Anxiety Quotes

God gave us trials, hardships and challenges because He knew we can survive through it.
He gave us abilities to conquer all the perils and troubles waiting ahead of our journey.
We suffer because we are strong.
We struggle to live because we can make it.
We can always make things happen before our eyes.
We could do anything but sometimes anxiety comes in.
Anxiety is a natural feeling that anyone could feel.
To help us to deal anxiety with ease and positivity, here are the following quotes.

We never know what might happen. No one ever does. But believe in yourself that you can do.

When you worry too much, you sometimes forget the code of a fighter.

Let the fire in your heart burn all your anxieties and let your eyes see the fused diversity.


Let your dreams and goals in life light up your world full of cowardice and doubts.

In a world of pessimist people, be the optimistic one. Be the different one

Don’t let your fears and uncertainties prevail over you and block your glimpse of hope.

Risk it all. Don’t be afraid of committing mistakes and failures. We’re not born to be perfect.

Anxiety is a strong feeling, stronger than anything. Stronger than love.

Life is hard. It is harder when we have anxieties and doubts.

In everything, the result is always mysterious. Nonetheless, do your best to be recognized.

A person who believes in himself will conquer it all and will always get a taste of victory.

Anxiety will always be there. It’s up to us if we will let ourselves be defeated or not.

Life is just running in a circle of anxiety and valor. Choose the side you will regret the least.

Anxieties will unexpectedly knock on our doors. But let it come and deal with it.

Open up your windows and let it be swayed by the wind of your courage.

When you’re in a brink of fear and anxiety, the more you should parade how bold you are.

Let your life dwell in taking ventures and risks than to regret of doing nothing at all.


How we can lift ourselves to see the world when we drown ourselves in the river of anxieties?

The demons and the monsters dwelling in your closet are your anxiety and fears.

World is a cruel reality. Our anxiety and doubts will be the greatest and tragic opponent of all.

Use your swords of courage and virtue to strike the dangerous fear and bloody anxiety.

Sail on the ocean of faith. No matter how anxieties will rage, you’ll get to your destination.

Limit your fears and anxieties. But the willingness to take courage should be indefinite.

Don’t let anxiety defeat you. A true fighter takes courage even bruised and scarred.

When a true fighter takes a risk, he doesn’t see the peril of it but your ability to conquer it.

You won’t know the significance of anxiety unless you managed to surpass over it.

Being confident that you could survive all even your plan falls apart is the best part.

Don’t belittle the people who have anxieties. You never know how strong they are to deal it.

Don’t hide behind a mask of bravery. Let them see your anxieties.

Stop pretending like you’re bold and strong. Everyone has their own fragility and fears in life.

Someday, you’ll realize that your fears, and anxieties may lead you to a road of a better life.

Fear and anxiety are the root of all trouble and the cruelty in the world.

No matter where you go, the anxiety will always be there. Don’t let it make you a frail person.

Don’t set aside your anxieties. Use it as your weapon and inspiration to strive harder.

Use your anxiety as a weapon, as an inspiration and as a motivation.

For those who fears, don’t be afraid to try and work all the things you want in your life.

You won’t lose something when you know how to fight your anxiety.

You can always build unreachable towers for yourself so anxieties won’t be able to come.

When you let your anxiety come in your way, you may lose your opportunity.

You won’t have courage unless you won’t deal with your doubts and anxiety.

Don’t let your failures fade. Use it as an institution of committing yourself to bravery.

Your fears and anxieties are like a broken wings that won’t fly unless you take courage.

What is life without taking a courage to fight all those fears, doubts and anxieties?

Nothing else in this world who fears not. Fears make us stronger and tougher.

When you see yourself facing a terrible thing, it is not reasonable to concede or give up.

The more we conceive dangerous things, the more we should take courage to triumph over it.

No one is exempted to the tragic rules of emotions where anxiety and fear are supreme ones.

Don’t hate your anxieties becausethey could make you a good fighter.

