75+ Quotes about Forgiveness

What is forgiveness? We use this term almost every day, and it is applicable for almost every situation. Quotes about forgiveness to answer a question: Is forgiveness just simply saying the words ‘I am sorry’? I don’t think so. Forgiveness goes much deeper than just those three words. t means to completely forget what wrong has ever been done to you by someone. Written down below are some forgive me quotes which hopefully would give us a much better understanding of the true sense of the word.

Only the brave can apologize, only the strong can forgive and only the content can forget.


Forgive others as you are seeing them through the eyes of God. Do you ever ask God to forgive you without not completely trusting in him?


Asking for forgiveness does not make you a weaker person. It just means that you’ve done something wrong and you are humbly accepting it.


Keeping a hard feelings against someone or living in fear of someone will never make you happy. Learn to forgive and ask for it often.


Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give somebody. Everyone deserves it.


Everyone should be capable of forgiving. Holding a grudge against someone never does anyone any good. There is no love without forgiveness.


Everyone has their flaws. We must look past them, forgive those flaws and look for the good in others. That way, we’ll have lesser enemies.

Love, forgiveness, and prayer are some of the strongest attributes of a person.


Mistakes are made by humans. Everyone makes them and no one is perfect so learn how to forgive.


Forgiveness gives you inner peace and constant freedom.


The meaning of forgiveness is giving someone a second chance to make things right.


To ask for forgiveness is the greatest act of courage and the truest show of love.


You can’t forgive if you can’t forget.

If you cannot forgive yourself, you cannot hope to forgive others. Forgiveness starts with freeing the inner anger one has.


No one is perfect. By forgiving someone, we can make them feel near-perfect.


Never base your forgiveness on the basis of other’s opinions.



No one can ever move forward in life unless they forget the horrid things that happened to them in their past and forgive the people who caused them.


Forgiveness can help you make or break someone’s world.


Nothing gives more self-peace and self-satisfaction than forgiving someone who you thought was not worth forgiving.


Forgiveness should be constant, not occasional.

Forgiveness is the most God-like quality in a human.


To forgive, you must be humble. Forgiveness can never blossom in arrogance.


Forgiveness is not just saying sorry. Be sincere and try not to hurt someone again.


Forgiveness makes your life 50% lighter and helps you live longer.

Forgive others to obtain the inner peace you thought was lost in yourself.


If you can’t forgive someone, don’t keep them in your life. You will only make things worse.


The answer to every test given by God is forgiveness.


The past cannot be changed by forgiving. But by forgiving, we can change the future for good.


If you want to lighten the burden in your heart then learn to forgive and forget.


There can ever be no forgiveness without understanding.


Being recognized as noble is the best award one can get for showing mercy to one’s fellow men.


It is always better to forgive those who love you and are loyal to you because loyalty is hard to find and if lost over anger, it is harder to regain.


Forgiveness implies that for every mistake there are no excuses not to forgive someone.


Forgiving acts of innocence is easy. Being able to forgive conscious crimes is Godly.


The length of forgiveness is decided by one’s depth of love. If you can’t love unconditionally, you can’t forgive unconditionally.


Forgiveness is not about teaching someone to never make a mistake, we are all humans anyway, but rather forgiveness is about teaching someone that everbody deserve a second chance.


Real forgiveness is not about hiding the anger. It is about facing it, dealing with it in a healthy and constructive way.


Forgiveness does not help the other person as much as it helps you. Do not waste an opportunity to forgive someone.


Forgiveness always leads to more forgiveness.


The joy of forgiving and being forgiven is an attribute and a gift that everyone must have.


Forgiveness is the foundation of every religion there is. All the great prophets, all the holy Gods came to earth preaching just one thing – the art of love and the ability to forgive.


Humanity needs two spiritual attributes to satisfy all the spiritual wants. They are forgiveness and goodness.


Selfishness must always be forgiven because there is no other cure.


Forgiveness is often like the needle that brings a little pain but manages to stitch the wound.


Forgiving yourself is a hard thing to do. Sometimes one should start to forgive others and build up some peace before finally summoning the courage to forgive himself.


The human soul is at its strongest when it overlooks its injuries and troubles and forgives the one who causes them.


Complete forgiveness destroys the power of sin.


