the one for you too.

You tell me that you love me and all I can say is that you are perfect for me, my baby girl.

You are perfect for me, please believe that because I do not want anyone else but you now.

You complete me like the missing piece of an almost complete puzzle, you are perfect for me.

You are perfect for me even when you think that you are not, let me tell you that you are.

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