Make yourself braver and stronger because you will never know what might ever happen.

Tragic things happen in the most unexpected time. Don’t let anxiety drive you crazy.

We won’t know what’ll happen. But we have the ability to decide thething we’ll regret least.

Everything happens for a reason. Don’t let your fears be the reason why you failed.

When we let our anxieties and fears win over us, we lose ourselves.

Don’t let falling and failing fear you. Because that’s how you will know how to fly.

Don’t choose to give up and walk away when your anxiety is knocking on your door.

Life will always be hard to live. It is much harder when you let anxiety dominates.

Scream to the world how strong you are even though anxiety kicks in.

Anxiety is like a rapid fire. But let courage flow like ocean touches the sand for the first time.

When you don’t know how to fight your fears, what makes you a person?

We can be saving grace ourselves. No one will take your fight for you except you.

Stop showing them you are strong. It’s okay to show them what fears you.

Letting go of your fears is just easy as sailing a boat for the first time.

Seeing life a perfect thing means you decided to look beyond fears and anxieties.

Embrace your anxieties and fears. That will be your turning point to take courage.

Without fears and anxieties, what makes us fighting? Why do we need to survive through life?

The one who see fears and anxieties a beautiful thing, could defeat that comes.

It doesn’t matter what fears you. The one that matters is how can you live through it.

Live this world as if nothing can scare you. Even your anxieties and doubts are haunting you.

Always live your life the best as you could. Life is scary and fearful thing itself.

Even the most optimistic person has been lived in a world full of anxiety and fears.

When anxiety hits you, hit it back so you could now call it even.

Being anxious in the front of the crown is normal. You are not normal if you won’t.

Take a pistol of courage even if it means breaking down and falling apart.

Don’t judge someone else’s fear and anxieties. We are all struggling to overcome it.

Why do you have to worry for the things that may happen when you can eventually surpass it?

Having anxieties doesn’t make you weak. It means you’re strong because you conceived it.

We should worry less and pray more. Do our best and God will take the rest.

Don’t surrender in your fears. It is a challenge to test how strong you really are.

Those who could fight anxiety is the real superhero of themselves. For anxiety is a villain.

Even the strongest person gets tired and broken but they always choose to live through.

The strongest person in the world would be our parents. For they conquer all for us.

Don’t be ashamed of your scars brought by your fears. It represent how bold you are.

We are just a human being with a blood of a hero. For we’re able to survive curse of life.

Do or die, you have to show to how strong you are to carry on to live this world through.

We all want to play the part of telling our stories fears and anxieties to the world.

It’s alright to be defeated by your own fears. Just lift up yourself and be ready to fall again.

Anxiety let us know how cruel life is. But it also make us strong and determined.

When there’s a failure, there’s success. When there’s fear and anxiety, there’s courage.

Give a cheer for being broken and defeated. Let your fears win this time.

Make a battle against your anxiety and you will know the courage to fight in uncertainty.

Being in a midst of anxiety and fear takes nothing but a strong heart and bold mind.

It’s not wrong fighting against your worries and fears. It’s a vital rule of life.

There’s no dimension how intense your fear. It always depend how strong you are to knock it.

Living in a world of your fear is nothing but cowardice and lack of courage.

Don’t lose sight of your dreams and ambition just because you’re blinded by your anxieties.

God won’t gave us a challenge if don’t have the ability to pull through and to fight our fears.

You’re not alone fighting fears. We are all suffering and that’s what makes the world fair.

When we gave up what we want just because we are scared, we are all spineless cowards.

Risking it all is not bad. It is better than doing nothing. It is better than trying nothing.

Choose the road where you see yourself successful. Even it takes pain and hardships.

Aim higher above anything else. Higher than your doubts, fears and anxieties.

Take every bit of your fears and doubts a piece of inspiration and your chance for better life.

Dealing with your anxiety is hard enough. It takes a complete trust of yourself.

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