75+ Farewell Quotes

Bidding your farewell to people you know is one of the saddest things to do. Farewell Quotes for when having different reasons to say goodbye, maybe because of love, personal matters, or work related issues. But not all goodbye messages spell drama; it can be funny and heartwarming at the same time too. So we consolidated this list of assorted and wide-ranging farewell quotes which will might come handy if you are about to say your goodbyes to your friends, loved ones or officemates. Take pleasure in reading through the list of Farewell Quotes and feel free to share.

I consider myself lucky to have known someone like you who was so difficult to say goodbye to.


Saying goodbye to you is definitely heartbreaking, for I do not know if we are going to meet again.


After you bid farewell to your beloved, only the memories are left behind with you.


Farewell to you my beloved, I pray that we will see each other again in fate’s given time.


Both of us are now leaving, but I will cherish every memory that I had with you.


Goodbyes make us appreciate more what we have taken for granted yesterday.


We used to be two strangers then we became friends. Now that we are friends I hope we will never become two strangers again even if we are now miles apart.


You told me not to cry when we are about to go our separate ways, so I didn’t because you also told me that I should smile because our time being together happened.


I wish that this one goodbye will be replaced with more hi’s and hello’s.


Someone has to leave when the time comes. But this time, it is me.


We are not saying goodbye because for me it is like we are only taking a prolonged leave of absences from each other.


You are the most humorous person I ever worked with and I really hate to see you go, but I guess this is goodbye.


I will keep in mind all the things that you did for me, goodbye for now but surely I will see you later.


I will hold on to those moments when we are still together, you may be gone for now but time will come that we will see each other.


Goodbye is the hardest word that I will say to you now but don’t you worry for I will keep my vow.


Our parting is heartbreaking but the result of this will be very rewarding.



I do not want to say goodbye. Just, see you after when I am done.


You will never know how I cried myself to sleep after the day we say goodbye to each other.


Do not say goodbye to me, we will be twenty thousand miles apart tomorrow but our story is just about to begin.


How lucky I am to know someone whom my heart can’t say goodbye to.


This farewell is needed for us to meet again, maybe not tomorrow but in another time.


I wish we did not cross each other’s path so we don’t have to say our saddest goodbyes.


This will be my last goodbye because the next time we meet I meant to stay already with you.


A goodbye will not be full of pain if you are going say hello again.


I will not say goodbye, I will just wait for the day for us to meet again.


We are now saying goodbye to each other but the memories that we shared will never know the word goodbye.


Do not shed a tear because you are now leaving; smile because you were able to stay.


Distance set us apart but we will forever be friends. Have a safe journey my friend.


Not all goodbyes are sad, because if it is, it should be renamed to “sadbye”.



Even if it is hard, I will try to find the good in your goodbye.


No need for me to say goodbye because I have this feeling in my guts that I will see you soon.


If goodbyes are not painful, then why does my heart dies every time you bid me goodbye?


Each time you bid us goodbye it sounds like we will never see you anymore, that is why you don’t ever dare say those word again.


I will not say goodbye, let me say an advance hello for the next chance I get to see you.


Wherever you go, please remember to keep in touch. I hope this goodbye will not be the last words we hear from you.


True friends never speak goodbye, which is why I will not say goodbye to you my special friend.


No matter how hard I hold to the memories of us, at this point it is the time for a goodbye.


I want you not to cry as we part, smile because we will see each other again soon.


I must go now, if you will miss me remember all our happy moments because we will have more of them when I came back.


Goodbye for now my love because in our next lives there will be good but never will we say bye.


Saying goodbye to the person who’s keeping you alive is like breathing out your last breath.


Remember all our happy memories together, not this sad goodbye of ours for I will do the same thing.


Seeing you go gives me loneliness that I can’t seem to bear, but knowing where you will go makes it easier for me to forego.


The moment you said goodbye, I never knew that will be the last word that you will ever said to me. If only I knew, I should have not let you go.


Goodbyes are not eternal. Goodbyes are not for good. They merely mean I will miss you until the time we meet again.


I know that somehow, someday we will cross each other’s path again, until that moment comes let me say goodbye for now.


I met you at the middle of my journey; as I say my farewell to you please don’t be loony.


It gives me a lot pain to be separated with you because our souls are connected. But nevertheless, goodbye and until our next meeting.


You know that you found a friend because you are delighted to see them. You know that you found love when it causes you pain to leave them behind.


Sometimes we have to say goodbye not because we have to leave people behind but because we have to move forward for our own sake.


It takes a fraction of a second to say hello but it takes what seems like to be forever just to say goodbye.


Goodbye’s does not necessary mean that it is the end; sometimes it is just another way of saying see you later.


Optimistic people does not say goodbye, they say I will see you the soonest instead.


Goodbye is a word which is not in my vocabulary because forever you remain in my heart wherever you will be.


Do not count how many days we spent together, cherish the moments we had instead. Truly, it will ease the sadness that you will feel with this goodbye.


No matter what I do, I can’t seem to find one good in all the goodbyes that I had in my life.


Goodbye for now, but please return because our story is not yet adjourn.


We have to part ways now for us to meet and see each other all over again.


During your first day at work, I can’t wait to say goodbye to you. Now that this time comes, I never imagined that it will be this hard, because you already become my friend.


30 Awesome Farewell quotes for friends

Farewell to you now, my friend. Yes, I am sad. Yes, I will surely miss you. But I know that you are going to be happy wherever you go and that thought makes me happy too.


You are one of the few workmates and friend that I had whom I will truly miss the most.


Your connection to the company is now over, but the connection that you had with us will be treasured now and forever. This is a farewell for best friends.


One can’t say hello to the future if he will not say goodbye to the past.


I prepared myself for this farewell day but I didn’t prepare my emotional self to the happenings of this day.


Your tenure in this company is finish but the good memories and pleasure of working with you will never perish.


Instead of saying goodbye, let us practice more in saying see you soon and see you again.


This farewell is the only way for me to be well. I guess this is the end for us.


Seeing your empty chair across mine brings back the memories of the day you said goodbye.


You just left without a word, a goodbye was never said. You gave me all this pain in my head.


I rather hear someone say goodbye than to watch them go without a single word.


The most painful goodbye is the one which remained unexplained.


Someday, I hope you will see the good reason behind this goodbye.


You are my most wanted hello, and my most painful goodbye.


I want you to promise me one thing, when I say goodbye you will never cry.


Saying goodbye is easier said than done.


Some goodbyes are the trigger to the waterworks of the eyes.


I prefer you to hug me than to hear you say goodbye when you leave.


I started to long for you the moment you said goodbye.


The sincerest goodbyes are often found in airports and hospitals not in the funerals.


You can see the purity of men’s feeling in the time of meeting and in the hour of farewell.


I don’t cry when people die because I already know where they are going. I cry when living people leave me behind because I do not if they will ever come back or if ever I will see them again.


We are all one at heart, but the time has come for us to be apart.


I’d rather be the one saying goodbye than to be the one whom the goodbye is meant for.


You will know how much you mean to a person during the time when you are both saying goodbye to each other.

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