80 Softball Quotes for Catchers and Pitchers

If you’re someone who loves softball, then these softball sayings and quotes will sure to inspire you.
Furthermore, if you know someone who loves this sport so much, then sending them these quotes will surely make their day.
These softball sayings and quotes will certainly bring a smile to anyone who loves the sport so much.

Softball gave me so many things in life. It has taught me the kind of person that I wanted to be and even gave me the opportunity to meet my husband.


In the game of softball, it’s necessary to go hard in every place. Because the last thing you want is to leave anything behind and it up regretting after several years because you have not given your best, when you know you could have.


We play the game of softball with all emotion and love. The coach will always say to be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally. For if you will not bring this to the field, you are most likely to get beaten.


Softball is a game that requires making great pitches and at the perfect time, while being opportunistic by making sure to run at the right time and making good defense.


Softball is not just any other sports. It is not only about throwing a ball, running and hitting. It is about living for your teammates and living for fast pitch.


Softball – it’s the kind of sports where good girls need to steal.


Just like softball, life will throw curves at you most of the time. But the key is to keep on fouling these off until the right pitch will come. If it does, then make sure that you are prepared enough to run through the bases.


Whenever I step into the batter’s box, the crowd and the cheers will start to disappear. From that moment on, the battle will just be between the pitcher and me. More than anything else, my goal is to simply win.


Softball does not sparkle but I consider this sport precious, just like a diamond in my life.


Softball is about the long run. Life, on the other hand, is about the long run too. You need to choose successes that can help to build your confidence and make sure you stay in the process.



It might be called softball, but in this sport, there is really nothing soft about it.


Summer cleats become dirtier, arms gets stronger, practice gets longer, bruises gets better, team gets closer and most of all, the softball game just gets better.


Forget about glass slippers for real princesses actually wear cleats.


I truly believe that softball was invented in order to show the boys how it is actually done.


I would rather be playing softball instead of shopping with my girlfriends.

I wish I am like softball where you can call mine, and then everyone else will back off.


Real girls know how to steal home plate!


No one actually needs umpires, when there are softball moms.


The key to winning softball is to take it one pitch at a time and to take it one day at a time.


Do not ever let the fear of striking out prevent you from winning the game of softball.

Do not compare yourself to others or you will end up losing in the game. Try to discover your own gifts and let them shine instead. Remember that softball is such an amazing game. All the players have a slightly different ability, which makes them good at whatever their position is.


Remember that blood clots, sweat dries and bones heal. Suck it up princess, that’s how the game of softball is.


Softball is not a one-woman sport. There are 11 other girls out there who will eventually become your sisters. So do not ever forget that you will win as a team and as such, you will lose as a team as well.


You might swing and miss. Yet, the love of the sport shall remain the same.


Softball is just like love. At first, you need to learn all the rules that govern the game. Then, you end up forgetting the rules eventually because you would rather choose to play with your heart.


Do not play for the fame or the trophy. Instead, play for your love of the game.


Do not aspire to be the best one in the team. Instead, aspire to become the best in honor of the entire team.


I want my team to not focus much about winning and losing. Instead, I want everyone to focus on doing the small things well. If you focus too much on getting the win, this could suffocate you eventually, most especially at playoffs when the pressure becomes very thick.


There are ways on how to play softball physically. However, it is the mental part that will separate you from the sliver and bronze or from the gold and silver.


Softball is a game of inches. Sometimes they go into our way, but sometimes, they go against it.


Courage does not roar always. Sometimes, it will serve as the quiet voice talking to us at the end of the day, encouraging us to give the game a try again tomorrow.


Part of the fast pitch softball is to be able to move runners and then execute the short game. That is a very quick game – you bobble it once and the kids are going to play safe. You must make sure to play quick, but you cannot really be in a hurry.


What I really love about softball is that the game does not know who is going to actually win.


Everybody is aware that defense and pitching will win the championships. It is mainly about defense. It is that way in all kinds of sport and not just in football. So if we are able to pitch and play defense, then we will surely have a chance to win at championship. However, you can also win some games only by hitting.


One pitch can make a difference between winning and losing. Perhaps, the only difference would be an error.


Dirt and bling is both a softball thing.


The values that one will learn in playing at the field will also prepare one for life. Among these values are setting goals, enduring the hardships, taking risks and criticisms.


Everything will hurt a little less if the ump will call you safe.


Today I will do what others will not so that tomorrow, I will be able to do what others cannot.


If softball is just an easy game, then perhaps, it will be called baseball.


Softball players who have goals succeed because they know exactly where they will be going.


In the game of softball, the softball gods giveth and sometimes, the softball gods giveth away. But that will even out the season.


Progress will always come with risk. You cannot steal seconds without having to take your foot first.


I do not want to be just any face in softball. What I want is to go out there and prove something in that field.


Whenever you feel like quitting, remember the reason why you started.


The softball team that has the best athletes does not usually win. It is the team that has athletes who play well together that wins.


One of the best things about softball and other sports is that everything that will have to do in order to achieve success in the playing field will be carried over directly into life.


In the game of softball, you need to learn how to be responsible and not to depend on other people. You also get to learn how to be independent while being supportive of others.


I am not exceptionally great or overly powerful. However, I can assure you that I have a good work ethic and I make up for this by using the best techniques.


I am and will always be who I am. However, when the time comes to step into the field, I will be more dedicated and more serious that nobody should dare stand in my way.


Always be that girl pitchers are afraid to throw ball into.


Winning the game of softball is usually 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated willpower, 5% pleasure and 50% pain. Yet, there are a hundred good reasons to remember the game.


Your softball goals must be something that’s out of reach, yet never out of sight.


Attitude is that one little thing that makes a huge difference between a softball success and a softball failure.


Do not stop practicing once you get it right. Instead, you should keep on practicing until you can no longer get it wrong.


I have learned that you should not go through life wearing a catcher’s mitt in both hands. This is because you need your hands to throw something back.


Uniform washing, glove finding, Gatorade getting, picture taking and always cheering. That is what a softball mom is like.


I play in honor of the name that’s written in my jersey while making sure that the people remembers my name at the back.


In the game of softball, together we rise and together we fall. Together we are winners and winners will take all.


Life should be simple. You eat, sleep and play softball.


My boyfriend said I have to choose between him and softball. Well I am for sure going to miss him.


Softball practice will become difficult when you need to, but it will become so easy if you want to!


I feel like I am just too cute to be a cheerleader and this is why I choose to play softball.


The best softball teams are not the team who always win. But they are the team who do not give up despite their loses.


Behind a great pitcher is an excellent catcher.


You could scare me. You could beat me. You may even tell me that I can’t make it. But there is one thing you should never do – steal on me.


In any game you play, do not ever let success get into your head and do not ever let failure get into your heart, if you want to achieve success.

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