Adorable Valentine’s Day Wishes For Your Daughter

Think about your daughter and what she means to you, and you will soon find yourself melting into a puddle of pure mushiness. It’s just human nature. From the time they are born, daughters seem to maintain an unbreakable grip on their parents’ heartstrings.

Therefore, it only seems right for daughters to receive special attention on Valentine’s Day, the most girly, lovey-dovey, heart-filled holiday of all. In case you’re still searching for a way to say Happy Valentine’s Day to your little girl – and yes, she will always be your little girl – we’ve put together the following list. It’s full of Valentine’s wishes for your daughter that are funny, sweet, and unabashedly sappy.

From Mother or Father

Here are some Valentine’s wishes from an individual parent to a daughter.

  • I still remember the Valentine’s Days when you were a girl. Somewhere along the way my sweet little daughter turned into a beautiful woman.
  • I won’t make you cringe with a sappy Valentine’s Day sentiment. I just want to say I love you.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest daughter a [mother/father] could ask for. You mean the world to me.
  • This Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided I’m not going embarrass you with one of those sappy sayings you hate so much. It’s my gift to you, my beautiful sweet little baby girl!
  • Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    There’s no other daughter,
    As lovable as you!
  • Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to spoil yourself. The day after Valentine’s Day is even better, because all the chocolate is on sale. That’s just a little parental wisdom for ya.
  • You’re the sweetest thing that’s ever come into my life. Sending you all my love this Valentine’s Day.
  • I’m sure a lot of people would kill to be your Valentine now. Without saying I told you so, I just want to point out that I’ve been your number one fan from wayyyyy back.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie. Hope your day is full of magic, joy, and most of all, love.
  • When I first laid eyes on you, it was love at first sight. Happy Valentine’s Day to a lovely daughter.
  • [Married/Dating] I hope your Valentine knows that [he/she] hit the jackpot with you.
  • [Married/Dating] Wishing you Valentine’s Day full of love and romance. And chocolate… lots and lots of chocolate.

From Both Parents

Here are some Valentine’s Day messages to a daughter from both parents.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the little girl who brought so much love into our lives.
  • Mom and Dad love you, sweetheart… on Valentine’s Day and every day.
  • Who needs chocolates on Valentine’s Day? When we want something sweet, we just think of you.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the girl who’s in our hearts and on our minds every day of the year.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to a girl who is loved by a long list of people, starting with her indescribably proud parents.
  • [Married/Dating] Hope your sweetheart spoils you on Valentine’s Day as much as Mom and Dad always did!
  • [Married/Dating] Hope you get to spend lots of time with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to remind him of what a lucky guy he is.

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