90+ Halloween Jell-O Shots to Bring the Boos to Your Halloween Party

Halloween Jell-O Shots: You might think of shots as the purview of frat parties, but if there’s ever a time to pull out a playful, petite drink recipe, Halloween is it. Ahead, a few frighteningly fun cocktails-in-miniature.

Scooby Snack Shots
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1 part Sailor Jerry
1 part Sailor Jerry Savage Apple
1 part melon liqueur
1 part pineapple juice
Whipped cream, to top


Combine all in a shaker with ice, strain into shot glasses and top with whipped cream

By Ashley Thomas, West Coast Sailor Jerry Ambassador

Glowing Jell-O Shots
glow in the dark shots

Tonic water naturally fluoresces under black light, making this vodka-spiked Jell-O shot perfect for the dedicated vodka tonic drinker at your party.


Candy Corn Jelly Shots

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2 envelopes (6 oz each) SVEDKA Unflavored Gelatin Mix
.25 cup canned sweetened condensed milk
2-3 drops yellow food coloring
.75 cup SVEDKA Vodka, divided
1 cup orange soda
1 cup thawed whipped topping
Candy corn candies

Add 1 cup boiling water to one package of unflavored gelatin mix in a small bowl and stir until completely dissolved. Add sweetened condensed milk, a couple drops of yellow food coloring and .25 cup of vodka. Pour into 18 (2 oz) plastic cups that have been sprayed with cooking spray, using about 2 Tbsps. per cup. Refrigerate 30 to 45 min until firm, but still slightly tacky.

Heat orange soda to boiling on stove. Add to second package of unflavored gelatin mix in small bowl and stir until completely dissolved. Stir in .5 cup vodka. Spoon over milk layer in cups. Refrigerate 1 hour or until firm. Top each shot with whipped topping and candy corn.

Jack The Ripper

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1 oz vodka
.5 oz raw carrot juice
.5 oz Bauchant orange liqueur
Lemon twist

Mix all ingredients and pour into a shot glass. Garnish with a twist.


skull jello shots



5 oz Tres Agaves Blanco Tequila
5 oz water
5 oz Tres Agaves Margarita Mix
1 packet of gelatin
Lemon-lime rock candy for garnish


Mix all ingredients until smooth and free of bubbles. Pour into a silicon mold in the shape of your choice, such as skulls and set in refrigerator until the shots gel. Garnish with crushed rock candy.

Vampire Shots

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4 oz rye or wheat whiskey
2 oz sweet vermouth
Half an orange, juiced
Dash of cinnamon
Dash of cardamom
Dash of ground cloves
Red food coloring


Combine whiskey, sweet vermouth, orange juice, the spices and one small drop of food coloring in a large shaker. Add ice and shake for at 30 seconds to chill and evenly disperse color. Pour shots into test tubes, leaving space at the top for the test cube cork. Add cork and serve immediately or set aside upright in a refrigerator. If not serving immediately, gently shake each test tube before serving as the ingredients will settle slightly.

Reese’s Cup Pudding Shots
boozy pudding shots

The only thing better than a decadent peanut butter-chocolate treat? A vodka-spiked version, naturally.


Devil with a Blue Dress On

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1 part RÅVO vodka
1 part Blue Curaçao
1 part lime juice

Mix all ingredients and pour into a shot glass with a twist.


sangrita shots



1 oz Tequila CAZADORES Añejo
2 oz spicy bloody mary mix
.25 oz orange juice
.25 oz fresh lime juice
1 dash of hot sauce

Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into a spice-rimmed shot glass, then serve alongside a shot of Tequila Cazadores Reposado.

By Manny Hinojosa, Cazadores Global Brand Ambassador

Jolly Ranchers Shots
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The most grown-up way to enjoy your candy—dissolved in vodka.

Black and Black

drink, liqueur, alcoholic beverage, distilled beverage, pint glass, beer, alcohol, beer glass, pint, glass,



1 part Jägermeister
.5 part Mozart Black chocolate liqueur

Pour all the ingredients into a shot glass and serve straight.

By Nils Boese, Jägermeister Global Brand Ambassador

Zombie Brain Shots

red, candle, baking cup, old fashioned glass, cup, dessert,



1 part SVEDKA Vodka
1 part coconut creme or piña colada mix
Edible fake blood*

*Edible Fake Blood
½ cup light corn syrup
1 tbsp cornstarch
.25 cup water
15 drops of red food coloring
1-5 drops of blue food coloring

Mix all ingredients for the edible fake blood – for easy use, pour into a squeeze bottle for decorating.

Combine all ingredients except fake blood in a blender and blend until combined. Drizzle fake blood over shot glass,
pour in blended mixture, and serve.

Sneaky Sandman

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1 part Chamucos Tequila
1 part orange juice
Dash of grenadine

Mix all ingredients and pour into a shot glass.

Bloody Mary Syringes
bloody mary syringes

Balance out all of those Halloween sweets with a savory (and appropriately gory-named) shot in a playful serving vessel.


Black Magic Shot

blue, flowerpot, aqua, cobalt blue, turquoise, liquid, old fashioned glass, blue lagoon,



1 envelope (6 oz) SVEDKA Berry Blue Flavor Gelatin Mix
1.5 cups SVEDKA Blue Raspberry Vodka
.25 tsp grape flavored unsweetened drink mix
1 Tbsp black sprinkles

Add 2.5 cups boiling water to gelatin mix in medium bowl; stir until completely dissolved. Stir in SVEDKA Blue Raspberry Vodka. Pour 1.25 cups gelatin into separate bowl. Add drink mix and stir until dissolved. Let stand at room temperature until
ready to use. Meanwhile, pour remaining gelatin into 24 (2 oz) plastic cups. Refrigerate for 45 minutes or until set but not firm. Cover gelatin in cups with remaining gelatin. Refrigerate for 1 hour or until firm. Top with sprinkles before serving.

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