9 Lucky New Year’s Colors to Celebrate 2021

So, we can’t help you find a four leaf-clover or a penny facing heads up, but there is another way to add a little bit of luck to your life in 2021 — with a splash of color. Over time, colors have come to symbolize different meaningful things, and we bet that you didn’t know these hidden meanings behind your favorite hue. In films, photography and the arts, these colors are used very purposely to symbolize different emotions and ideas, and after reading this you might learn a thing or two.

Whether you’re looking for color ideas for your tinsel photo wall, trying to find the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit or even if you’re just updating your kitchen paint colors, these are the “luckiest” colors to try. We can’t promise any magic here, but hey, it can’t hurt either! Here are the luckiest New Year’s colors that your New Year’s Eve celebration needs to be filled with. For a double dose of good luck, make sure to have a hearty helping of some good luck food on New Year’s Day.

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow
pantone colors 2021

If you’re surprised by this color combo, you’re not the only one. But Pantone’s color(s) of the year for 2021 have a very purposeful meaning. “It’s a combination that speaks to the resilience, the optimism and hope and positivity that we need, as we reset, renew, reimagine and reinvent,” said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute to CNN. “Two extremely independent colors highlight how different elements come together to express this message of strength and hopefulness.”

watching vibrant neon lights

Orange has come to symbolize “frivolity and amusement,” suggests Shutterstock. And if there’s anything we need after 2020, it’s a little frivolity and amusement.

Green: Prosperity and New Beginnings
new years colors

Green is closely associated with nature. Just think of the spring, as the snow thaws and plants begin to bloom again — the color is everywhere! Green is closely tied to vitality and new life.


Yellow: Hope and Optimism
new years colors

In Western cultures, the color yellow conveys optimistic attributes like happiness and warmth. It’s also the color of sunshine and sunflowers (and who doesn’t love either?). Add some yellow or gold accents for a touch a brightness!


Red: Joy and Ambition
new years colors

You’ll see this color all over Lunar New Year celebrations. That’s because red symbolizes fire, and it is thought to bring good luck and good fortune.


Purple: Powerful and Luxury
New Years Colors

Purple has long been associated with royalty, but do you know why? For centuries, purple dye was made by harvesting sea snails (gross) which made the color rare and very expensive. Now, the color purple is more accessible, but it still carries that regal air. Purple decorations or party lights help create a funky atmosphere.

Silver: Sleek and Modern
New Years Colors

Shiny and futuristic, silver is a color that has been closely associated with New Year’s in recent history. Perhaps this is because the metallic hue is so reminiscent of the shiny new technology “tomorrow” will bring?


Blue: Positive and Relaxing
New Years Colors

Yes, we do call them “the blues,” but this color has actually been known to induce feelings of calm and relaxation. In fact, in many Latin American countries, blue symbolizes hope and good health.


White: New and Pure
New Years Colors

Like the first snowfall, white is often linked to purity and serenity. An all-white color scheme will give your New Year’s party a clean slate, perfect for new beginnings.


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