80 Time Quotes and Time Sayings

Time is something that is so precious and cannot be bought.
It is something that you can never bring back once it has passed.
No one has yet invented a machine that can bring you back to the time you want to be in.
You still cannot change anything at all in your life even now.
Here are some quotes about the time that will make you feel so much better than before for sure.

Time is practically our opponent in this battle and I just have to say that time really sucks so.


You have to admit that time is great at healing things but it was never a great beautician.


What is time but a play of our minds about the things that happened yesterday and today.


Relativity is when you are sitting in a class you like and it feels like a minute but when you hate that subject it feels like eternity.


Time will stay long enough for the people who want to go and use it, that are the truth, really.


Seasons change all the time but the time will continue to be the same for a very very long time.


The best thing about time is that it is constant, you will get there somehow, just take the path.


You have to admit that no one thinks about the best time until they are really there, right?


No one else deserves to be happier than you do, you make time for your friends and all others.


One day, you will find someone who deserves you, who would not leave you for anything at all.


There is that time when my friend told me to just wait for the pain to subside so I did.


Each lesson will give you something to ponder upon as time passes people by all day.


When I told you that I would be here every time, I meant it and I will keep that promise.


There is always a reason to be the person you want to be, you just haven’t found it just yet.


Everything happens for a reason, maybe he forgot or is having lunch again anymore.


You need to put your priorities and set the right time to fulfill that and be the best you can be.



Stop settling for that melodramatic thing and go to the right side of the timeline, come here.


I do not even want to know about it anymore, I have stopped believing along the way.


Time will not matter to me as long as the two of us are together, that is the truth of it.


I cannot bring the past back no matter how hard I try and that is just so sad, in reality.


Let me tell you the story of the girl who changed the world with the time that she had.


You will function properly and do the things you need if only you know how to prioritize.


College has taught me what I should put as priority, the things I need to focus on and such.


Stop doing two things at once because that is truly counterproductive once you think of it.

The truth is that people will always find some time for the things that they want to do.


One day, you should ask yourself if what you are doing is for the better good or not, really.


You do not really have too much time so you might as well use it wisely every single day.


There were things I could not say, there were moments I wish I could just bring back.


Time sucks, it can never be brought back, I will never ever be able to bring you back again.


The saddest part is that most people only see me as someone to pass time with and that hurts.


I wish I could be the person I need to become in the littlest time possible, I still do hope so.


If only people can give you the gift of time, to pass their time to yours, then I would be great.


You need to find the time to do the things that you really need to do over what you want to do.


Why is time so fast especially when I need it to slow down even for just a bit, I am still asking.


If there is a reason to tell the things you wants to say, it is because time is really short, it’s fast.


Time is short, it flies by so you might as well go and do the things that you need to do today.


Make use of your time, maximize it and use it the right way because it sucks when you do not.


At the end of the day, you will regret the things that you did not do when you had the time to.


Time is precious so treat it like it is and make the most out of every second of your life.


It is okay to make mistakes, they are lessons, they are worth your time, believe me on this.


I had been there, where you are right now and believe me when I say that, it is the truth.


The thing is that time would not go back even a bit and all I really needed was a second of it.


Time will not go back no matter how hard you pray for it to, you can never change anything.


Done means that you can no longer bring back anything that you did, so be careful in all of it.


I just want to tell you that I love you before all my time is lost, I hope that you realize that.


When I am alone, I still think of the things that I should have done, things I should’ve said.


Now that you are gone, now that you are no longer here, I keep wishing I can bring back time.


Time is truly gold, it is something that cannot be given to just anyone, it is really too precious.


You can actually give the gift of your time, you can make time for the people that matters.


No matter how busy your schedule is be reminded that you have to make time for your family.


Make time for your friends and family because moments with them will never go back ever.


One day, you will look back at the things you did, the choices you made, do not regret them.


I wish I was there the moment you needed me, I wish I could really turn back time right now.


It is us, the people who gives some significance to every second of our lives that we give away.


In order to have the most productive moment of your life, just ask if it is the best use of time.


You need to find out the things that are important to you and then focus your time upon it.


I wish that you would just stop worrying about the future and just look at your present.


Time is still the best judge ever and you need to believe in that, I am telling you that now.


If your time is really that important to you then be careful to whom you give it away to. truly.


The only thing that really matters to me right now is the time that you give to me, honestly.


The best thing about time is that it is always fair to people, we all have some standard time.


Lately, I have not been able to give myself some alone time and that really sucks so much.


It is because I want to that I can truly become the person that I need to be, in the right time.


I have spent so much of my life trying to fit in when all I really had to do is to stand out.


It is so hard to blend in with so many people, really, because they make you feel dizzy.


I feel so nauseated right now but time is ticking so I have to keep on working about my work.


People work for other people and gain money because those hours up on rehearsal and such.


Some days, I still blame myself for the things he has done to me, time is still not enough.


There are some wounds in my heart that would not close up no matter how busy you are now.


I wish that I could tell you that you make my heart beat faster, just like time will never ever do.


I want to go back to that moment, to that time but there is no going back now, just do it all.


The time you have lost is the time that you will never be able to get back whatever you do.


It is not a right thing to wake for the dead, I miss my watermelon, but you lose yourself in it.


The problem with time is that once it is lost, you can never find it ever again, some day.


If you are truly my friend, then you will really make some time for me no matter what.


This time, time has decided that it will save me and no one else and I thank it for that.


It is up to you to keep choosing the things that you want to do and that is just really sad.


Stop thinking and overthinking about the things that you would not want to tell anyone.


The truth is that a lot of people are going to hurt you but time will decide who is worth it.


People mostly say that destiny is really near and you are mine so do you have some time?


I want to be with you as much as I can, I want to hang out and just talk about the time we were together and that is the reality of it.


Fame will eventually die down, after quite some time, that is the reality of life, the sad truth.


Time matters because things happen over the time that mostly is just that, that is what happens.


Can I tell you that I miss the times I had spent with you, I miss every single moment.

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