Forgiveness builds a path that leads all the blessings your way.


Our imperfections are the reason that we need to start forgiving everybody.


Forgiveness makes you grow beyond your capabilities while anger makes you a much worse person.


True forgiveness is not a display of mercy. True forgiveness is always silent and undisclosed.


God only wants you to forgive. The rest follows automatically.


Don’t be ashamed if you have done something wrong and have the courage to ask for forgiveness.


God shines his light upon those who forgive and love.


When you hurt someone be humble to accept your mistakes, have the courage and be sincere to ask for forgiveness.


A person is spiritually and emotionally mature when he or she can wholeheartedly forgive. Forgiveness brings love which is one of the greatest and most beautiful of all virtues. I think everyone should have the two because life is meaningless without them.


Forgiving someone who people deem unforgivable and loving someone who seems unlovable are the greatest acts of humanity on this planet.


Forgive others as you want others to forgive you.


Approach the people who did wrong and hurt you. Sometimes, they just don’t have the courage to do so. Offer your forgiveness, in that way you can teach him to be humble and it sets both of you free.


35 True Please Forgive Me Quotes With Images

Please forgive me, without you I am lost.


There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing the act of forgiveness succeeding.


Forgiveness does not make life easier nor doesn’t undo the past. But what it does instead is that it makes us a much stronger and resilient person.


Don’t be to proud to say forgive me.


When happy, take some time out and forgive people or ask for forgiveness. You can’t do either when you are mad.


Forgiveness can be a funny feeling sometimes. It heals all wounds and warms up your heart at the same time.


Sins, once done, can never be reversed. The only way to get salvation is to ask for forgiveness.


People may have hurt you. Forgive them. Revenge only creates more anger.


Not all broken pieces can heal. Some are broken for life. It is better to soothe them with the power of forgiveness.


Forgiveness does not discriminate. Both, stupid and wise, can forgive.


Forgiveness is hard. It can be more painful than the wounds inflicted. Yet, no inner peace can be achieved without it.


You cannot forgive anyone unless you can truly understand yourself.


Forgiveness can never blossom in lies. One must be completely and unconditionally honest if one wants to achieve or impart universal forgiveness.


A man who doesn’t hit you back neither forgives you nor allows you to forgive yourself.


Battles are won on the basis of forgiveness.


Forgiveness has no value if you don’t keep reviving it from time to time. It is a fire that needs to be rekindled every time it is about to go out. Without it, there will be nothing but darkness.


The answer to every broken child’s dream is forgiveness. It gives him hope that all that has gone wrong in his life will someday go right.


Everyone should aim to be forgiving and non-judgmental person.


Forgiveness without forgetting is of no use at all. One must learn to forget before one can learn to forgive.


Forgiveness gives and receives life.


A person’s heart towards his ill-wishers should be like that of a mother’s towards her child. No matter how bad the child is, the mother never thinks about bearing a grudge against him because of love her forgiveness is ultimate and universal.


Forgiveness is the only way to open doors, destroy sins and to move forward.


There must be no temptation in giving forgiveness because forgiveness must be given without expecting something in return. And when you do, the sincerity of it is gone.


Forgiveness is what stops our life from being controlled by anger, revenge, and hatred.


If you love someone, there is no need to forgive them. Love is the ultimate form of forgiveness. Loving someone unconditionally means that there is no room for hatred in anyone’s heart.


The continuous act of forgiveness is love. The continuous act of love is forgiveness.


Forgiveness will always set you free. It shatters the prison of hatred you had built for yourself.


To be willing and ready to forgive is the first step to forgiving someone. No one can force that on you.


Religion is glorious because it conquers with forgiveness.


Take out your anger, don’t bottle it up. Venting out anger often leads to forgiveness. Bottled up anger always leads to hatred and revenge or worse, apathy.


Forgiveness is the foundation our great leaders built this country on and it is the strongest pillar in the foundation of our future.


Falling in love can teach you how to forgive.


If you love someone no matter how many times you were hurt, you can always forgive and forget everything.


Forgiveness can take away all the pain and hurt in your heart. Learn to give it to someone who are asking for it.


Forgiveness is the way to real happiness.


When you are deeply hurt, it is really hard to forgive. Ask for guidance and humbleness to God so that you can give it to someone who hurt you.

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