75 Dance Quotes and Sayings

Dancing is ephemeral, something that lasts, that can be taught to other people that can be shared. This is why dancing is such an important thing to culture. There are so many ways you can tell the world about dancing and make them like it as well. Here are some Dance Quotes that might help you do that kind of dancing.

The first thing that kids learn is to dance, even without the tune, even without music.


Sometimes, dance speaks louder than words.


The great thing about dancing is that it helps the crazy person in you come out.


You just have to dance as if there is no one watching you and just feel the rhythm.



Maybe the key to dancing is closing your eyes and going with the beat.


My shoes are all worn out with dancing so I guess I’ll get a new pair.


I do not trust anyone who does not know how to dance.


I may look like a fool when I am dancing but I look the same when I don’t so I’ll just keep dancing.


Dancing is a religion: you either dance or you do not belong.


To dance is to dream using your two feet.


The best way to express yourself is to dance and be in tune with the music.


Sometimes, it feels as if dancing is bring me to heaven itself.


Dancers are practically messengers sent by God to help appreciate life.


Dancing is actually a good training for girls as it teaches how to guess how a man’s mind works.


The best thing about dancing is that you can do it whenever and anywhere you want to.


Sometimes, dancing is practically baring your soul to the world.


Your emotions will show on the way you dance to the beat.


There are so many ways to dance and you only need to find the right way for you.


Dance is a form of art that we can make using our own body.


There are so many ways to be happy and dancing is just one of them.

Sometimes you just need to dance in order to be yourself.


Dancing empowers people and makes them see the possibilities of the future.


The world without dance is like a person without ever drinking water.


It is never easy to dance, because you need to put all your soul and heart into it.

Keep on dancing until your feet hurts and laugh it off when they do.


It takes anyone to dance but it truly takes an artist to be what is called a dancer.


I do not just want people to want to dance, I want people that have to dance.


Dancing is like breathing, something you cannot live without doing.


Dance is a big mystery in itself as there are so many forms waiting to be explored.

I am a dancer and I believe that the only way to improve is to keep on practicing.


You just need one person to believe that you can dance: yourself.


Dancing satisfies all the hunger deep within your soul.


Just let yourself dance, think about it later that is the natural order of things.


Preventing yourself from dancing may just be bad for your health.


Each performance is an achievement that brings a sense of satisfaction.


There is so much fun in dancing waiting to be ventured in.


I am still waiting to bask in the sun while dancing and wearing flowers in my hair.


It is so much fun to dance under the rain and feel the cold night.


Dancing is practically the best way to be happy without money.


Life is nothing but a big dance floor and everyone is just a dancer of their own genre.


Life can sometimes feel like a camp out so where is the harm in dancing?


There is a language that you can only speak through dancing.


Dancing is pretty much like life: you need to keep on moving to the beat without stepping or slipping on the floor and on the toes of people.


Even the universe has a rhythm, thus everything dances.


Dancing is practically just discovery after discovery and more discovery.


Dance is just finding yourself in the middle of all things.


Just keep on shaking your booty until the next day comes.


The best thing about movement is that it never lies, it tells your emotions as is.


The great thing about dance is that it is the song of your body.


Dance is like music and poetry: an art in itself.


Dancing is being alive and staying alive.


It is in dancing that we get to know more about ourselves and the people we meet.


One great thing about dance is that it has the power to unite people.


There is something about dancing that people finds romantic.


There are a ton of ways to dance and finding the right one is what makes it worth it.


I have never met anyone who does not like dancing.


It is in finding the perfect blend of dancing that a person finds his true self.


Dancing merges the body and the soul all in a few minutes of movement.


Life is all about dancing with balance and being creative enough to make it a form of art.


Sometimes, dancing without a partner is one of the best way to know yourself.


I would just love to dance like everyone else does.


Just keep on pursuing the things you like to do the most and you will be just fine.


No matter where you may be, dancing is something that you can easily take with you.

If you have nothing else to give to your child, one of the best things would be the art of dance.


To see people dancing is to see them speak their heart out.


Dancing is one of the few things that can bring a group of strangers together.


I just want a new pair of dancing shoes for Christmas this year, Santa.


The best thing about dancing is that you can give it away to other people without losing it.


Dancing is the best thing that has ever happened in my life.


If you do not dance, we will never, ever get along well.


Dancing is just creating movements out of your creative head.


Sometimes, the best form of dancing is the things you do every day.


Every step is a word, every movement is a sentence and every dance is a conversation.


Through dancing, two people can understand each other without a word spoken.


A dance can be measured in a lot of ways just like speech can.


35 Short Dancing quotes with Images

To dance is to show other people what you are truly made of.


Just like in any art forms, a legacy can be left in dancing.


Let yourself fall into the rhythm and things will fall into place.


There is not a day I do not dance because I live for it.


Dancing has saved me from killing myself so many times.


All your pent up stress can be released by dancing to the beat.


The first step to your dance is the first step in achieving your dreams.


Dance is the only way you can run away without ever stepping outside your house.


You need not hear any music from the radio because you have your own rhythm to dance to if you close your eyes and listen closely.


It is not just in what you see in your dance but what other people see as well.


The best thing about dancing is that it makes you feel alive.


It feels as if there is no tomorrow whenever I dance, I give it my all in every single step.


What else can I do but give my heart and soul in doing the things I love: dancing.


Dancing will always be my medicine, to whatever pain I am experiencing.


Many people have left me but dancing is still there.


Dancing is practically my life line, the one that keeps me alive.


When no one else understood me, dance is the only way that made them see.


I judge people based on the way the dance.


There is nothing wrong with being out of rhythm but not dancing is just wrong.


Feel the dance, get drunk in that exact moment.


Dancing is not reliant in techniques, the important thing is that you feel the beat.


Just keep the fire kindling within you and let it all out and burst into dancing.


Dancers are often said to have high spirits, do you think it’s true?


I do not know how anyone can live without ever dancing in their lifetime.


I believe that dancing is the best way someone can tell what they want.


I love the way the wind feels against my skin whenever I dance.


Dancing is the only thing that makes me feel like I matter in this vast universe.


Is it so wrong to wish that I could go on dancing forever?


Learning to dance is just like falling in love, you need to get ready for the pain.


Through hard work and dedication, anyone can master dancing.


Teach a child how to dance so that in the future he will be able to do so.


Partake in every dance and you will partake in the happiness that comes with it.


Love and dance goes hand in hand, one cannot exist without the other.


If ever you find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere, dancing will guide you through.


The best gift you can give your children is to teach them how to dance.


I believe that the best way to learn to dance is to watch other people do it.


You need to find that one step that makes you the dancer that you are.


Let dancing inspire you and dance to inspire other people.


Dancing has ignited the fire within me and I cannot stop doing it.


I just want to dance until there is no tomorrow and just keep on dancing.


The answer is dancing.


There is no place I would rather be than to be beside you, dancing altogether hand in hand.


Call me crazy but I live to dance and dance to live.

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