80+ Drama Quotes

Life is full of ups and downs, like a big roller coaster ride that we are all riding in. We are all unsure of what the future holds us and drama is the perfect way to express life. So here are some drama quotes that you might be able to relate to and share with your friends and loved ones.

Drama is not pretty and it certainly is not kind as obviously shown on television.


The good thing about drama is that it is as real as life gets.


Drama is practically full of situations wherein one’s moral is being tested upon.


It is important to have some drama in life because it gives you experiences that are very useful.

You cannot say that you have succeeded in life if you have never once experienced drama.


Drama is what keeps life interesting and prevents it from being dull.


We all need some drama in our lives to make it more colorful.


Everything can be some sort of drama if it is done the right way.


The simplest things we do every day involve drama without us knowing it.


We are in a world full of drama where we are just artists trying to find the right roles.


You want to be the lead in your life but someone is turning you into their villain.


What is drama? Well it is practically the scissors to cut out the dull parts of life.


Do not bother wasting words on people who deserve the silent treatment from you.


There are moments when not saying anything at all is the most powerful thing.


Never be involved in someone’s drama or it would just ruin your day.


Sometimes walking away is the only way you will be able to stand up for what you believe in.





Anger is not the answer, sometimes you just need to calm down and deal with it.


The world is full of dramas; you just need to find the one you could fit in.


More often than not, we let ourselves be driven by what we have heard than what is real.


Real life contains way more drama than those television soap operas you watch every day.


I guess the charm of dramas on television is that some of them actually depict life.


Drama is practically based on mistakes, how your best friend can become your worst enemy and vice versa.


There is always some drama involved when a rich girl falls in love with a poor boy.


Mostly, love is the best way to get as dramatic as you want to and have the right to do so.


Sometimes, I hate dramatic people, like they exaggerate everything they do.


You would know if a drama is good if it has 2 movements: a mistake and a realization of that mistake.


There are people who would rather choose to live in the drama that is life because it is comfortable enough.


Sometimes, it is easier to stay in a bad relationship because it is better to know what you should be expecting than to leave and face the unknown.


Most songs nowadays are not even worth hearing, they do not contain enough drama in them.


The best songs were made out of drama: pain, sadness, being alone and being broken.


Life is a drama: you cannot get everything you want at all.


There were times when crying actually felt better than forcing my smile.


People love drama, they tend to keep soaking out their indifferences.


The best thing that people wants is a scandal; something to talk about.


There will be times when you have to strip your shell and just show the world who you are.


Everywhere in this world, drama is occurring every second of the day.


There are lies that is so hard to let go and that is where drama begins.


Life is truly what you make it to be and drama is a by-product of life that is practically inevitable.


Drama is a way to deal with the issues of people, whether on personal level or societal level.


Drama is uncovering other people’s secrets, knowing more about deep stuff and sometimes it just results to silence.


There is no avoiding drama, after all, you were crying the moment you were born.


Drama is necessary if you want to keep making music, especially for profit.


One good thing about drama is that you know you are not alone.


Drama mostly starts from conflicts that get left unresolved.


The drama of a relationship you had at 16 will most likely repeat itself 10 years later.


Tragedy and drama mostly come hand in hand with each other.


Everyone needs some drama in life; a proof that they are still alive.


Getting all dramatic, crying and such are just proofs that one is indeed human.


Drama makes us realize that some things are just meant to be the way they are.


When I hear the phrase, ‘another family drama’, I try to get away as soon as possible.


When I do the things that I like, people tell me I’m dramatic. I don’t really care.


The thing about haters is that they want to tell the world all about your failures but keep your success a secret.


People will forget all the right things you did the moment you do something wrong.


Forget about what other people may be doing, just think about what you are doing.


20 Quotes about drama queens and mean girls

The best way to find out the truth from people is to listen to them when they are mad.


Do not be fooled by people’s words, always look at their actions.


If there comes a time when you cannot prevent getting angry, just be sure your anger matters.


Forget about what other people think, go for what you want and things will be okay.


People never really change, they just become who they really are.


Your destination will never be reached if you keep on taking notice everyone who dislikes you.


At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is who you are.


Loyalty should be something that will never falter no matter what.


Those you will face will not matter if there is at least a person who stays loyal to you.


There will be people who love you, there will be those who hate you, let them do what they want.


Focus on the good of life, and always keep your head forward.


Keep in mind that it is not always about the looks, more about the personality of a person.


What is the sense of being beautiful to the eyes if you have an ugly secret kept hidden?


Sometimes, a smile is what makes or breaks a friendship.


It’s okay to leave, it’s okay to stop fighting, there are times when you have to let go.


No one really wants to fix their lives; they just want to keep going on with their lives.


There will be moments when you feel like you cannot go on anymore but you will get through it.


You cannot save everyone, but you can start by saving someone.


People do not want pity, they want others to break their walls and get to know them better.


Love, is truly not ever saying that you are sorry.


Life is complicated if you look at it, but sometimes, all you really need is simplicity.


We all have different talents deep within us, you just need to find your purpose.


Drama is but an excuse that keeps you away from your goals and dreams.


Let go of all your delusions and nonsense, keep on living your life to the fullest.


You just need to tell the truth and hope that everything will be alright.


Maybe things will be more complicated, maybe things will never be okay again.



Because there are times when the ones we love leaves us and then we cannot do anything.


I hope that someday, I will be able to look you in the eyes and be proud of myself.


Sometimes no one would hear you, no one would understand, so just keep talking until you let it all out.


She was not okay, she never was but things changed when he came.


How can someone be so pretty and yet so ugly? How can people forget where they came from?


Is it possible to love someone that you hate so much?


There are times that it feels like my life is just but a big drama.


When you are feeling lost in the sea that is life, what you have to do is find your way out.


Keep your head in the clouds but your feet always planted on the ground.


Just keep on trying to be okay and things will be okay.


15 Best No drama quotes

There are things that you just have to accept and things you need to let go.


High school really is the place where all types of drama are present in daily basis.


I want to tell my kid that life isn’t easya nd it is no drama, that things will keep on getting harder.


Life is never ever going to be easy but once you find the reason to live, things get better. No drama needed.


At the end of the day, you just need to find that one reason to wake up again the next morning.


They say that distance makes the heart go fonder, but does it really?


Maybe the time will come when the common drama in life will become just normal.


We are all dramatic deep inside, some are just better in hiding it.


Your true self is the one you are when things are not going well and you get frustrated.


Maybe someday, things will get better and you will stay here by my side.


Life may be hard but as long as I have you, I know I can survive it.


You are my muse, the one that inspires me and the one I keep living on for.


Because there are things in life that are so hard to achieve and accept.


Maybe someday, our paths will cross once more and all the drama will be gone.


You surely made a dramatic entrance in my life that made me wonder how dramatic your exit will be.

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