Apple Black Friday 2020: When is it, latest news and early deals

Apple Black Friday 2020: When is it, latest news and early deals

Apple Black Friday deals will start coming out on 27 November 2020, and if last year was anything to go by, there’s going to be some amazing Apple Black Friday deals to snap up. But with so much noise and competing voices around Black Friday, it can be easy to miss out on the best savings until it’s too late (hint: Bookmark this page and enjoy our frequent updates with news and early Apple Black Friday deals).

Here, you’ll find everything you’ll need to know about the Apple Black Friday 2020 sale, including where you’ll find the best bargains on which Apple devices. We’ve been covering this special event for years now; a “day” which is increasingly expanding beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday to multiple days of fantastic deals and savings. As we said, some deals are starting to appear already, and they’ll certainly be ramping up a week before the 27 November start date.

We’ll be curating the best deals right here, so bookmark this page today for easy access. In the meantime, read on to find answers to the Apple Black Friday questions everyone is asking.

When is Apple Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday traditionally takes place on the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving (26 Nov), meaning this year it is on 27 November. When we say ‘Apple Black Friday’, we’re talking about all the Apple-related deals that will happen over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday event. For more on deals outside of the Apple stable, have a look at our page on Black Friday 2020.

That means Cyber Monday should be 30 Nov 2020, three days after Black Friday. While Black Friday is a frenzied cacophony of high street and online deals, Cyber Monday was originally conceived by savvy marketers as a way to sell more of their wares online, back when online shopping wasn’t as prevalent as it is today.

It’s also worth noting that there’s such a buzz around Black Friday, many retailers are starting their big Black Friday deals earlier and earlier to beat the rush. So it’s worth checking back to this page from around November 20 so see the best discounts before anyone else does.

Will Apple have deals on Black Friday? 

We’re going to go out on a limb here, and say a big YES. 2019’s Apple Black Friday discounts were great and abundant, with savings across the entire range of Apple’s devices, and 2020 looks to follow suit. However if you’re dead set on shopping in the Apple Store itself, you may be disappointed. Traditionally, the best Apple Black Friday deals come from online retailers, and that’s where we’ll be looking.

Apple Stores very rarely offers Black Friday discounts directly on Apple products, although in the past it has offered gift cards given on purchases made on the day in question. That said, if you can’t wait until November, check out our round up of the best Apple deals, which is updated all-year-round.

Where are the best Apple Black Friday deals?

As mentioned above, the official Apple Store is not the place to go if you want to bag a brilliant Apple Black Friday bargain. Based on what we’ve seen in previous years, below is a roundup of the retailers where we expect to see the biggest discounts in the Apple Black Friday sale of 2020.

How to get the best Apple Black Friday deal

To get the best Apple Black Friday deal possible, it’s best to have a product and a price in mind. You don’t want to end up getting overwhelmed by the options and being unable to make a decision, or panicking and making the wrong decision. So start out with a clear plan.

Once you’ve decided on the product you’re after, you can start tracking its price on various retailers – or even simpler, bookmark this page and keep checking it. You could also set up a Google Alert for the Apple Black Friday prices you’re looking for. Here are some more tips here on how to make the most of Black Friday.

Are Apple Cyber Monday deals the same as Apple Black Friday deals?

There are Apple Cyber Monday offers every year, and they’re unlikely to be the same as Apple Black Friday offers. Retailers tend to bring out the highest concentration of bargains on Black Friday itself, and Cyber Monday is slightly less of a big deal. That said, in 2020 nothing is certain, so who knows?

If you’re wondering whether to hold off for a hot Apple Cyber Monday Apple deal, we’d advise against it. Some retailers will be offering blanket deals across the whole long weekend, while other promotions will be live for a shorter period, and the best offers will likely sell out.

Most importantly, think ahead about what you want to buy. Do you need particular specs or a specific model, or are you happy with whatever model the biggest Apple Black Friday discount happens to be on? Make a plan and if an offer crops up that matches your plans, snap it up then and there, rather than waiting on the off chance something better will come around.

Apple Store Black Friday 2020 opening hours

It’s likely Apple Stores will operate their usual opening hours across the Apple Black Friday period. But with uncertainty still looming around the pandemic, there are no guarantees any of the stores will be open. If they are, and you’re in the US, check your local Apple Store opening times here.

As mentioned earlier, though, the Apple Store isn’t likely to be the best place to bag yourself the best Apple Black Friday deals; you’ll probably be better off going to another retailer or shopping online. Don’t forget that we’ll be reporting on deals as they come in, so keep checking this page to bag yourself an Apple Black Friday bargain.

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