90+ Being Used Quotes

Break ups are so difficult to deal with and it can even get worse once you realize that the person you once loved was just using you the entire time.
You’re not actually alone in this ordeal since a lot of people in this world have suffered the same fate as yours.
Here are some wise, inspirational and humorous being used quotes to somehow help you to move on.

There will come a time when you just realize that it’s time that you stop crossing through oceans for other people who would not even dare jump on puddles for you.


Do not ever allow yourself to be someone else’s spare time, down time, sometime and part time. If they cannot be there for you all of the time, then they definitely do not deserve even a second of your time.


What I really hate the most in this world is being lied to, being ignored and most of all, being used.


I really do not care if you hated me now, for I know that you only treated me nice in the past since you knew I was useful to you then.

I am never your back up plan and most definitely not your second choice.


It is sad how fast people can forget about you once they have already gotten what they only want from you.


One of the worst feelings in this world is realizing that you were lied and used to by someone you use to genuinely trust.

There are just some people who treat relationships as a mere video game. They play with you and once they got bored, they dump you and look for someone else.


Do not ever tell me that I am the missing piece of your life because you just treat me as just a temporary substitute while you go about finding ways on how you can get back to your ex.


It’s sad to know that the person you used to love has played with you because he knows that you are the only one who does not know that he is just using you.


It’s sad to know that I am not his one and only, for he only calls me whenever he gets lonely.


You once asked me if there’s something wrong. I smiled and just said nothing at all. And when you turned around, my tears started falling down and realized that everything is in fact wrong.


All people have feelings and no one deserves to be used. If you are no longer interested in someone, they always have the right to be told before you go on and look for someone else to replace them.

It’s just funny how you thought you mean the world to someone, when the truth is that they just want to use you in the meantime.


It’s crazy how people use you and then dump you so easily when they no longer need you in their life.


Men should understand that women are not like clothes that they can just leave behind after they get tired of using them.



People who do not know their worth will always see their captured wings, but never their own tail.


Do not spend time with me just because you are bored. I am not here to do some entertainment. So please do not come to me when you only need a favor because what I hate the most is to be used.


If you leave a person for somebody else, do not be surprised if the person you are with now will someday leave you for someone else.


It’s sad when you feel like you are a library book, which is being borrowed, used, tossed around and returned. No one deserves to be treated like this. So go look for someone else who thinks that you are good enough to be kept forever.

The feeling of being forgotten is actually much better than the feeling of being used by someone you have trusted, loved and taken cared of.


There are some people who love to use power, while there are others who just want to let power use them.


Even the sweetest and the most caring person in this world could get tired of being taken for granted, especially by someone whom they have trusted.


There is really no point in filling up a woman’s head while leading her on if you do not ever see any future with her.


The more that you show your real feelings to others, the more that they will find ways to hurt and use you.


If you will allow others to make more withdrawals but fewer deposits in your life, then you will soon be out of balance because of the various negatives. Therefore, you should know when it’s about time to close your account.


It is just funny how you thought you are so special to someone, but soon enough, they will start proving you wrong.


Love is just like falling down. In the end, you will be left hurt and scarred, as well as the sad memories of it that will unfortunately last forever.


Do not ever confuse being needed and loved with being wanted and used.


I have always been there for you, even on those small silly details of your life. However, when the time comes that I needed you, it’s devastating to know that you could not even care less.


Do not ever come running back to me if you end up getting treated in the same way that you have treated me.


My heart is definitely not a park or a playground. So please, go find somewhere else to play.


A lot of people in our lives will only be after their own benefit. Once your role in their life is done, they will move on to someone else and forget everything you have done.


I just wish that I were a crayon. That way, no one would ever want to be using me.


That feeling when you found out someone you loved has just used you is the worst feeling in the world.


I have done everything just to keep you happy. Unfortunately, all you do is bring me down.


I hope you will not feel what I have felt when I realized that you were just using me after all. It is just the worst feeling any person can feel in this world.


He already got what he wanted from you now so he no longer care that you even exist. Please stop wasting your time in trying to make him to come back to you. He is not just worth it.


When you have finally realized that you did not matter to someone, you start to wonder if you ever matter to anyone.


It’s sad to be used by someone who you thought was a special someone.


You played with my heart and it is getting pretty insane. So it’s time that you decide or will I just quit the game?


Playing with someone else’s heart just proves that there is nothing in yours.


Please know that my heart is far from a playground. So please, go play somewhere else instead.


It was me who has been building you up when all you do is to knock me down.


A lot of people are in our lives now only because they know that they can benefit from you. But once they realized that they no longer need you, they will dump you and forget everything about you.


There are millions of toys in the world so please look for a toy that you can play with. My heart is not a toy and I definitely do not deserve to be used by you, boy!


I am very confused. I’m not sure if I’m doing something right. I am so bruised because I feel like I am being tossed. I guess I am just so sick of being used.


Do you know what is worse than being alone? It’s being used to, lied to, left behind, deceived and completely forgotten.


There are so many toys in this world. But my heart is not one of them, so please it is about time that you stop playing this game.


Do not ever treat me as your backup plan and remember that I do not deserve to be your second choice.


Some of the people that are in your life now are only after the good things in your life. However, when everything goes bad, they will never ever remember what you’ve had.


My heart seems like a welcome mat where people use to walk over, kick and then leave some dusts.


He used to treat me like a trophy, but now he does not even want to look at me.


You told me you needed some time. It’s funny how you actually use such time to look for someone to replace me.


You have asked me for a favor then I suddenly provided you with everything. When I asked you a favor, all I got were excuses.


I am not like your toys where you can just put back in the box when you are done playing. I am not your clothes where you can just put in the laundry when you realize it’s already dirty.


Users are people who will never provide you what you have asked, but will make sure that they will get whatever it is that they want from you.


It’s sad to know that there are people in my life who say that I am their friend, but only when they actually needed your help.


You never loved me from the start. You just love the control you had over me. When I took back the key of my heart, you started looking for it so desperately like you think you remembered where you last place it, without even thinking if someone would be able to move it.

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