70+ Mother and daughter quotes

The connection between mother and daughter is truly one of a kind, a unique bond that no one can ever sever because it is strong, because even when it seems to be weak, they are connected with strings that no one can see.
There is something special between a mother and daughter that just inspires you, that helps you realize that loving so selflessly is truly possible.
It is a love that is unselfish, unrelenting, never ending and truly one that is pure.
The love shared between the two of them is something to be treasured.
Share your story to the world, share the love that is between you and your mom by using these quotes below to express yourself and feelings.

 A mother and daughter can be the best of friends, can laugh at each other and just have fun.

 Dearest mom I just want to thank you for always being there for me no matter what happened.

 When no one else was there for me, only my mum went to go and pat my back, all the time.

 I am an honest believer in moms all over the world for their struggle is truly the real deal boy.

 If for one moment dear mom, you thought I did not care for you I hope you realize it isn’t true.

 When I thought that the whole world was going to fall into my hands, you helped me to stand.

 To my dear baby girl, you are all so grown up now, how time flies by, I love you, from mom.

 Mum, you are my superhero in disguise for you are the one who always helped me through.

 Even when the world crumbles, I promise to be here for you all the time, my darling baby girl.

 The truth is a mother and daughter is so alike in so many ways but they never do notice them.


 My baby girl, I never thought you would grow up and become one of the best friends, ever.

 The thing with parenting is that you never know what you get what you actually deserve, girl.

 You are my angel, I can never imagine how to go on with life without you for you are my girl.

 When everything else starts to fall apart, just remember mom that you are always in my heart.

 I believe in you because you’re the person who has been there for me through everything else.

 In this life, I only get to have one mom and I am happy that it is you and no one else, my dear.

 The sad thing is when a mother and daughter seems to have a rift between the two of them.

 I never could understand how hard it is to become a mom until I finally become one of them.

 Dearest baby girl, always remember that mommy believes in everything that you ever do, girl.

 Love your mother and daughter and your daughter for they are the girls who’ll treasure you.

 When things does not go as easy as it sounds and never fear because we are all on your side.

 I am sorry if most of the time I piss you off but that is only because I know that you’re patient.

 You were the one that fix all those broken knees and gave me all the help I always need, mum.

 A treasure is what you are, my baby girl and I will always do my best to take care of you dear.

 Nothing is more powerful than the love that we share between the two of us, my dearest mom.

 Your mother and daughter are probably the biggest possible love that you can get in this life.

 If there ever comes a chance to let you know that I love you, I would gladly do it over & over.

 You are the person I want to spend laughing, loving and dreaming with, my beloved mum.

 I hope that you will never forget just how much I truly love you in this world that we live in.

 Life has given me a lot of challenges and you were the one who decided to stay with me, girl.

 My dear, I just want you to learn a lot of things, all that you can get from me and more, dear.

 To you, my sweetest kid, I want you to grow up from the girl you were to the woman you are.

 The best thing about my little girl is that she makes me laugh and she is very innocent still.

 Through every challenge that life will decide to throw us, we will always prevail, dear mom.

 A mother and daughter has a bond that just brings them closer even when they move apart.

 What is between us is trust, we believe in each other far too much to let anything get our way.

 The love we have for each other runs so deep that even without spoken words we understand.

 What we have ain’t just familial love but also warmth, care and a whole lot more, thank you.

 I want you to know that I appreciate all the things that you do and the ones you did for me.

 The truth is that the mother and daughter is a combination, a package with each other, dear.

 Anything I give you would not be enough to show that I truly love you and care for you, mom.

 May you reach a path that takes you farther than I ever could reach with these two hands.

 Go far, go ahead of me, go where everything is okay, where we all just want to be now, mom.

 It’s mother and daughter or no one at all and you have to choose wisely on this one, my boy.

 Every pair of mother and daughter around the world are happy to be so close to each other/

 I just want you to know that you have always been a miracle for me, now and even years from.

 You never cease to surprise me and that is all that I know for you to be and I just love you so.

 They are incomplete without each other: mother and daughter it feels all the void inside them.

 You are the queen as I am the princess and I just want you to know that I adore you so much.

 Though taking care of you was not as it easy as it seemed, I’m glad because it was rewarding.

 Seeing you grow up was one of the happiest moments of my life, the happiest years of it, dear.

 People may try to hurt other people but mother and daughter stands by what they think is true.

 I changed to be a better mom for you and my little girl, I hope you realized that, dear honey.

 No one can ever replace you in this life of mine, now and forever that is the truth of it, mom.

 You have always been a kind of superhero for me because I do love you so much, my dearest.

 Whoever you are, I hope you call your mom and let her know how much you truly do love her.

 Some pair of mother and daughter confesses just how much they truly love each other, super.

 Every little time I see you I want to hug you tight and kiss you a lot let you know just how so.

 You are the only one for me, the one who cares for me a lot, that you are, really, I love you.

 One of the people who know me just too well is you and no other here, thank you, my mom.

 There are different kind of relationships but the most important I have is the one with you.

 God gave a daughter to me, one that I will always treat with all the kindness and love here.

 A mother and daughter going shopping is the one pair that you should not interfere with, boy.

 I may be old as can be but I still need you with me every now and then that’s the truth mom.

 May you always remember to love your mom because she is the only mom you will ever get.

 Your laugh is just so infectious that it also make me to become as happy as can be that you do.

 One of the most precious treasures that I am keeping right now are my little girls, lovely kids.

 The real score between mother and daughter is truly equal they both love each other so much.

 All the work a mom does is just too much considering that it is all for free, no single fee at all.

 When the mother and daughter goes some place far, they are going to be glad to be together.

 Dear mom, thank you for always taking my side especially when things were falling apart.

 Let me tell you, the entire world that I only love no one else in this world my dearest mum.

 Even when things seem not to be going okay, you are the one who assures me that they will.

 Mother and daughter bonding time is probably filled with so much fun, that is just the truth.

 Let me show you just how much you truly mean to me, my dearest mom, I love you so much.

 The most special of all the flowers in the garden is the child playing on that garden, that it is.

 The only one who can see thru the lies of a mother and daughter is each other and no one else.

 When no one else would rather be with you, remember that you have a mom to be there, dear.

 Mother and daughter truly of the same feather, always going to be together, now and forever.

 I think that the most special moment of this life is truly the moment you become a mom, really.

 There is a special moment that only a mother and daughter can ever understand, my dear son.

 No one else in this world can love you the way your mother would, may you keep that in mind.

 When a mother and daughter are together, they make decisions to last for the good life, okay?

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