School is one of the most important institutions in this world that we live in.
Every person at one point in their life goes to school and so it would definitely be useful to know more about it.
The thing is everyone has their own school story, the story in which they went through with school, how their years passed by, some even have their best moments in school.
Here are some of the quotes about school that might have you reminiscing those days.

School is the place where I have spent all my best memories in, it is the place I love the most.


Don’t waste what you have learned when you were studying and actually put it to good use.


There is a place out there where you can share all the ideas in your head, everything in there.


It is actually nice to be around people who also have a passion for learning besides yourself.


It is not just learning that is important but the process of it, the way you try your hardest ever.


Never let anything in this world interfere with your desire to learn, my dear, for it will help.


May you find what it is that your heart desires, that you may actually get something from it.


Pave your way, go for it, actually go and visit the place where you want to be, you can do it.


I will root for you, whatever your idea is, I promise to believe in you all the time, forever.


My darling, the thing that you can actually say what you want if you have the guts to do that.



They do not teach you how to love a person there neither do they teach you how to fall out.


What I never learned in that institution is how to actually heal my heart break, I wonder how.


How do you know when the right time is to drop out or if you should just keep on going right?


It is in school where we would eventually meet the people that becomes the best of our friends.


Hard work is one of the things that you should actually learn eventually in the life you are in.


The thing is that pain will actually numb so keep on filling your reservoir with knowledge.


The best teacher up to this date will still be experience, nothing else is just quite like it, girl.


I wish I can tell you that I will try my best to succeed because that is the only thing I can do.


Today I will try to make this world a better place than it was before or at least try to at most.


How do you walk away from a person who no longer loves you when they didn’t teach you to.

They say they will help you but the truth is that at college, everyone is an enemy, no ally ever.


School was memorable to me, every day may seem the same but they are all very different.


Sometimes the stress and the pressure can kill you but you just need to fight it all through.


How will these things that they teach me actually help me in the future, I ask it over and over.


They say that I will use this when I am an adult but what really are the x’s and y’s for?


As if they really want to hear what you want to say when it seems they want to shut me up.


I was told I can express myself freely here but why do I need to care for all the feedback?


They told me to open up and I wonder if they meant to dissect me like a frog on a board.


When a student is troubled, I hope you go for helping him instead of shaming him to death.


Believe in the potential that every student have, that they can learn what they want to do so.


You do not just get wisdom by attending your classes but actually trying to understand things.


I am stuck in the impossibility of tomorrow and somewhere in the past as if I do not matter.


Will someone notice me when I am gone that is what I wonder, when I am just a nobody.


I feel so invisible at school, it is as if I have sprouted some superpowers so suddenly, my dear.


I wish that sometimes, I can go back to school and just go for what I really want in this life.


If I can go back to elementary school, I would no longer try my best to fit in, to be mundane.


School is that platform to become a better version of yourself, to be who you want to be in life.


I swear one day I will be famous than ever right after I finish 3rd grade, I hope I do finish it.


I am stuck in the world I am in, where my classmates bully me every single day of my life.


Why were classes invented when it seems we can just learn everything all on our own, really?


The one important take away in school is to keep on going even after failing over and over.


The truth is I cut classes today and I do not know what to say because I never learned it at all.


My wish is to graduate, to actually live my life the way I want to, that is all I really want now.


You never know what you really want until you are at the very moment when you have to.


I wish I can still have my best friend with me right now but I lost him ages and ages ago.


Schooling can either break you or make you so I hope you get to find the best teacher there is.


School is a place to learn, somewhere to actually have fun in the pursuit of knowledge around.


And when Monday comes it is school that people actually do not want to go to more than ever.


It is at those moments of complete silence that we get to know who our friends really are.


You get to know the best there is of your classmates when you are all alone with them.


The problem in school is the typical stereotyping scheme that each one seems to have.


I have no issues with cutting classes as long as you can catch up with what I am teaching.


Go ahead and do what you want just remember that it will affect your future, more than ever.


And when the end of the day comes, I am thankful that I have survived another one, one more.


I welcome every day with a bright smile because it means one step closer to graduation, girl.


It is because you are my classmate and I get to see you the next day that I am happy to go here.


When the time comes, just remember that I will be here for you through every ups and downs.


You are my friend and studying will not get between the two of us, I promise that it would not.


I wish I can tell you that it is going to be easy but it is not so I am telling you to keep on going.


When the day ends, I will be glad if I actually learned something in this place that I go to.


Let me tell you that your greatest work are those you actually try your best in, nothing else.


We work harder than ever in school because there comes a point when good grades matter.


Some days I am not sure if I should proceed or if I just need to just re-evaluate what I think.


If I am smart enough to actually stay or not, I think that is the real question in here, I guess.


When the time comes, I only wish that I have made the right decisions more than ever, really.


There is nothing more that I need but the smile on the faces of the people I got to know here.


No matter where you are there is a school waiting for you to be accommodated so go for it.


Let me just tell you how important school really is because that is the hope for a bright future.


When you look back in your life it will be those moments at school that will matter the most.


The problem is that not everything is learned in school, sometimes it is just not enough at all.


They do not teach us at school about the street life, about how to survive in general in here.


You go to school just so in the moments later on, you do not get to be the criminal, not ever.


They say that school prepares you for reality but sometimes I wonder if that is what it does.


School teaches us many things, to read, to write, to let knowledge explore us in this world.


Maybe the thing to be in is really school, in order to be able to actually have something here.


One of the most important thing learned in school is building great friendships, that it is.


Self-esteem is something that should really be developed in this school that we are in now.


School provides the key that you will need in life, something to actually rely on tomorrow.


It is the things that we acquire in school that made us up to be the one that we are right now.


Being done with school does not meant that the learning stops but more of it just starts off.


Forget about everything else right now and just focus on school, what you need to do then.


It is the lessons in life that matters the most when it comes to an end and not anything else.


May you always keep your integrity and never have to cheat in any exams in the near future.


The thing is that there are a lot of things we still need to learn and so we just need to get them.


One thing that is imperative to learn in the course of things is how to acquire skills to survive.

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